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  1. Jan-Poo
    2009-07-02 18:42
    What the hell are the mods waiting for? They are being so strict and all for just a little derail in the topics and they leave nih run amok in the board with all those nonesensical posts.
    I've already reported him, but he's still there trolling.
  2. Jan-Poo
    2009-07-02 18:34
    well in Higu's case I thought sonozakifutagotachi only translated the first episode and then dropped.
  3. izmosmolnar
    2009-07-02 18:21
    Oh I could say like 20 different games in a need of translation (and many of those are game of the year by 2ch, ergo they would sell many of those too), but no they decided to ignore the ongoing fantranslation, and licence something which already has 2 partial patch.
    By the way they also have Shuffle! banners at their place, so they might also adapt that title too. Needless to say, Shuffle! also has a 100% translation script somewhere, which the Translator doesnt have access anymore, so everyone is waiting on that now. However if Mangagamer going to licence it, all that work was for nothing both in Higu's case, both in Shuffle's case.
  4. Jan-Poo
    2009-07-02 18:09
    that's interesting, the original dojin game. I thought it would have been more probable a localisation of matsuri.
  5. izmosmolnar
  6. Jan-Poo
    2009-07-02 07:11
  7. izmosmolnar
    2009-07-02 06:51
    Look at that site! It's about REAL uminekos!!!1
    You can even create your OWN UMINEKO!.
  8. Jan-Poo
    2009-06-30 17:28
    you can be married by the mayor here as well, the restriction only apply for marriage in church. But most people believe it's more romantic to marry in church. Even some japanese think so even if they can't care the less about christianity.

    Anyway communism had a strong influence here as well in the past even though Italy has always been in good terms with the USA. The communist party never became dominant, but until recently has always been in the parliament. Plus some years ago the socialist party was often in power. However it was the first to die after that political scandal I told you about.

    Anyway communism had enough influence to make it so our constitution was completely devoid of any mention of god and church. And the italians republic is build over the concept that religion and politic should be two separate things.

    Yet, there are many people who think otherwise, of course. I'm sure you know of the european debate over the constitution. Those so called european christian roots. I'd say europe is a lot older than 2000 years but oh well...
  9. izmosmolnar
    2009-06-30 16:09
    I'm clearly surprised about the decision regarding Abortion. They are still banned in Poland for example (I know as I had a pregnant polish GF...).

    Well we aren't so religious around here. You know since the soviets were here all the way till the '90s and they were quite against religions in general afaik. My own deceased grandmother was a secretary of some sort related to the communists, and they forced such a hard regulations on everyone involved, that restricted her descendants to pick up any religions. Hence my dad, me and my sister aren't even baptized or anything like that. Of course we could have done it since they are gone, but I've read it somewhere they require some religious exams or whatever about the bible or something, so I couldn't be arsed to pick up any religion.
    Anyway it says about 70-75% has some religion (52% roman catholic, 20% protestant and various other minor) and the rest is the same as me, completely nonreligious or completely denies to fill such questionnaires. Even those 70-75% hardly follows religious events, not even on festive holidays. I remember me and my mom's family went on a christmas mass several years ago, and the temple was like half-3/4 full or so (and about 90% older people), despite living in the capital. While you can find a temple in every village, there's only a low percentage actually believing himself/herself as a religious person I think.
    Anyway in Hungary you can easily marry without any religious affliction, it's just like they marry in the city hall without any priestly mighty speeches. They are actually quite fun when they are done on the countryside, with numerous funny traditions and such.

    At least neither of us have many believers of that scientology crap.
  10. Jan-Poo
    2009-06-30 15:44
    I guess that's a common mistake. Although practically the whole totality of italians has been baptized and attended mass at least once, as of today christianity for the majority of italians is merely a tradition. More than 50% I'd say only goes to mass during major festivities like easter and christmas. And of course they do all the sacraments, but merely because those are perceived as natural steps in someone social life. After all you cannot marry in church if you don't do those.

    However that doesn't mean they are not actually believer. I think those who believe in God and christianity in Italy are a good 70%-80%. But if you ask how many believe in every single thing the church says then the percentage can lower to 20% or below.

    Just to make you understand, around 20-30 years ago the italians were called to vote for two referendum about divorce and abortion. I don't need to tell you what was the opinion of the church on those matters, but they both passed with a great margin.

    In a few words the common mentality is: go to church to get a free pass to paradise and do whatever you want in your life.

    Back to berrlusconi. The other party is comprised mainly of ex-communists who became moderated, and a part of the old center party that was complitely obliterated after a major scandal (the other half is with berlusconi anyway). The problem with the other party is that they can't seem to get enough votes to give a solid government. Last time they've been voted they didn't have enough people in the parliament to make laws to pass and so they had to resign in the end and new votes were made who saw Berlusconi winning again.

    How is religion lived there in Hungary?

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