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  1. kujoe
    2009-08-29 00:32

    You're not so bad yourself, sir.

    I'm a shounen fan at heart too. At the very least, I view shounen as my anime-viewing roots, even though I've seen other types of anime beforehand. While others would cite Naruto, Dragonball or One Piece, I would say that I started truly getting into anime after Yu Yu Hakusho.
  2. kujoe
    2009-08-28 23:42
    Well, what else is a guy supposed to do in these forums?

    This being in the internet and all, one can't leave the safe confines of his homepage without a sarcasm detector.
  3. kujoe
    2009-08-28 23:25

    Actually, mentioning Naruto has nothing to do with my confusion. Well... actually it does, but if you really like Naruto, then there shouldn't be any confusion at all.

    However, you said "doki doki" followed by "Oh joy," which I read with a nonchalant tone, AND THEN you mentioned Naruto. Not only that, the post ended with "It's the truth."

    It's like there's like layers of sarcasm somewhere, and yet maybe you're actually being honest... or, it's like you're genuinely excited but you sound bored, or actually bored while appearing to be excited.

    I mean, waitaminute! You really lost me on that post back there.
  4. Daniel E.
    2009-08-28 00:45
    Daniel E.
    It strangely reminds me of the Playstation 3, were Sony though anything they put on the shelves would sell. >_<

    Of course, we all know how that bet worked for Sony.
  5. Daniel E.
    2009-08-28 00:22
    Daniel E.
    Originally Posted by monir
    Whether the economy plays a valid factor in the animation effort, we can't still rule out the possibility of deliberate choices that are made with calculated reason.
    True that. >_<

    The chances of this being done on purpose are ever there.
  6. Daniel E.
    2009-08-28 00:10
    Daniel E.
    The ecomonic crisis always hit us were it hurts the most. >_<
  7. Daniel E.
    2009-08-28 00:05
    Daniel E.
    Oh, I was watching the new (now second new) episode and the part where Mikuru holds the gun is shown.......from the back.

    I really wanted to use the improved view for the new sig.

    There's still the part were she is holding the mic, though.
  8. Daniel E.
    2009-08-27 03:03
    Daniel E.
    I think I also saved that sig at one point, though, I probably have it on a DVD by now.

    Maybe I should make a new version of it.
  9. Daniel E.
    2009-08-27 02:11
    Daniel E.
    Originally Posted by monir
    but I do know where to find that image if the occasion calls for it.
    Hmmmm... The Haruhi sig thread, perhaps?
  10. Daniel E.
    2009-08-27 02:05
    Daniel E.
    Oh, who could have been then? Skane? Crow?

    It just got into my head and I suddenly wanted to remember who was using it.

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