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  1. Irkalla
    2009-06-09 12:25
    I don't really blame them/you.I get annoyed when somebody is chewing on popcorn really loud for instance, or even worse, I have seen people bringing home fried chicken/potatoes with them o_O Lol, at the Klingon language thingy. I was never a trekkie(star wars fan here), so I was like Klingon? Where the hell is that from? But then I was enlightened by google! Laugh at my ignorance, proceed you may!

    About the Macross heroines, I personally didn't like either very much. Being a songstress heroine in a mecha anime isn't really helpful, aside from fanservice of course. Well, Ranka's singing did save the day, but that was really cliche imho. And yeah, they were butthurt

    Uf yes!!!! Logh is one of my favorites too! I tried watching Tytania too, as it was from the same author, but it didn't live up..Probably because the novels were dropped and the anime team made their own ending/adjustments. If you liked Ghost in the shell try out Appleseed movies/ovas (there is also an anime coming up)its from the same creator. The heroine is much like Motoko. You can also check out Vexille movie, it also has a cool girl for the main character.
  2. incorrupts
    2009-06-08 13:47
    ok, i think i came back for good this time. 8D
    And you did promise me something two weeks ago, i suppose it is time for the romance geass to re-open again, like you did promise me, right? 8)
  3. Irkalla
    2009-06-08 09:29
    Bwahaha, I read minds! I'm going to wait for the dvd though, I kinda developed a cinema phobia duo to people who can't appreciate good "reviews" during a movie

    Yeeeey! FUCKIN CRAZY GUIZ, FUCK!!! The Engrish in it is nice too! And np..hoping you won't avoid me after watching it

    I only really read the shipping threads of macross...and that was a pretty good tragicomedy for me. It got pretty nasty and insulting in some places..Not to mention that the Sherly club is still stalking some users or ex users for not liking their goddess XD

    Well mecha animes usually include many different things that I fancy, but I'm not actually a fan of mecha itself. Mecha is just a tool to start warfare and all the drama that follows it...Yeah I like drama, warfare, space, the fact that it isn't always good vs evil but just shades of grey, romance, antagonists with a personality, girls who can actually fight/pilot and cool bishounens of course! I don't mind angst as long as it doesn't get Kira Yamato or Heero lvl XD And Mecha wise, I only ever shipped one yaoi pairing!!!(tieria and lockon..alto and michael were to piss people off ) Others were all hetero!!
  4. Irkalla
    2009-06-06 14:52
    Hmmm, is it maybe Hangover? I remember seeing the trailer some days back and it did look like what you said. Some guys got a baby or something and a guy carrying the baby in a kangaroo (or how do you call that) hit the car door in teh baby, ouch (if I remember right!)

    Detroit metal city is pure awesome off-color crack. We have this guy who wants to do the first but ends doing the later duo to certain circumstances. Also the ova soundtrack is awesome, minus the amai koibito song of course

    I kinda have my doubts too, but I'm hopeful at least. The whole anime storyline didn't impress me that much either though, I thought it was pretty mediocre duo the bad antagonist cast, so continuing this nonsense would more or less turn me off I'm looking more forward to the gundam movie.
  5. Irkalla
    2009-06-03 20:43
    Yep, sounds like major trouble, even worse for you guys to actually read all that through and clean up the mess. Haha, don't get all relaxed now..there is still a mf movie coming up and you still have chances to see the sprouting of some new green imps with living dynamic hair dancing in kabuki :O

    Pedobear approves!

    Well everything remotely funny still makes me laugh like usually, but it doesn't have as much of an impact as good ol' off-color humor Lol, groping practice? Haven't really watched much comedy animes, but out of all, Detroit Metal City was the most hilarious one.
  6. Irkalla
    2009-05-29 10:45
    Dreadful shipping wars? Don't tell me it was worse than in Macross F, cause that was absolutely horrid. People just couldn't fathom that AltoxMichael was the otp and kept bringing up Ranka and Sheryl!!!! Can you believe that!? :OOOOOO

    I'm prepared for that. Well, since we already established the existence of "Internet feelings that can be hurt" I'm not really surprised about the punching and all. Definitely must have some very profound meaning for those people.

    LOL, that is kinda funny....well and poor Monir But seriously, all the hotel scenes ware the most hilarious thing in the movie. Everyone who thinks otherwise is either a homophob, humourphob or both And yes, if those two were hot bishonen it would have been more than fabulous, just not funny.

    Also what is a hardcore comedy in your books then, an example would be sufficient. The only thing that beats Borat for me is Jackass
  7. incorrupts
    2009-05-29 02:15
    Well, if i am not partying hard, i usually browse around that time too. 8D //means, Monday-Friday-ish usually ~
    Alrght, thanks ~
  8. incorrupts
    2009-05-29 02:09
    Oh you are online, early morning in my time. 8D
    Anyway, i need to leave for uni, do you think you can be online later (as later, later, as nght-timeline in my hour, like 10++ hours from now) so we can open a certain thread somewhere? |D
  9. incorrupts
    2009-05-28 16:41
    Most revealing comment ever, i am in revealing-awe. lol

    Anyway, i shall watch the rest tomorrow and leave a review for you. Stream apparently hates me or something. Oh well. 8D
  10. incorrupts
    2009-05-28 16:25
    Yeah, you "said too much." More, than REM's Losing my Religion "too much" actually. 8D
    Lol, monir you honestly suck at giving away spoilers, honest. I am pretty sure certain people do appreciate that though. |DD

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