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  1. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-13 18:15
    Not yet... I'm very slow at translating... but I should end it in a few days, when that will happen I will tell you ^^;
    it is kinda sad though that I couldn't join the conversation so far... I feel like I am missing a lot... How am I supposed to read all those posts now......
  2. Kitsu
    2010-01-13 17:33
    Uhm hello there, I just wanted to ask if you have alreasdy read episode 6 of Umineko? I kinda wanted to hear your opinion on some of the riddles and mysteries that pop up there, ypur posts in the Speculation thread were always were enjoable to read and sometimes helpe dme to think of new theories. (You know a little push and suddenly your mind thinks of a new one pretty fast)
  3. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-12 11:37
    I watched the anime and loved it. That's how I came to know of Umineko's existence. I kinda gave it for granted ^^;

    I plan to read the novel one day, but maybe I'll wait until they are fully translated...
  4. bereal31
    2010-01-12 04:30
    Did you watch or read Higurashi? I thought it will be like your favorite or something beside Umineko
  5. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-12 04:07
    hello, to be honest I has never been very fond of visual novel, mainly because I am not so attracted to the "date sim" aspect of the majority of them. Umineko is a very special case, thought i know there are some very good stories even in those with erotic contents.

    I don't really remember any other story that made me think about it more than umineko, but well this is mainly because umineko is a puzzle a giant riddle, and there's a lot of time to think about the solution before it is given.

    Anyway in the novel field I certainly recommend Ever17. As for the anime the recent "Higashi no Eden" was pretty interesting, though there are a few development I didn't find quite satisfactory and the true end should happen in the movies they are going to release.

    Saint Luminous High School is another series with mystery factors, and sort of harem contents as well, but I have found it very enjoyable.

    And I strongly recommend the movie "Perfect Blue". A visionary mistery movie.

    Kinda different in the concept but Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid's forest is another great miniseries with a lot a mysterious situations and unexpected developments.
  6. bereal31
    2010-01-12 01:39
    Hi, I am new to the forum. I don't really know anyone so I hope we can get along well. =p I am wondering if there is any other anime/manga/novel that you spend the same amount of brain power/time as Umineko? xD
  7. Jan-Poo
    2009-12-28 15:53
    Lol, well I wrote they were simple icepicks, but I guess that's close enough and I did get the "cheap" part right XD
  8. vandakiara
    2009-12-28 15:47
    the stakes being cheap paperweight ... you once wrote that they had been bought by beato with some kind of promotion ("pay 6 take 7") or something of the sort and then Lucifer's pride was hurt...

    when I read the paperweight part in the novel I couldn't stop laughing thinking about Lucifer xD
  9. Jan-Poo
    2009-12-28 15:04
    Oh which one of the many red truths I wrote? XD

    Sometimes it surprises me as well that some red truths I wrote as a Joke in my yonkoma actually happened to make sense after Ep5.

    And yeah I've read Ep5 since a few days after it was realeased and I finished to read the english patch right now :3
  10. vandakiara
    2009-12-28 08:46
    (and i laughed so hard when i read it in the VN too... you're a genious I tell you xD)

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