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Chicken or Beef?

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  1. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-10-07 20:45
    I wanna squeal and fangirl with an ichihime fan! Can I do it with you? I don't know any ichihime fans that are women! It makes me feel so lonely.

    We can have so much fun together! We can braid each other's hair, get manicures and pedicures, talk about cute boys like leonardo decrapio , and we can go shopping for cute outfits!
  2. yuuk1
    2008-10-06 14:41
    lol...! Yea, I know...! XD

    And don't worry... I've also turned to a nerd when I got here T_T My popularity back in the Philippines was gone just like that...! The thing that I've maintained for 2 years, gone!! TT__TT I feel for yah...!

    And Tamahome's family, oohh.... that was just... terrible.. TT__TT

    Isn't it weird how we're chatting now, when we used to argue a lot and be aggressive debaters, well, you were anyway...


  3. Amirali
    2008-10-06 07:51
    You're so beautiful in the the way you poignantly type your graceful and elegant words, the way your luscious golden hair and gorgeous physique appears on my mind everytime you post another eloquent post.

    I laughed so hard... looks like someone has confused you and Sawachika Eri.
  4. yuuk1
    2008-10-05 16:29
    lol... yea, they are. Problem is, I'm not the independent type but I have my friends to count on, hopefully they'll support me...!

    And yes, my mom said I can't have a BF til I'm 25 <_<

    Yea... Right..! XD I've had more than 10 so far and haven't been found out yet, so I guess I'm pretty good at hiding stuffs from her XD

    My favorite manga of Watase's was Fushigi Yuugi...! The first ever anime I've ever watched, and actually cried for..!

    It was sooooooo good and I cried so much whenever Tamahome and Miaka would have to be separated by Yui...! TT___TT Remembering it tears me up too...!

    But my favorite manga-ka would have to be KT-san. XD (Hardcore IchiRuki fan..! <3)
  5. yuuk1
    2008-10-05 12:01
    That's so cool!!! I can speak a bit of Japanese and Spanish, though I understand it better than I can speak it

    I'm actually self-studying how to read and write katakana and hiragana. It's harder than I thought it would be..!

    Btw, I'm 75% Chinese, but I don't look like one nor do I speak any of their languages (=__=lll)

    And yes, I will hone my talent...! Though I doubt it will be done soon, my mom technically controls every single thing that i do, I have to do almost everything that I want in the shadows. She won't allow me to be an artist, actress nor to be a fashion designer (<--- and I actually had a lot opportunities to pursue those) but thanks for telling me that
  6. yuuk1
    2008-10-05 08:48
    It feels good to be bilingual. ^^; if I remember correctly, you're half Japanese right?

    And, yes, I do plan to pursue on my drawing skills, though not now because I need to focus on my studies first T_T. (Oh and I'm sorry I gave you the wrong link, my photobucket account is full of IchiRuki drawings, forgot about that...! >,<)

    Oh and thanks for the advice
  7. yuuk1
    2008-10-04 12:21
    I came from the Philippines..! Lived there for 15 years...! Ah the nostalgia... I'm actually real proud that I can speak and write in good English. My friends back in the Philippines sound sooooo funny when they try to speak it..! I miss them, but I doubt I'll be able to see them soon.

    When it comes to dramas, I prefer watching K and J-dramas instead of reading it. (But Parfait Tic is an exception though!)

    Oh and it's so weird because this particular J-drama, Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru (aka Heavenly forest, or Just by loving you) is TOO similar to my own life story... thing..! The ending is a bit different, but everything else were mostly the same. Creepy, but adorable

    If you're interested in seeing my sketches :3
  8. yuuk1
    2008-10-04 12:05
    I like LoveCome (love comedy)

    My fave of all shoujos is Lovely Complex, I recommend you to read it, you'll laugh you arse off and you can empathize with the girl too..!

    Currently, I'm into Koukou Debut. It's a good read, plus you get to see character and relationship developments as well. Haah... if only boys were hot and sweet like in mangas...
  9. yuuk1
    2008-10-04 12:01
    Oooh...! You're the doujin type...! Me too XD

    And yes, FL is quite a boring place... I've been to Orlando more than 5 times now, and getting tired of it too >,< plus the beach, let's just say it's not the best they have in the world

    Meh no like beach here probably because I could compare it to the Philippines' beaches.

    People here are... weird...

    And sadly I went from:

    33-24-34 to 35.5-28-36

    when I got here to US (And I've only been here for 3 years T__T that is saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.............)

    Too much fast food, I guess >,>

    and I was particularly curious with the one where the girl was still waiting for the guy,

    "As it rained, he came back.." :333333 cuteness...!
  10. yuuk1
    2008-10-04 11:52

    I might start working there as soon as I graduate HS :3 *excited*

    anyway, I forgot which manga we were talking about... it was like AGES ago... >,>

    I think it was the thing you submitted for the art contest here :3 it was real cute, and the story was romantic too...!

    So nice to know that some guys actually prefer romance than lust. (^o^)

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