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  1. Shiek927
    2012-01-18 11:56
    Come back, come back, where ever you are~~
  2. Shiek927
    2011-12-19 11:43
    Hey Dany, I just realized - aren't you going to put the latest chapter on this website? I know it will probably get even less comments then on ff-net, but you should at least do it
  3. Shiek927
    2011-12-16 09:20
    I don't think Miria could take two Tabitha's, much less one

    Oh lord - I'm starting to wonder if you have a thing for Rachel
  4. Weird D
    2011-12-16 01:11
    Weird D
    I don't know about Raki... Miria on the other hand Makes me wonder what would happen if I duplicated some characters for an outtake... Say, two Rachels *evil laugh*
  5. Shiek927
    2011-12-15 16:23
    Roflmao, yeah, it did seem kind of strange -- I definitely should have noticed something glaring like that; kind of embarassing that a reader would notice something so obvious >_<. He/she must have missed the Roxanne chapter if he/she thinks it's been so long >_>

    Two Tabitha's....I'm sure Raki wouldn't complain
  6. Shiek927
    2011-12-09 08:54
    I will try looking at the chapter later today
  7. Shiek927
    2011-11-07 17:01
    Yeah, all and all, to be honest, it's been fun -- crazy, random, with some actual discussion thrown reminds me of the old days when the forum always had this kind of enthusiasm. I honestly hope it continues . Yesturday for example, when it became clear our leadership topic wasn't going anywhere, I made it like a beauty-pagent vote-off between Deneve and Tabitha...Yuma was a surprise entry thanks to Nixl .

    Oh, Dr.Deneve is a mocking and hilarious title Nixl came up with when Deneve seemingly comes out and says things that aren't concrete. For instance, when she said everything about Claire and the "wedge" - the way Deneve spoke, she came off like the voice of God and what she said was undeniable truth on the matter.

    Not only did it come off as random, but who's to say she's right? At best, what she said was a theory and could easily be argued that she's wrong and it's something that's been done every once and awhile. These Dr.D moments however have only recently gone up more and more which just comes off as hilarious and silly. Deneve out of a sudden, is the spokesperson for Yagi for something and we're supposed to take what she says has irrefutable -- perhaps Yagi is truly speaking through Deneve, but we just don't know that, and frankly, as before, her words on things aren't 100% irrefutable.

    Looking back, she's always been like this even such as when she waas analyzing Undine, but more and more these overdramatic moments when she tries to narrate and seemingly spell things out for the audience are coming up.....and her words aren't so concrete and fool-proof; this in turn, just makes her look silly.
  8. Shiek927
    2011-11-07 16:26
    Hard to say Dany; so much of this thread is just a huge jumble of ranting, joking, complaining....not sure where you're getting 10+ pages of debate since I can't think of an actual conversation that went that long (maybe Gooral's frustration that Miria's tactic was ridiculous)...honestly, I think you're better just going page by page.

    Yeah, not really helpful, but as I said, it's actually easy since most pages are just silly stuff. Their is a few actual good debates in there, but that's just a piece...this month's thread is pretty chaotic which makes sense since it was mostly a action chapter.

    And yes, I know I've been lacking on the chapter. Actual work, plus having power back at last (so I'm throughly enjoying internet time)...I will try looking at the chapter -- with any luck, we can get it released this week.

    Roflmao, a "whos the leader" chapter? That would be funny
  9. Nixl
    2011-11-07 13:18
    So you want them now? >:3
  10. Nixl
    2011-11-06 23:53
    I saw your post concerning the Mass Effect 3 spoilers, I have a huge cache of them, which verify a few key details(The Tali one in particular). Would you like me to post them on your wall? If not, I understand not wanting to be spoiled.


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