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  1. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-14 02:43
    Hiroi Sekai
    Mhm, I actually got into the series through hard copies (a little gamble on the series to try it out), and I loved it. You tried and liked(?) Professor Layton, right? It's got a similar charm character-wise, but the gameplay has a different layer that is just as awesome. In fact, they must've thought the concepts mixed well, since an Ace Attorney VS. Professor Layton game now exists in Japan. Definitely don't miss out on the series, I'm sure you'd love it.

    Oh yeah, I have a Disgaea IV case that looks pretty darn cool. NIS are good porting over everything that was offered in the Japanese versions along with the English translations, so it's good to have them around. I do love the cube boxes that open up and hold everything; if the iDOLM@STER 2 boxset wasn't so expensive, I would've gone for that instead of the "Best Hits" collection that was only $30 bucks shipped. Speaking of iDOLM@STER sets, look at how damn colourful they are. Love them.

    However, can you feel accomplished bringing a bad name to someone like Fox News? At least EA has a semi-competent rep you could destroy. Oh wait, they were voted worst company in the world last year...I don't know anymore.

    Exactly. It kinda sucks that the majority of people that you remember online are like that. Nevertheless, it's the reason why I never invest into an actual headset or listen to game audio in general online.

    It's still airing, technically. Next season's been delayed though, I've heard. Aw well, it didn't leave on a crazy big cliffhanger or anything. -.-

    I already did, at least just to hear him say "Sinatra, you fuck!" again. I lose it when he says "I KNOW BECAUSE I SOLD IT TO YOU!" and it zooms in on a spot quickly. It seems all of the good YouTubers use their time wisely and their release schedules actually make sense. There's Irate Gamer though, who claims making a 2 minute "review" where he just says "I haven't finished it yet" takes several months. Oh, by the way, I watched that damn animated version, and it IS somewhat enjoyably bad if you can find hilarity in the overindulged amounts of stereotyping and over-the-top shit, which I did. The part where the crew shoves buckets of water at the wall just kills me. But it is also terrible, so that might get to ya first.
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-12 18:55
    Hiroi Sekai
    Mega Man's their key mascot, right? But they turn him into a mutant for their fighting games and then cancel big Mega Man games on people. Then they lock away the mutant Mega Man on the disc, so people have to pay again if they want to play as him. If you still have that DS emulator around, please please check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (and its subsequent sequels if you like it). One of CAPCOM's best series in my opinion, mixing lighthearted and serious characters into an actually amazingly fun law series. It's a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. That box is really nice; I don't know if it's because I don't buy the premium editions of things, but it's been a long time since I saw one that nice.

    Eh, but you'd probably be under the constant supervision of Fox News. Join up with someone like...EA. Those chimps probably just throw money around all day, so you can find a private room and edit to your heart's content and still be paid buckets. Oh, but as EA standards you might have to cheat people out of all of their money.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. That's why I love games like those and Tales of Vesperia; I can do what I want, and nobody's going to get in my way and/or scream obscenities in my ears. The few cases I play online with a few friends, I do have my moments where people just get in my way and seriously annoy me.

    I just rewatched the first episode of Sherlock last night, still loved it. The second episodes are definitely the where the weakest points show, but I guess that's to be expected.

    Born and raised, yes. Boring plebeians have no place in this world; you're either a masochist or the animals tending to them. I suppose the drunks do make this street pretty hilarious, since it's at their mindless expense. Irate Gamer going to school is now an official derogatory statement, I'm sorry.

    Haha, loved the entire thing. How can a fleshlight NOT take batteries? The Sinatra joke turned out to be so much more than I thought, and I adored it. I KNOW BECAUSE I SOOOOOOOOLD IT TO YOU! Titanic itself was a movie my parents owned when I was a kid, so I did watch it way back. I didn't think anything of it, just that it was alright. If you want a hoot, you just gotta watch the Animated Titanic movie. Y'know, the one that claims rapping dogs and Mexican mice were onboard that night, and that they all lived happily ever after.
  3. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-11 20:09
    Hiroi Sekai
    It's good there's companies that still value stuff like that. Capcom's been cheating people through UDC (unlockable disc content) after assuring interviewers that stuff like this would end. That box of Katanagatari is beautiful, love the detail. Is it yours?

    Just join some crazy faction that'll pay you. You can move up to kidnapping and murder.

    I'm hoping I can, though I can see how the potential of losing time can keep one away. Still, I think it's worth looking at, so I'll aim for two birds with one stone.

    Hopefully you like it. I will note that of the six episodes, the second episode in both seasons are less exciting since they don't exactly attach themselves to the overall big plot. They're not bad by any means though. It's a lot easier to watch Chuunibyou though, which was equally good.

    Ripped slowly is okay, not rended quickly. See, I like that slow gnashing of metal teeth and shit. I trained a great big polar bear that I imported from the coldest parts of Antarctica to slowly tear my arm off when I feel like it. I even got him a medical degree so he can sew it back on for next time. The neighbourhood's nice, just get the occasional drunks here and there that make a bit of noise, but it can't be worse than London. See, here's the funny thing with Irate Gamer, he went to some kinda pseudo-school for what he does, and if I had a green screen I bet I could clean it up better. So if I do better than he did with school, good googly aunts.

    Goddamn, I'm still laughing from it all. That review had EVERYTHING funny from his other reviews and even more. The ending where he crashed the Titanic himself and then watched aliens blast it apart killed me. "Mother was fucking the captain, because you know, the captain is the last to get off." Oh god, what a way to end.
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-10 17:54
    Hiroi Sekai
    That's probably why I like NIS America; they're not afraid to leave in the Japanese elements and take the effort to blend their English adaptations into them. They generally know what appeals to people who play games like this.

    A career would imply you were getting paid, no? More like a time-sucking hobby.

    Tell you what, if my computer ever comes together, I'll try and make a few videos of Skyrim/Fallout to showcase the more hilarious and enjoyable parts of it. When I started Fallout 3, I actually got lost and then bored soon after, so I ended up quitting for a while. I tried again later and progressed, finding a pretty amusing game under it. If you can get into these games alone, you'd be able to put a good 80-100 hours to do everything, but not all at once.

    It's a fascinating series, for sure. It's not exactly a leading title for me, but at least one thing in each episode captivates me and I feel like watching the next, which means it's doing something right. Sherlock's damn long for sure, but I suppose getting through the amount of content one story holds takes a while. The first episode (A Study in Pink) is basically a modern spin on "A Study in Scarlet" and is quite captivating for an adaptation. I'd recommend taking that pilot episode for a spin and seeing if it's something you'd like. Things get pretty engaging once the criminal mastermind Moriarty is introduced too. Chuuni's the one series this season that I'd absolutely hate to be behind on, personally. SAO could wait, but I usually do get to it on the Saturdays.

    Animals are cool, as long they're not trying to rend my flesh or whatever, so farms are fun. Perhaps he's got a more industry-friendly camera than I do, since mine is about the intro-intermediate level of digital cameras. Here is a photo I got of the snowfall here recently. The brights are too high and there's a decent amount of saturation (colour visibility/staining), but my laptop won't run Lightroom properly so I can edit them. ;_; I'm hoping I can do decently in recording stuff, since I'm not exactly taking classes for this stuff. I have to learn it all myself through trial and error, but I guess that's learning too.
  5. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-10 16:47
    Hiroi Sekai
    Yes, I believe so. It's been a while since I watched the anime, so it's a little blurry in my mind. They did get really lazy with the release, but it always confused me why they put the effort in of taking out the original if they're going to be half-assed in doing it. Leaving it in seems like less work to me, or am I crazy? Tales games have been popular with vocal opening (in Japan), but here it's been less so overall. Symphonia had two different releases (Gamecube and PS2) with different Japanese openings, but they were both canned in the American for some semi-fitting plain BGM. The recent Tales of Graces F did something similar to Vesperia and put in both versions after letting it play through once, but the Vesperia dual-audio sounded so much better in my opinion.

    Good, you can join the other diligent folks who find the idiots of the world and edit hilarious things onto their pages. If you're lucky, someone will reference it and document it before it's taken down.

    I think that's a statement to test my resolve, good sir. I'll take my damn chances on this one! If ya got a PS3 man, at least get yourself Skyrim and/or Fallout and fire off a giant's head with a Tesla cannon! That, or send a little kid flying with just your voice.

    Yes, you are their biggest shareholder, after all. Shows have been improving on my end as well, surprisingly. Sword Art Online picked itself back up and tossed aside the weights, Shin Sekai Yori keeps finding new ways to intrigue, and Chuuni just keeps getting cuter. Still didn't see K ramping up any more though, unfortunately. Sherlock's great. If you already don't mind the length of a Game of Thrones episode, you probably won't mind that each episode is about 1.5 hours. The fact is that there are only 6 episodes in total (3 a year). Far be it from me to ever assume you haven't read Sherlock, so I'd recommend it considering it's a decently easy watch.

    I haven't been out to a farm for a long time, despite basically living just outside of a farm town. The town itself is rather empty, so I'd have to make that my primary reason for going down, and nobody seems to want to come along anymore. It must have been a big ol' DSLR. I'm wondering if Adobe Lightroom was used on that photo or if it's a pure shot uploaded directly, since the colouration seems little too nicely blended for a natural shot. Either way, it turned out nice.
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-10 07:59
    Hiroi Sekai
    They've probably been removed, man. Look up the Japanese release's opening and then have a glorious little tear run down your cheek. Tales of the Abyss was one example- it had an opening theme called "Karma", which was swapped for one of those instrumental versions you hear on YouTube of a guitar replacing vocals. Oh yeah, and I'm hitting the deeper ends of Tales of Vesperia; I forgot just how damn fun this game was.

    I'm sure if you start using it enough, you could replace what's already up on Urban Dictionary.

    Ironically, I was saving up for the "subjective speech package", but I keep losing points along the way. So basically, when I hit 1000 points, I can become a Thane, like in Skyrim. Can I commit murder and get away with it, like in said case?

    Fantastic episode, loved it. Quite eerie how they pertained to your every request, but hey, it ended up being great as a result. Have you seen the BBC Sherlock series? The teacher character was a direct pull of Sherlock from that series. If you haven't seen that yet, I'd recommend it highly.

    Epic cow, looks like it should be in a punk band or play a protagonist in a game where the lead draws power from complete insanity. Did you take this picture, by the way? It's got great composure and balance, like it was shot with a big ol' digital SLR camera or something.
  7. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-08 20:59
    Hiroi Sekai
    As you know, leveling gets even more slow as you progress up, so it's kinda ridiculous. Localization companies are evil, man. Chances are the Japanese version had a fully voiced opening theme, which will be replaced by an instrumental version or translated horribly like a bad fandub or something. That's probably why I like this one so much, since it's properly done.

    I'm sure there's actually a term for it, let me look it up. I guess spoilerphobia is the Urban Dictionary term for it.

    Yeah, I didn't even think about it until someone mentioned it to me and I saw a few mixes of the soundtrack with MJ's songs. Fantastic, I earned more cool points! I've been saving them for a while, but I must have a hole in my cool pocket, since I keep spilling them.

    I'm staring at the parts, just staring. The smallest part of it is missing and I can't do anything about it.
  8. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-08 20:00
    Hiroi Sekai
    The achievements of Tales of Vesperia can be accurately described by saying: "Goodbye sleep. Oh, and fuck you." They're achievements like completing secondary events while a boss is wailing on you endlessly, collecting 10 million in money (or was it billion?), grinding until everyone is Level 200, and other shit like that. Lucky that game's fun enough to try. The animated scenes are stunning, especially for a localized game where they usually cut it to add more pointless English references and such. The opening of the game features a really nice animation as well, and the singer of the Japanese version did the English version as well, which was a nice touch.

    Haha, he's much too goofy to be spoiling stuff like that, I find. Even if you catch a glimpse somewhere, you'd probably forget it and just remember the associated joke instead. As for me, I mentioned that it's RTS, Western and Medieval games that somehow don't connect with me, so it's alright if you're not a fan of the crime setting. To be honest they haven't exactly got any masterpieces in that genre to this day anyways.

    Freaking love that game's music; the Michael Jackson infused element really differs from the other games and it hit me the first time (back when I didn't know of Michael Jackson), but I grew to love it. The soundtrack CD brings me back; I had an old discman- bright yellow, with uncomfortable in-ear headphones. This one, in fact! That image brings back good and bad memories; those headphones were a serious pain. But hey, I'd bring that Sonic CD disc everywhere and life was alright.

    The intellagince potiont grows wen you drink de bers. I can fiel it werking allready!

    I'm so sad, my beautiful computer is just sitting her in parts, and my internet's slowing down once again. I even have a brand new wireless card here that would boost it, but it's not for a laptop. I'll have to wait another week at least, methinks.
  9. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-06 22:49
    Hiroi Sekai
    Still playing it, in fact. I'm actually going for gold this time, so that'll mean trying to get the damn achievements. Well, at least level grinding in this game is fun. I'll make a few videos along the line regarding Vesperia nonetheless. :3 As for how it looks for in-game cutscenes, you get about...10 or 11 of these strewn about, I believe. The game itself is nice to look at (even with some theatrical filtering), but I rather like these anime-style cutscenes.

    Spoilers with JonTron? Nawp, just be prepared for something ridiculous. xD Don't mind the fact you don't like those games; they're not exactly great. The "Rockstar" sandbox controls where you fling around on foot like you're on wheels is annoying too.

    I'm still looking for a legit copy of Sonic 3; I'd love to hear that glorious Hydrocity music again. I even remember the physical Sonic CD disk acting as a soundtrack; putting it into a player would go through all of the tracks in the game, good stuff. Retro video game music was definitely awesome; I can remember a lot of tracks whilst I can't today.

    I figure I'll be getting around to it at some point, at least. If I haven't completely forgotten by that time, I'll let you know for sure.

    Who needs school when you have beer? Wait, that wasn't right. Or was it? I can't remember these damn sayings.

    I'll tell you what Canada Post has taken from my life man, it's my damn computer. Should have had this thing going around last week to be honest, and tomorrow's the last chance before the weekend again. At least it's covered by Amazon, so if it doesn't arrive by the 12th, they'll be replacing it for free. This time I'm enforcing a strict UPS-shipping rule. :3

    Wow, only 4 hours until I get to post music again. This is good fun.
  10. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-06 04:47
    Hiroi Sekai
    Definitely. Make sure you scream it as you play too, just to prove your manliness. That video made me take it out of the case and play through 10 hours already, and it's been as great as it always was.

    The first video's just a mad case of denial, whilst the second is trying to cope with the fact that there's a sequel...and obviously failing. Love them videos though. I don't think I'm really a sandbox person either, but it depends on how far that genre slides. Like I said, Fallout 3's got a sandbox idea, but there's so much to do that I enjoy it a lot. Never was a big fan of GTA IV, but I did like Saints Row 2 for its simple provision of fun. Good luck with that game man, don't say I didn't warn you...a lot.

    For me, Sonic stretches past a few of those five listed, but not many more. I actually had three of those on a disc at a younger age and I loved it. Sonic and Sonic 2 came much later, when I finally got a Genesis of my own. Great games, still love 'em.

    I'll go in with no expectations when I get to it, then. Perhaps I'll be less disappointed than those who did, and maybe I'll get something out of it. Here's to hoping.

    I believe I recall the scene, but my mind is fresher on the scene where a liver slides to Barney in the pub and he says "you're not getting away THAT easy". Ugh.

    It was quite a shock when the deliveryman asked for it, definitely. It was a good enough reason to actually learn the different shipping companies and their policies. I suppose you can't complain about shipping when they can take it anywhere, but when it takes weeks to move within the city, there's something wrong there.

    P.S. My laptop freaked out while I was trying to post today's song. Still got it up though. Me: 1, Laptop: 0.

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