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  1. Hooves
    2010-09-09 18:00
    A cute avatar you have
  2. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-09-09 00:17
    Ummm Do you want to know who she ends up with?
    Also I am very at ep.... 50 some.... or 60.... Oh NO I forgot!!!
    I also like Amu a lot, And I undoubtley LOVE Ikuto
    Note: This is in the manga, near the ending
    Spoiler for Amus True Love:
  3. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-09-07 23:41
    You're watching Shugo Chara now!!!???? YAY more to the bunch!!! I LOVE Shugo Chara, It has a sad yet beautiful ending (Manga) I haven't finished the anime yet!
    YAY AMUTO!!! (AmuXIkuto) Ikuto is Amazing don't you agree....? Hehe
  4. Luna91
    2010-09-07 22:30
    Night Cam! You too
  5. Luna91
    2010-09-07 20:08
    Dam your fast, already ep 8! i shall have to watch/read/review a bit later
  6. Luna91
    2010-09-07 19:58
    Lol just got your review...yeah i loved the blackmail hehe yeah the kimono chara is the smart one Yeah who the heck is Easter? i get the impression its a person but i could be wrong. lol your like 'she looks pretty ' cool and my reaction is 'dumb blonde' lol, i guess i'm too big a amu x catboy shipper at the moment to care about other girls lol. i loved the cat army
  7. Luna91
    2010-09-07 19:53
    Ep 7:
    Little Ami is so ridiculously cute, dont mind an episode being about her and the parents are just adorable haha. I just love how she can see the other charas. 'you can be my serv..' *yoink* lol so funny. i love the interaction between all the different charas, quite cute. i definitely like pretty boys chara better than pretty boy himself, and thats a little sad lol. Easter? Ikoto working for some shady organization? eep! lol. euughh some dumb blonde vieing for his attention turns up, typical. haha mini catboy's trick got upstaged by flying dragon, charas 1 mini catboy 0. oh my gosh, the little shovels were so cute, and where did they whip them out from anyway lolz. the time capsule thing is pretty cool. Yoru is his name aha, ami was so cute at the end! nice episode
  8. Luna91
    2010-09-07 19:12
    Yeah Kukai is awesome, and yes more blue-haired girl and less pretty boy would be good
    Lol ran is awesome, you gotta have one troublemaker. Yeah, they must have some sort of deal but you know creepy guy isn't gonna pull through with it and will keep said embryo to himself. Yeah at the moment catboy just seems to be observing, show give him something to do! Yeah the mini catboy is so cute! hehe
    lol, now i gotta watch 7 too!! hehe xx.
  9. Luna91
    2010-09-07 04:44
    Thanks Cam, you have a good night too
    Ok reviews.
    Episode 5:
    Lol Kukai's (finally caught his name) face after Amu kicked the ball was just hilarious. i think i like him the most out of the council. Haha the little guy had an amu flag, how sweet And your right, i just love sporty amu-chan Kukai-sama has a fan club and everything kinda expected though there seems to be a lot of fanclubs in anime, especially when there is a student council involved oh and there is another pretty boy fangirl, eeek. Felt so sorry for the boy left outta the team, he tried so hard lololol at the face the punishment chara pulled when amu said that it was stupid it was like but more extreme haha. it seems we have a pattern now, i.e. trip fest at the end of every episode. i loled when she whipped the pompoms out Go soccer boy! Go! use your new found post-trippy experience powers that make you win at life! no catboy kinda makes me sad tho
    episode 6:
    Yaya makes me happy and ballet! yay! i used to dance for like all of my school life, this makes me happy too oh my gosh! lol! that dance teacher was hilarious lol at dancing amu That'd be right, there always has to be one snobby bitch at dancing. oo snob broke her ankle, what now! Ok show is making me feel sad for snobby bitch and noooo shes the next victim of the punishment chara! Didn't see that coming!! Creepy teacher is creepy just walking around and turning everyones eggs bad! and to what avail, i mean amu goes all pink on us and they are creppy dude fail! ooo new character, who is most likely pretty boys estranged older brother or something that will bring some more baggage and drama to the show. yay catboy! who is working with creepy guy. and i just made the connection that he is looking for the embryo too, duh! lol. there costumes were so cute (kaawwaaaiiii). Giant rattle attack! and he just kicked it right back lol that made me giggle. yay, a miki trip instead of a ran one! the costume is way better! lol. giant paint brush, interesting. i kinda miss those pom poms though yaya gets to be prima, snob is a nice person now and all is right in the world the end.
    man, i have fun writing these
    Can't wait for your reviews xx.
  10. Luna91
    2010-09-07 02:04
    Wow, thats crazy and kinda cool. i think its better then your monday to friday, thats too boring! lol. not that much further, i plan to watch 5, 6 and maybe 7...hmm depends on work lol

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