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  1. Shiek927
    2011-10-28 13:09
    I know I haven't reviewed your story yet; I've been superbusy/superlazy (both really ; I have been busy but their were other times I just felt like lazing around ) -- I will try to do it as soon as possible okay?
  2. Shiek927
    2011-10-19 16:02
    Kay', I cleaned my inbox, good to go
  3. Shiek927
    2011-10-19 14:51
    I'm aware, I have to clean-up my old stuff thanks for the warning
  4. Shiek927
    2011-08-30 21:55
    I won't really be able to respond till Thursday night or Friday; I'm going back home to NJ, I'll try responding to you then okay?
  5. Shiek927
    2011-08-27 17:04

    Well, it is true that we really don't know the extent of their relationship -- truth is, fans are really the ones who make it romance in the first place. Now, we do know from Claire that she thinks of him more then just a sibling-sort of way (when she was talking the freckle girl before going to the Witch's Maw), but still, the romance is largely a fan-thing.

    I feel which ever way it all ends up being, Claire should at least be given the benefit of the doubt; time will tell how she truly feels because that's just her. Makes me glad the good thing about Raki, is that he doesn't hide any of his feelings. As a whole, if the relationship between the two wasn't already romantic before, when the meet, the likelihood of it being is undoubtedly very high.
  6. Shiek927
    2011-08-27 14:22
    I checked our FF-net though and saw your profile, this caught my eye:

    and, though he doesn't know it at this point, Clare does not care for him the same way he cares for her
    We don't know that Dany -- we've taken liberties with that, especially for hilarity (like pairing him with with Miria), but she could have been making that up. What we do know, is that Claire is often two-faced and will attempt to be tougher then she really is. Prime example, is telling Cynthia and Yuma that she's not going to Riful's castle to save Renee because she wouldn't stick her neck out for someone she doesn't even know....and yet when she gets there, she starts saying that she has too.

    Claire undoubtedly made what she said up, because, well, she's Claire, and she needs a boot to the head (); that doesn't mean though she really doesn't care about him. I could end up being completely wrong, but we'll see what the future has; until then, it's too much say too say she doesn't care for him, when we only have her word, and her word, is rarely what it seems.
  7. Shiek927
    2011-08-27 14:12
    Only one rule : these two must become real friends and eventually more. The start may be rocky, with a bit of manipulation from Riful, but they must be loyal to each other - no Raki dumping Riful if Clare ever come back. A triple relationship is still possible though
    GOOD; I am sick of seeing that in too many bad-fics. The worst is in that fic "Uncharted" which has a HelenxRaki fic but once Claire comes back in, he feels all guilty >_<. Heck, many fics where he is with Helen has that relationship being temporary -- for gods sake, can't that girl ever catch a break? -__-

    But yes; no matter how you put it, it makes him look like a jerk and like he was playing the girl, and in a serious fic like this, we don't want that .
  8. Shiek927
    2011-08-27 13:06
    I noticed you just posted the story on -- I honestly didn't expect that since I figured you'd only post it on Animesuki; the likelihood of someone taking it up feels even less if over there, then over here....but who knows really .
  9. Shiek927
    2011-08-26 23:29
    Well, one reply thus far by a user named warlock, here's his response

    interesting idea, maybe someone also should try to intagrade a younger raki meeting riful, wander how that would turn?

    You know why I'm laughing
  10. Shiek927
    2011-08-26 16:22
    Oh I definitely liked it, but gosh, I never wracked my brain over a single fic before

    But yes; I was also super-excited about it . That said, people had better review here, but I doubt it -- only Shelter and a few others I imagine will have something constructive to really say, if anything at all --- I'm not counting on the new people to say much of anything :/

    Oh well, it was worth it, if only just making it -- for making the first plausible Raki/Riful fic, that's enough of a reward


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