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Chicken or Beef?

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  1. King Lycan
    2008-08-13 00:57
    King Lycan
    Do you hate Suzaku ?
  2. King Lycan
    2008-08-13 00:06
    King Lycan
    DO you watch Code Geass ?
  3. HayashiTakara
    2008-08-12 22:46
    I'm back!!!
  4. Amirali
    2008-08-04 07:19
    Hayashi, did your cat's name have anything to do with Code Geass? And hope the vacation goes well .
  5. Amirali
    2008-08-03 18:52
    Suggestions, part 2:
    In contrast to my earlier thoughts, there is the darker, "Agatha Christie" approach. Bring a slightly violent and disturbing side to the end of romance. After all, aren't many murders done over matters of cheating, parting and abuse?
    I always enjoy artwork that takes a romantic element, and adds a second, darker layer of meaning. One of the best pictures I've seen was a portrait of a 19th century family. At first glance, it looks a hunky dory picture of a serene wife chopping vegetables for her proud husband. The warm colours, the soft background, in fact, the entire style of the portrait suggest wholesome apple-pie. It's only when you look closer that you notice the woman sports the remnants of a puffy black eye, and that the mushrooms she's chopping are poisonous.
    Here are some possible exaples of images to communicate that double-meaning of romance:

    1) A couple cozily sip wine before a warm fireplace. But the girl looks woozy, while the guy is smirking at her sinisterly....(posion?)

    2) A couple in a passionate embrace near the eedge of a cliff. But when you look closer, the girl's arms are braced against the guy's chest, and his footing seems to be ever so slightly slipping...

    3) Or maybe a girl snipping a rose with sharp scissors with such briskness and strong purpose, that the picture makes you wonder. Is she doing it angrily, with some Freudian interpretation? Or eagerly to give it to her lover?

    4) Or maybe the guy pushing a girl against a wall, pinning her arms with his own and leaning in for a kiss. The picture leaves it ambiguous whether it's a passionate farewell, or a more sinister event taking place....

    Those are just some random ideas of mine. If you are thinking of going for the dark, violent interpretation, you can probably come up with more creative imagery, eh? Good luck with whatever you come up with. I'm intrigued, certainly.
  6. Nervous Venus
    2008-08-01 10:31
    Nervous Venus
    You're one of the most stubborn people I've seen around. Next to my friend's father, of course. Nobody beats him. Weird that he's part Chinese (Cantonese, I believe) also. We just silently laugh at him when he is in denial.

    Zero is a nice name. I've never heard anyone name their cat Zero or Mugen, lol. I wanted to call my cat, Nyanko, but my bf saw him do sommersaults on the carpet and was like, " MUGEN!" We rescued him, and the other kitten from the litter, actually. Our neighbor ran over the momcat backing out of the driveway. How'd you get yours?
  7. Kakashi
    2008-07-31 15:37
    Awesome. Thanks for showing me, not in London right now so please keep me updated every now and then until I get back. Which will be in 23 days. Pairings thread seems to be moving slowly though. Glad I'll be missing the next few chapters as well judging from the general responses. Hopefully the good stuff will be getting started when I'm back.

    Anyway, talk to you later bro.
  8. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-31 14:43
    Nervous Venus
    It was my way of beating around the bush in saying, " Admit that there's more than a few, damnit!"

    Ah - I remember you said something about cats. Cats are so cute. I have two cats myself: Mugen (from Samurai Champloo) and Emma (from a Jane Austen novel, lol). What'd you name yours? And photos?????? I have photos of Mugen in my "randomness" album somewhere (I took most of the photos you see in there, since I dabble in photography).
  9. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-31 01:27
    Nervous Venus
    Shanimu ni Go
    Akachan to Boku
    mayonaka no ariadne (shimotsuka kayoko)
    c-blossom: case 729 (ditto) - btw, read her! She is amazing.
    Hyper rune
    Clamp School Detectives
    Legal Drug
    Crescent Moon
    Hands Off!
    Idol Densetsu Eriko
    Lagoon Engine
    Akachan to Boku
    Rasen no Kakera
    Warau Michael
    Tokyo Babylon
    Chibi Maruko chan
    Here is Greenwood
    Magic Knight Rayearth
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    Godchild (is actually classifed as gothic horror)
    Fairy Cube (see above)
    The Recipe for Gertrude
    Please Save My Earth
    Global Garden
    Sorairo Kaigan
    La Cordo D'oro
    Ballad of Shinigami
    Miracle Girls
    Yamato Nadeshiko ShichiHenge (The Wallflower)
    Life (Keiko Suenobu)
    Koharu Biyori ( I have no idea why this is still running, lol)
    They were Eleven

    These are just a few I can recall. I'll just reiterate though that you are correct in assuming that there are a lot more girls' comics based on romance. I'd just like others to know that that's not the all-encompassing aspect, and that there are plenty of other shoujo comics that do not focus on soap opera drama type romances, which josei/seinen tend to do.

    You just reminded me about Sand's Chronicles/Sunadokei, btw. I'm so glad they picked up the title in English. I was upset when they decided to animate Bokura ga Ita, instead of Sand's Chronicles. But then they decided to make a drama (and now a movie) about it, so I guess it's getting the attention it deserves. I did mention before that I do not like shoujo, but I feel that isn't really true. I'm really picky with comics that I read, but I do read more shoujo than shounen (but I refuse to watch it for some reason, lol). I'm glad you at least like to read shoujo too.

    You've got a really scary list going. I don't think I want to see more , lol. I shall concede that there are more romance-based shoujo xD
  10. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-31 00:40
    Nervous Venus
    Oh, and Vampire Knight (I think it runs in Hana to Yume DX) is classified as gothic/vampire shoujo. Though if you count Kaname/Yuki/Zero, yeah that is definitely romance.

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