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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-10-04 22:39
    Hiroi Sekai
    Good, we wouldn't want this joke actually spreading or anything. We'd have something worse than the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague combined!

    That's actually shockingly true considering our present day way of thinking.

    Yeah, but even the blank stare she gave to Kyon as she played "The Day of Sagittarius" was fantastic. Kyon's pretty damn epic, I would agree.

    Where did you even get that? Are you a Souma? ARE YOU?

    I fear your shelves of mass collection, I do.
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-10-03 16:30
    Hiroi Sekai
    "What a bitter defeat." There, I fixed it for you. Nowadays you have to give the joke away for people to understand.

    MY PLANS ARE COMPL- yes, thank you. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

    She was so darned cute in the movie though, I think you'd agree. Gah, there's a good reason why she even surpassed Haruhi in the favourite characters department.

    You were planning to keep it domestic?! What am I gonna that the States are after me? Do you know how many allies this damned place has?!

    U...uncouth you say? Ehhm, I...I don't know if that's the best idea. Maybe it's...y' to let this guy have the last laugh 'n' all...and...stuff.
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-10-01 21:20
    Hiroi Sekai
    When a mysterious person hands you lemo- TAKE THE DAMN LEMONS ALREADY.

    Wow, even troll hearts! I didn't know they even had one! Oh wait...I've seen "A Troll in Central Park"...why.

    Yeah, I can understand it too. Maybe in a different universe this would have failed hardcore. Just the concept of Nagato having to live through over 15,000 repetitions is actually quite effective.

    Shh man, 'merica might be listenin'! $_$

    You sure did! I'm already listening to the brand new iM@S album; I'm already steps ahead.
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-10-01 17:39
    Hiroi Sekai
    Ah good then, we've got all of those...with lemon, of course.

    If you have the heart of a young child, then we might need that as well.

    Ah good, I'll accept that amount for sure. It just kinda sucks to see people giving the series overall 4 or 5/10 for Endless Eight alone. It IS called Endless "EIGHT" for a reason, after all.

    We've got it all in Canada. Do you know we even have free health care? I KNOW RIGHT? IT'S LIKE WE'RE IN THE FUTURE OR SOMETHING.

    "Won the battle, but may lose the war", hmm? I look forward to the challenge!
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-10-01 01:25
    Hiroi Sekai
    We also made lemon tarts and lemon pie. Are those to your fancy?

    Good, let's seal the agreement with blood. Yours.

    Yeah, it's not really them playing their best cards early, but it's more that even if the best cards are played, we've already had a full season and have higher expectations by that point. I definitely can respect how people downright hated Endless Eight, but I feel it's unfair to just straight up say "it sucked". It was a concept and they went with it, and for what it was I think the overall season deserves at least a 7/10 or something like that. I actually gave it an 8 because of how much I liked it, but that's just me. Like I said, personal opinion.

    We've already reached the day when "anime" is a viable excuse in a court of law. Next you'll be telling me that they make "sour" candies. Candies are sweet!

    Good ol' Satan. Yeah, that sounded right.

    Very true, but a true fan would know them by heart! *gasp* He's not a true fan, take him away! Mushrooms from the woods, hmm? Sounds "colourful" indeed. Ours was taken down the stairs too...where it met its end. ;_;
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-09-29 05:42
    Hiroi Sekai
    But sir, our motto is "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"! We may be out of lemons, but our storerooms are stocked with the sweet scent of 'nade.

    There's also nothing wrong with killing the person your father's dating with a lead pipe after revealing their ploy and cutting them with a glass shard. Nope.

    Yeah, continuations do just die out if the original content isn't popular. With series like Working and Yuru Yuri, it's relatively plot-less and more focused on the characters, so with a successful first season they can build on the second, which is good. Same went for K-ON with me. The first season was fantastic, and then the second looked better and built upon that. It even introduced a new soundtrack and had fun with itself. Don't hate on Endless Eight, man! I actually sat through it week by week as it was released and paid attention to the differences! I suppose it's not as good as a "must-watch again" series like Steins;Gate, but the idea's there, right?

    Subtle. <- That's the word I just can't use in your description. Either way, Muginami doesn't serve tea all the time either. She just looks cute in the ending. :3

    I imagine there's no music in hell. You don't hear anything when you're being bathed in flames, you know?

    I actually thought you would have, since it was one of the endings in the anime. It's one of those games that is entirely in Japanese, but with a little practice and the help of a small guide, you can get it down right. It's awesome because the game is a mix of managing a team of three idols, along with a story and performances, which run in the style of a visual novel and rhythm game (+minigames for training), in that respectable order. By old television set, do you mean CRT? I love CRTs! Had one myself back then, so I know your pain of trying to move it. 32 inch bastard took the two movers by surprise and they ended up dropping it. We got the moving fee waived though.
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-09-28 15:40
    Hiroi Sekai
    But sir, I'm afraid our supply of lemons has been depleted for a few weeks now.

    Oh yeah, that was creepy. Of course it's psychologically healthy! Just look at Rena, she's a shining example.

    It's probably because they can have one idea and implement it as they wish. That, and the concept is brand new to the viewers. When you continue, you have to consider what's good, what to improve and how to make it better overall without being the same thing. Odds in anime are actually quite good, I agree. Working, Yuru Yuri and K-ON are a few that I felt got better as they went. I might even dare to say...Haruhi did. But hey, I'll probably be crucified if I said I actually thought Endless Eight was fun.

    I suppose it IS the overwhelming presences of Lan and Madoka that completely overshadow Muginami. She just reminds me of Mikuru so much, and that's where the stereotype hit the big leagues. You'll find a way to finish Hanasaku, no doubt.

    They need to pick a good song to ruin forever for when you're in hell. Then people will truly fear the power of music!

    Yeah, check it out sometime to see where my money went ;_;. Lucky I'm a persistent bastard, or that video wouldn't see the light of day. I'm hoping enough people have a run at it. :3
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-09-27 03:44
    Hiroi Sekai
    You didn't go on! What will I tell milady now...

    Yeah, seeing Rena's crazy laugh for the first time...that image stayed with me for a long time. But hey, how else do you think I get by these things without my internal organs ripping themselves out and running from my own body? I picture everything as a flowery field of rainbows and candy.

    It IS pretty rare, isn't it? It's good to hear that something can just properly continue something special and even add to it. I like that feeling when it happens, because it surpasses everything you've expected.

    Ah, I see. It's kind of like bits of Macross Frontier then; there are some slow bits in that as well. I'm sure it wasn't a silver haired girl saying that, wan!~ Now if you'll excuse us...maru!. Never really was one for Muginami either; she's nowhere near as bad as other generics, but still. Hanasaku Iroha's one of those really special love/hate series, much like Chihayafuru. If you treasure the messages it has to offer, you'll definitely love it. On the other hand, it's not for those who crave laughs, action and fanservice. Oh man, but the most memorable thing about that series is honestly its music.

    You'd last three?! They'd play Kesha and I'd scream like Alex did in A Clockwork Orange. If there's a hell, you can bet your boots the lift down will have some special elevator music..."terrible remixes of classic songs".

    P.S. Didja know our blog has a YouTube page?! *gasp* I know, right? I've only been adding iDOLM@STER videos along with a couple others to it so far, but hopefully I can get more and more on there over time. Recently added Colorful Days from iM@S on there (after spending some lovable DLC money), and took 24 tries to record it. Why 24? Because the idols wink at the mention of their own colour in that song and I had to get all three to do it on screen. -.-
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-09-27 02:04
    Hiroi Sekai
    Oh, do go on. Really now, go on.

    It's a tad scary to be thinking moe for Higurashi, especially once you've seen them all batshit insane. But you're strangely right. Yup, and that's why my testimony is perfect.

    Sounds crazy, shows really can start off on the wrong foot, hmm? Well, not saying FMP was terrible; I'm sure there's better opinions out there.

    Slow, even with the fun characters? I'd think they'd be able to get me through it all. If anything, I'd happily watch it just to get to that fantastic ending. Ah, Hanasaku Iroha, a name that brings good memories. Have you checked out the music? The character songs and nano.RIPE are great.

    Yeah, Himawari might actually be one of the best singers of the group, listening to the B-side. The music went on such a ride that nothing really sounded in tune, that's all. I'm sure you'd do fine as an American Idol judge. Would you survive listening to generic radio songs for months on end though?
  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-09-26 22:23
    Hiroi Sekai
    I haven't even mentioned the part where the master refused to give up his morning tea! Now THAT was one heck of a story, let me tell you.

    Very true, very true. It's kind of like Silent Hill; you've got the entire atmosphere driving the game, but there's the additional grotesque scenes that hook people even further. Wait, you'll love the latter portions of my testimony, where I meet Freddie Mercury on a giant disco ball in space.

    Ah, may have to have a quick glimpse at it sometime in the near future then. Probably won't end up watching it, but it never hurts to have a look. I only wrote Ano Hana's full name for the categorization on the blog, but other times I just use it shortened. That, or I copy/paste. :3

    Sounds good, hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it. Although I know I'll love Rinne, won't judge a book by its cover. Hopefully you finish Mirai Nikki; that WAS quite a bit back!

    Yeah, past Yui's CD I think it's my favourite this season. The first seemed less "bland" to me and more "confused". It couldn't really decide on a tone, so it just went nuts. Sakurako's was pretty good; always a safe bet on a season, her CD is. Not quite as good as S1's, I would argue.

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