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  1. Jan-Poo
    2009-05-09 18:28
    nico nico? But that means it's not subbed. I think I'll wait ^^;
  2. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-09 09:31
    Hey Jan-poo. The new Higu Rei is out by the way on nico nico. Man! Let me just say I'm going to "upgrade" my avatar . PM me if you can't find it.
  3. Jan-Poo
    2009-05-05 19:02
    Uh you didn't like MGS, strange. Anyway i can't say that Snatcher has a complicate setting like Higurashi or Ever17, however i can assure that the development will surprise you, it's not easy to imagine the whole connection between the catastrophe of the past and the events in the present. Anyway Kojima is a very peculiar author, what you should expect from this game is... well Kojima likes to break the barrier between the player and the game. He does exactly what any other author would avoid at all cost, and that's why i love him. For example in MGS at a certain point one of the character inside the game tells you to look the back of the cover of your CD! Well you can see in the snatcher similar things. Don't be surprised if the characters will tell you to do something in the real world to progress.

    About EVE, i'm sold. I guess i'm gonna play it next ^^;
  4. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-05 18:49
    No I wasn't clear enough sorry. EVE is a complete jawdropping game. It's sequel ADAM just finishes in a very stupid way without explaining anything. It's not related to the awesomeness of EVE , they are set in about 3-5 years apart and they published ADAM few years later too.
    No I haven't heard about The Snatcher. Gonna give it a wee look sometimes though, if it's as good as you seem to imply. Of course I've heard about Metal Gear series (and Kojima by that), but I wasn't really fond of it for some reason.
    (I really don't mind old games at all, actually they feel a bit nostalgic... At least most of these new shiny western games don't really grab me anymore.
  5. Jan-Poo
    2009-05-05 18:40
    Of course i know Moontype works by fame. Fate stay night is certainly a title i'm familiar with. It's just i've been too lazy to start it, it looks it's a lot of material to read. I guess i will try it one of these days.

    About EVE you really make it sound very interesting, but... uh cliffhanger at the end? I dunno if i wanna touch that, not untill i can read japanese as good as i read english.

    Ah and that thing you said about ever17, i don't remember it °°; if i read it i must have forgotten it.

    Anyway the thing you said about EVE made me remember about "The Snatcher", have you ever heard of it? It's a graphic adventure. Not a VN but pretty close, it's not that hard, i mean i liked the stories behind lucas works but geez! How the hell one is supposed to imagine you should do those things to progress? Ehm no The Snatcher is pretty straightforward, a detective story in japanese style. The author is Hideo Kojima (this should make a bell ring), if you have time for retrogaming i really suggest this one.
  6. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-05 18:09
    Not to boost or anything, but as an experienced VN player (hell my computer is shitty as hell and far old already, but why upgrade it, if even the newest VNs run smoothly on it?) I can only recommend one thing: Read selectively and use the CTRL key wisely and often.
    If you you have the impression you "ran through" something important, you can go back by the mousewheel or extreme cases by loading (of course saving in every choice is a must). Whenever it gets boring with too much needless description and such (like cooking japanese food I never ever heard, and most likely never eat. Just who gives a shit really?), I tend to use the skip function a lot, and judge it when to stop and rewind by the character expressions.

    I don't mind Eroge (though how should I say... they don't arouse me), as long as the game has great, not overly generic characters, and compelling story (What I mean the main aspect has to be a story for me to take interest in any VN). Believe it or not there are quite a lot. TBH Fans don't translate sexfests at all because no one cares about those either.
    If the 0,005% hentaii doesn't scare you (I'm not joking seriously that's the amount), Try Tsukihime or FSN for example. The writer of it "Nasu" is a lot more different than Ryukishi, but while Tsukihime is a fantastic supernatural story with Vampires and such (and it might be the same length as Umineko), FSN is considered the first "next generation" VN, whereas you don't even feel like you play a Novel (Slashes left and right IMPRESSIVE fightscenes, choices quite often in battle too, different CG every minute, characters "coming closer" "moving farther" "moving left to right" etc.). And FSN's story was enjoyable too (not PERFECT with capital letters, but I'd rate the story as a 9 out of 10, counting how I'm amazed was with the presentation I'd actually give it a 10.
    Anyway I've certainly found quite a lot of VNs which I ended up liking regardless of the H-content if there was one. And of course I started with Dating-Sims too, they aren't so bad as their reputation (which actually confuses them as sexfests even though they aren't so similar). I actually spent several days figureing out such old classics like True Love and Nocturnal Illusion, and I didn't regretted them, but they didn't make me obsessed with VNs (they are probably abandonware now, at least I found them listed as abandoned).

    About EVE. It's one of the most interesting "detective" interwined murder mistery Series, but only one and a half story got translated (I count Eve's sequel ADAM as half, because it has an irritating cliffhanger ending, and I never gonna know what happens >.<).
    EVE BURST ERROR is one of the first VN (it's a bit like adventure game, not exactly VN in the strictest definition) I ever played through in a sense and was utterly speechless how f*cking great was the "ride" by the end. Everything connected perfectly, and I went "WTF" "NOWAY" far too many times.
    You have to follow 2 seemingly totally unrelated perspective, and change characters every once in a while when you have no more options to do continue (~3-4 hour). First you control a cynical, funny, bit of a pervert but good-hearted, private detective (my favorite "male lead" ever), who got a job to recover some stuff to someone, and secondly you take control of a gorgeous redhead who is a Japanese police Agent and her fresh task is to bodyguard a schoolgirl (a diplomat's daughter). The two story interwine multiple times yet the characters avoiding each other phisically in almost all the story, but both helps the other protagonist and 95% of the sidecharacters know both sooner or later. The humor was awesome back then, but they localized it with the equivalent of 90s jokes (it might sound odd now). Almost every scene there had some funny options and some of them cracked me up greatly.
    If I were honest, I must say that was the first Japanese adventure game / VN whatever which caused me to slowly abandon western games. If you can overcome some of the oldschool humor references, the long but exceptional story, and the outdated graphics (hell actually it might still look better than Umineko and Higurashi! ), I recommend trying it after all this years (I'd still rate the story as a 10). It has no H at all only references on sex and some pantyshoots.
    You're in for a ride if you decide to sacrifice a few hours to play it. Of course don't feel ashamed to use a walkthrough, since it doesn't indicate when you have to change protagonists, and you save yourself many hours by not walking through the whole map in vain.

    BTW I hope I didn't spoiled you in one of the Umineko threads where I mentioned something like "if the player would exist, a'la Ever 17".
  7. Jan-Poo
    2009-05-05 16:38
    to be honest i'm not a great fan of "date sim". That pretty much means i haven't play many VN since most of them can be classified as eroge, galge or date sim. Umineko was a totally new experience to me and i love it. It is one of the few VN that is completely devoid of any kind of "date sim" aspect. It completely changed my opinion of the media, I hope it will be an incentive for other artist to follow his example and use VN to narrate stories that do not necessarily involve a girl or boy harem.

    I have decided to play Ever17 to give the genre another chance. Of course i was convinced by the fact it is claimed to have one of the best stories, and it was pretty much devoid of H scenes.

    I must say it was worth playing it, the story was really deep and well made. I'm kinda disappointed by that huge plot hole but well... Matrix is a colander in comparison.
    To be honest I find that ever17 still suffers from a very slow paced narritive that is common in the few VN i played. Certain dialogues were very inane, certain concepts were repeated a dozen of times. I often found myself irritated and wanted to scream: "Ooookay! Can we go on with the plot already?!" I guess i'm not the patient time XD.
    Ryukishi is different in that regard, he as the ability to make his narrative very interesting and i never have the impression that i'm reading a dialogue that is pointless or repetitive. Maybe just a little on the first patch of ep4, it could have been made shorter...

    Anyway how is this Eve Burst Error? Tell me more.
  8. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-05 16:14
    OMG I didn't know you haven't played ever 17. Best mindfuck ever!
    I should get a T-shirt too with "I SHAT BRICKS IN COCO'S PATH" . Have you played Eve Burst Error? (I know it's 10+ year old game, but still awesomely written and connected).
  9. Jan-Poo
    2009-05-04 15:17
    I only started to think seriously about the epitaph after episode3. Before that there were too many possibilities, but Eva's thoughts about the solution really narrowed down the number of possible solutions. The 07151129 has no background. Even if it was a code for a word it's way too short to decipher it. Simple cryptography systems didn't led to any result. Even if it was possible to convert it, being that short at max it could produce a name. So Let's say it becomes a name like: Nanjo, Battler, Eva. What would you make out of it? There would be no basis to say it's the killer name.

    It could only help if it was connected to the epitaph, and i've tried that way too, but with no avail. It doesn't seem to be related to "the key" in any way. And then again if it was Eva would have recognized it. She wasn't faking to not know because she jotted down the number on a note.
  10. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-04 12:46
    To be honest if it's somehow similar to the epitaph, I find it likely that we have to scramble the numbers in a way to decipher a logical solution somehow. But of course that complicates things further to figure it out.
    I believe they are probably letters and not a date. The 0715 date is only addressed to Battler to let him know he is the one the message is addressed. I agree though, at the moment it's just there to perplex us readers.

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