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  1. Hooves
    2010-09-12 05:56
    Where do you keep getting these Amu Avatars they keep getting better and better
  2. Luna91
    2010-09-11 23:18
    Your avy keeps getting more awesome every time i look at it...AMU-CHAN
  3. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-09-11 23:04
    Thank you!! Like your'es too!! hehe Yeah Anna.... Luna?? I introduced it to her and Hooves...hehehe I really needed to share Shugo Chara fantasticness!!!! No wait..... Hooves Seen it on his own... then we started talking about it and it went on and on and on hehe (Don't ask, I am just silly XD)
  4. ThreeWayLover
    2010-09-11 09:04
    Hey, I've been good thanks, how about you?
  5. Luna91
    2010-09-11 04:45
    p.s. cute avy!! amu-chan! Amulet Heart!!
  6. Luna91
    2010-09-11 02:40
    Hmm well i usually jump easily but i haven't been really that 'scared' from shiki, its more of the mystery/suspense/thriller though there are lots of 'creepy' moments lol. You did tae kwon do? Sweet, what belt did you get up to? Hmm judo and jiu jitsu sound the most fun and practical, but yeah it'll just depend on things like price, the class/instructor etc in the end lol. I don't really have any nice nicknames except catboy dunno, twintails? have to think of something and get back to you
  7. Hooves
    2010-09-10 21:03
    Ahh! Another cute avatar of Amu
  8. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-09-10 20:55
    Yup she didn't want to admit it but it she finally accepted it.... for a certain reason
    Im glad more people are watching Shugo Chara.... Can I ask, what made you decide to watch it anyways? o.o
    Also like you sig and love the avvy!! XD
  9. Luna91
    2010-09-10 02:54
    Spoiler for Episode 8:
    yo Cam
    Shiki is excellent! Its a 'horror' genre, pretty darn good, after the first couple of episodes you are absolutely glued to the screen, i don't really wanna say to much coz its all basically spoilers lol, instead just go watch it trust me its good.
    haha you make it sound like i'm such a highly-strung person, do i really come across like that? lol. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you, i've been thinking of taking some martial arts/self-defense classes coz they seem like fun (i.e. hard), have the whole tradition behind them, are good excercise and are dead useful. I've been recommended all these different types on here, like aikido and judo and jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts and bujinkan (something like that lol), so i've been ringing round and investigating that, looks like fun. except its gonna be hella expensive, the aikido place told me it was gonna be $85 a month! thats too much for a poor uni student!! Anyway, so i'm heaps excited about that, have you done any of that before?
    Ok, review.
    Man, that new girl, misaki i think, is something else isn't she. i love how she just blatantly reminds her about how she got rejected but yes, misaki, take pretty boy!! Lol at her taking notes, yeah she didn't seem to have learnt much about him at all, truth be told i had forgotten for a second that she even had a crush on him lol guess thats a good thing. Bleh, i hate the fact he is acting like a ditz as well, seriously bleh! Lol! the line about the idol and fan getting together! but yeah, whats with all these fangirls, seriously, dude looks like a lady! he is a true bishie (except i dont find him attractive at all!). that scene with ami was super cute. and lol at the dad 'boys are a waste of time' *sings and dances happily* Catboy! even though your heart belongs to amu, don't ignore a pretty lady! or a lady in general Yeah she isn't dumb blonde anymore, SweetPrincess made me stop saying the term she said you'll get to really like her character. lol, in her flashback the sun was in the shape of a heart Lol at the annoying fangirl who got totally ignored. 'he looks so dazzling' oh please Baka pretty boy, making Misaki cry one trip experience later and everything is as it should be i love misaki's chara, with the little veil, its cute. Lol she certianly falls in love easily, on to Kukai now Good episode, again
  10. Luna91
    2010-09-10 01:57
    Heya Cam
    Sorry i've been watching Shiki, got hooked! But i'm watching some more eps now, what ep are you up to? I'll give you some reviews later on
    how have you been? How has work been? Boss been nice to you?
    I can't wait till next friday, because then most of my major assignments will be done! (yes!)
    Anna xx.

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