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  1. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-26 14:07
    you shouldnt be turned away by something as stupid as bad rep
  2. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-26 14:02
    you really got neg reped for it ?
    thats not cool
  3. Lolipopo
    2009-08-26 03:27
    Pff Iit's in the center, after all it seems quiet clear, and I don't care about their twisted way to interpret things XP

    A blast ? Ohoh, nothing too bad I hope ?
    I'd say I was surronded by issues but I should see an end to all of this soon >_< And I have exams as well bleh -_-. Can't wait for October to come.
    I don't really know about anime, I was watching Spice and Wolf S2 and FMA but because of the rest I was (and am still) on hiatus :/ I can only keep up with Geass debates, because of that xD
  4. Lolipopo
    2009-08-25 13:16
    Glad you liked it...But I just noticed...that for yaoi fangirls it might have a whole different sense >_<

    Anyway, how have you been ? I'm kinda busy lately and I can hardly be on >_<
  5. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-13 15:49
    true that
  6. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-13 11:27
    went to a concert of them back in june
    it was the most amazing spiritual experience i have ever had
    in fact, i'd say that its a combination of a deep spiritual experience and a really good orgy
    lots of people, lots of noise, pushing and pulling and sweating
    and at the end of the day, you may be tired and sweaty, but also completely satisfied
  7. bladeofdarkness
    2009-08-13 06:06
    best one since six degrees
    but i kinda have to go for now, so i'll talk to you later
  8. Lolipopo
    2009-08-12 02:27
    We don't know -_-
    Some people played a bit too much with the reports button, and some people, like Sky/Incorrupts, ended up accumulating infractions for ridiculus motives (Her sig got 7 lines instead of 6 on the screen of one mods (while it was 4 lines in others people screen ?) = INFRACTIONS; She quoted someone who posted a too NSFW image to warn him she should deleted it = INFRACTION)

    Now she is perma banned; Aside from that, some people were banned for a few days (and I don't even wanna know the reasons -_-') and finally came back.
    Asuki is weird lately -_-

    Nice to have you back BTW ^^
  9. Lolipopo
    2009-06-13 18:17

    And btw how have you been ? :'P
  10. Lolipopo
    2009-05-22 05:12
    Pfff modesty :x
    And there is no exaggeration when it comes to Kalulu xD It seems the RT should open next week, (seemingly at the end of the week) but...I can hardly wait...are you sure your post doesn't fit Kallen's thread ? *puppy eyes*

    And yeah, in all honesty this thread is like the center of the Geass subforum; No need to wonder why, while the show is over, speculations about stuff like C.C.'s name would be meaningless because of a lack of infos, while when it comes to Lelouch's LI? the staff worked hard to give us hints...:P

    Ah bleh, I still have an hard time to understand how can people be blind to, at least, sexual attraction when it comes to those two....really >_<

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