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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-14 03:31
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yeah, it's been a hell of a month. I'm already planning to have a day to myself once I recover where I eat junk food and rot my brain for a full day. It's something I haven't been able to do this entire time. Weight loss seems to be a common symptom of stuff like this; I kinda don't know if it's good when you're already bordering 120 lbs to begin with though.

    It's understandable that you wait until you feel better; I really wanted to watch Minami-ke, but that was the day I drifted in and out of heavy fatigue, and I literally slept 17 hours to counter it. It's not always shameful to play some online games to pass the time; I bought Battlefield 3 on PC and had some really intense matches on there- kept my mind off of the migraines, coughing, nausea and other symptoms. Great thing about PC games, I can record them clean and in HD, then use my supercomputer to render them together. I was going to get started on making videos right before this month long illness started.

    Tamako Market is straaaaaange, and Sasami-san is even more straaaaaange. But hey, I don't mean that in a bad way, and both are really fun. Basically, everything I put on that list with screenshots attached were ones I liked more than enough to keep the files for. Oh, and if the Kugimiya Rie AI was a real thing attached to my mobile device, you have no idea how much I'd talk to her.

    Exactly, Christmas is my favourite time of year, and we even had a White Christmas this year. Wii U definitely sounds ridiculous, but I will wholeheartedly admit that it's a fantastic party console. Well, I can't speak for any other games it'll release, but it comes with an official Nintendo game called Nintendo Land, which contains reminiscent games from the company's legacies. The games are detailed, action packed, and really really fun. We spent the entire night playing it without even noticing the time. The tablet controller is crazy too.
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2013-01-14 01:41
    Hiroi Sekai
    Howdy, howdy. 'Tis been a while indeed. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having stomach issues, it sounds bad. I'll tell you right now- I'm miraculously still ill. Turns out it probably wasn't acid reflux, but anxiety. I always knew I had an anxious side to me, but I never thought it'd hit that badly. I've been taking a few prescription tablets in small doses and have been feeling the symptoms less and less. However, it seems I've caught the flu during all of that! Now I'm sniffling, hacking and sleeping the days away trying to get better. I hope once I'm past this part, I can go back to living normally.

    Oh wow, SAO's worth finishing, but it's not one of those series that needs to be rushed, so it's okay. The spot you're in is my questionable area for the series anyways. Psycho-Pass is fantastic, absolutely lovable. Have you been watching any new shows this season? I've already archived what I'm watching in an article; you tend to want to get something done if you're forced to sit at home.

    My holidays were nice, thanks. Got to finally try out the Wii U and it was really fun. How about yours?
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-24 15:49
    Hiroi Sekai
    Let me tell you, aloe vera juice straight tastes like poison. I don't know what poison tastes like, but I'm sure it gives you the same sense of wanting to die quicker after consuming it. If you think fried/spicy food is tough, try cutting soda, tea and milk from your lineup. God, I've been touching nothing but water the last week.

    That battle was epic, I remember it well. I recall never having seen someone pull a spear out of themselves to have it turn back into a chair, crazy.

    It ended pretty nicely, so overall I liked it. It's just a shame that it didn't stay fully ramped up for the entire time, because it would have been fantastic.

    The Akari shirt is the gimmick one, so I definitely have to wear it and literally glow in the dark. It's a shame that Yuru Yuri doesn't get as much attention as say...K-ON, as I think they're both equally amusing and likable. K-ON's great, but I never thought it jumped far ahead of some of the other deserving series. By the way, have you checked out Plinkett's reviews? They were great. Check it out!

    I'm heading down to see my family myself. Merry Christmas to you, and hopefully everything will be of good cheer. Hell, I could be on my deathbed and love Christmas. :3
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-22 20:49
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yeah, there's always the risk, but apparently it's a really common case at the stage I have it, so nipping it in the bud now is important. Today I felt better overall, but that's because I'm trying to pull out all of the stops in improving. Probably will look into improving my diet even further by this point, but I am already drinking water/almond milk/aloe juice and eating nothing fried/spicy, so I dunno what else to add. I'll ask the doc when he phones in again.

    Numerical judgments are much deeper, I agree. I could be in hell with my flesh slowly melting off in agonizing pain, and I'd probably be able to forget it watching one of my 10/10 shows. Asakura has just a few scenes in the entire thing, but they're chillingly great. Whatever she does gives off the correct uneasy feeling.

    Tumbles aside, it was a pretty good series. It's just that other stuff have easily surpassed it by this point, like with how Psycho-Pass just keeps getting better. I agree that knowing how to build up the computer is handy; no more buying from the store and having to replace the whole thing for me. Being able to watch the Tonari no Kaibutus-kun ending without stuttering is probably one of the best feelings one can experience on this Earth, at least for the time being.

    I'm afraid I don't know any good online retailers who supply them; I'd check out the direct Japan providers like Hobby Search. Usually that site has the newest products, but you kind of have to keep track of when stuff goes on preorder and sale. As for the shirts, the one I absolutely cannot take out is the Akari~n one, ironically. I'm so wearing that concert day where Akari will magically disappear from my shirt in the dark hall. I'm sure the majority of the fans probably won't fit well into those. (I know because I soooooold it to them!)
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-22 07:58
    Hiroi Sekai
    If I can kill it off at all, then I'm okay with it. It's just stuff like this always has a chance of being long term, so that's probably what worries me. It is a rather common problem though, so I'm taking that into account. All the doctors have done thus far is kinda send me in a comfort/confused circle; I have times of relief, but I go right back to the symptoms. Gonna just watch it for now and do what they say.

    If a series genuinely has me interested and excited to watch it every week, it usually scores about 8 for me. 9 is when I get that feeling that the series had me emotionally attached to it, and a 10 is one I'll never forget, even after death. 7's kinda the enjoyed but was missing a few things area. I suppose that is true about the movie and the first season, and to be fair, it is really tough to choose between them. It was a pretty long movie, yes. It could do with bits of trimming here and there, but a moe Yuki on-screen says otherwise for me.

    That's good, the last episode airs today. I'm glad I took the time to sit down and learn how to build a computer from scratch, since now my videos can play in glorious 1080p with no lag at all! I will get around to making those videos I promised though, rest assured! Everything processes so quickly that I just have to get down and put everything together. I just don't want it to be a cheap and easy thing if I'm going to start. xD

    Arrived today, early in the evening. The tapestry and shirt were exclusives for people that bought Shiny Festa, the PSP games. An XXL shirt sounds a little ridiculous, very few people in the world fit that, despite what many think. I think with this shirt, that puts me at...5? There's the "SCIENCE!" shirt with Hakase and Okabe, the "Girls Dead Monster" shirt from Angel Beats, the "Hokago Tea Time" shirt from K-ON, the "Akari~n" glow-in-the-dark shirt from Yuru Yuri, and the one I got today. Great, now I gotta pick out which one I don't get to wear at AX next year.
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-22 05:21
    Hiroi Sekai
    No problem, I can relate that this week wasn't great at the least. Turns out it's probably not anxiety (never even had a history of it, so that was a strange diagnosis), but more likely acid reflux. Stomach acid's been my biggest enemy for this problem, and I've just felt gross all week, could barely eat at all. I feel like I'm taking steps towards finding out what's wrong with me instead of waiting on what could be anything. I'm currently on proton pump inhibitors that are supposed to keep stomach acid down so it doesn't rise up into my esophagus, which is causing all the problems. I can only take one a day though, so when I'm stuck feeling the symptoms it's horrible.

    I'm so stingy with 10s, but ironically I'm very generous with 8s and 9s. I also think the first season of Haruhi is the best (on a sentimental level though), but I don't think we're in any minority. Almost everyone hated Season 2, and it's hard for the movie to live up to the attachment people got with the original show. Still, the movie combines multiple awesome elements and does them all well, so I have a great love for it.

    I'd go one step from that and say it became fun again, it just never reached the epic level of SAO's arc. My computer is a fucking tank. I mean, this thing is so fast I actually have a few files I need to transfer from my laptop, but I fear having to go back to the speeds it had. The uh...the games have kinda been taking over my hours at the moment, I have to admit. I need to fix the video editor and get all of the programs together first, at the very least. I honestly should be getting files around, but playing games took my mind off of some symptoms and I lost time in them.

    Oh, and hot damn, stuff came from Japan.
  7. bhl88
    2012-12-18 12:39
    I can't compete with most other people though
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-16 03:09
    Hiroi Sekai
    Spoiler for Stuff's stuff:

    Spoiler for Clannad After Story Spoiler Tag:

    Spoiler for More Spoiler Tags:

    (Addendum): My computer! Now I can die happy. Once I transfer my video editing files over and get the right games, I can actually start making videos. Playing Fallout 3 and Skyrim again gave me some awesome ideas.
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-16 00:53
    Hiroi Sekai
    That's alright, that message isn't exactly going anywhere. :3

    Spoiler for More stuffs:

    Why not leave it on a good note? I almost had another manly cry watching Clannad: After Story and then had a MANLY CRY watching the new SAO. Oh, it was pretty damn satisfying, let me tell you.
  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-15 21:00
    Hiroi Sekai
    It also feels real, you know? This applies a little more to retro games than newer ones, but emulators adapt to your computer's technologically superior specifications, and as a result everything is cleaned up and the aesthetic charm is lost. I still pinpoint high costs as the key contributor to why people pirate in the first place; no family man running on this economy would even consider buying a movie before paying their bills and dealing with all of their necessities first. Still, simple little games like Layton and Ace Attorney work well on emulators regardless, which is why I recommend them. Wouldn't recommend something like Mario 3 if you can get a copy of it.

    I love how visually appealing they make these; it makes you feel like you've spent proper money on something good. They're just so damn expensive, that's the only problem.

    Yes, and President Obama allowed people to bring guns to his inauguration and America as a whole thrives off of the fast food industry. America's a little scary sometimes.

    Yeah, my new computer will have the specs to play some nice games online, but forget it. I'm gonna look into just playing a few single player games and using the computer for what I originally intended to use it for. Don't worry, I usually mute people online too.

    I can definitely see how it would deteriorate from the original joy when they start cutting. That's something Sherlock does okay on though, I think. Conan Doyle wrote the stories as separate tales that all came together, so when it stops, it's just like waiting for a completely different series to start. It's just as good when you come back too.

    When one says "review", I think the Plinkett videos are amongst the closest to fitting that actual description. Too many people nowadays claim to write reviews then fail to break down the different points. It's just an overview at that point, and not helpful to anyone who wants an actual detailed opinion on such. Irate Gamer's a prime example, hey! His "reviews" last under two minutes sometimes. No, really. It's the biggest excuse to get free stuff from companies and it's sickening. Speaking of your joke there, there's actually a video where he just calls Tekken 6 shit, then it switches to him holding the controller which isn't turned on. Attention to detail.

    Oh nice, the twentieth volume? I only got to 15 (still missing 9 too ;_, but I always loved how colourful the books were. They make a little rainbow on my bookshelf and I love it. Does it kinda delve into what the recent anime series has been doing? I wanted to make a comparison of sorts to see if the content in the manga had degraded or if it was the presentation of the anime, but at volume 15 nothing majorly connected occurred. I've been to RightStuf before; saw a lot of cool sales but couldn't really put money into them at the time. Looks like I got reminded of it again around the holidays, where I'm already shopping for gifts.

    P.S. Sorry about the late reply. I've been having new symptoms arise in my daily life that have been bugging me as of late. I've had this tingly left arm with tachycardia, lightheadedness and general fatigue. It's something I've never experienced before, and reading about it only pointed at a potential heart attack, which seriously concerned me. I don't exactly have the healthiest diet, but I don't smoke, drink or even drink energy drinks/coffee. I went into E.R. a couple nights ago, and the doctor said it was most likely anxiety because my heart readings were fine. The problem right now is that the cure for anxiety is to not think about it, but when the symptoms from it keep jabbing me, it's almost impossible to ignore. It's like if someone's poking you constantly, and everyone just tells you to ignore him. I'm doing what I can to keep my mind off of things, but I'm facing a hardship right now. I have this feeling that if things don't improve, I need something big in my life to take my mind off of things. Sorry for that semi-depressing conclusion to the message.

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