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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-05-21 07:07
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Oh dear monir, someone need to hijack Regios' Ep 19 thread that become Nina's venting Thread in one day D: *Thinks monir is just so lazy for some reason unknown *
  2. Irkalla
    2009-05-21 03:22
    Meanie Don't hate on lovely innocent brides who are about to get their blessings from GAR.

    I counter your manliness filled with sweat and muscles with real manliness which combines elegance, power level, batshitcraziness and gettingtiredofdeathandcomingbackasagodforhisbelove dlittlesister-ness! Beat this!
  3. Irkalla
    2009-05-20 14:00
    Nah, I didn't think you'd get tempted by that as I know your preferences lie elsewhere. And since I'm such a nice girl, I went through my collection and found these innocent looking pics just for you!

    No need to thank me at all
  4. Hari Michiru
    2009-05-19 18:41
    Hari Michiru
    Lol thanks =)
  5. Irkalla
    2009-05-19 06:39
    Figured I'd rather post this here
    Dirtying minds is my forte sir, hope this will forever change your garness image of sb
  6. Von Himmel
    2009-05-19 06:03
    Von Himmel
    "If it isn't Mr. Midou, the most vocal anti-Felli spokesman? Sir, are you by any chance a light-pole who has mastered typing? If that is the case then I can rationalize your distinct disliking for this spunky loli. The atrocities this loli has committed against all the unfortunate light-pole that were there at the wrong place at the wrong time is just unimaginable. I can perfectly empathize why you would like to be so vocal against someone such as Felli in behalf of your fellow light-poles. Anyone would lose it if a light-pole lying down helplessly, broken from the base with toe prints still intact, splinters hanging out grotesquely as it collects moisture and dust to attract all kinds of fungi and green moss. The horror.

    Sir, let me know if I can ever do anything for you. I'll even go as far as putting coat of pink paint on your thick exterior. And I promise that won't use anything but a brush and apply the gentlest of strokes to coat you with pink." --->
    Ouch .. . =))
    Ah sorry, I found this one so intresting that I can't help but to noticed it lol.
  7. Daniel E.
    2009-05-18 14:22
    Daniel E.
    Thanks for the kind words Monir!

    And don't worry, it's gonna take a lot more than the swine flu to take me down!
  8. Nobodyman9
    2009-05-17 23:33
    Awesome. Thanks.
  9. Nobodyman9
    2009-05-17 22:38
    Hey monir. Is it possible that I could change my username? I want to keep it pretty much the same, I just want to remove the 9 from my name. So I want it to just be "Nobodyman". I only put the 9 in because when I signed up it said I had to have a number in my username. Or maybe it said it was because there's already a Nobodyman. I can't remember. But if at all possible, could it be changed?
  10. KiNA
    2009-05-17 01:10

    That why you remain my most hated mod ever..



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