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  1. Luna91
    2010-09-07 01:47
    Ok crank fest:
    Hung Parliment! Independents! Julia's in but wasn't elected! Boo Labour! 3 more years of incompetence! This sucks!
    Ok, rant over
    Wow days off thats awesome. Are you on a roster then? or monday-friday and you have just built up days to get off?
    Glad you've had time to relax, enjoy watching Shugo
    Anna x.
  2. Luna91
    2010-09-07 01:25
    Hey Cam,
    Tired but my essay in
    So now i can watch anime don't worry my reviews are coming
    oh and i'm a bit cranky because of the politcal situation down here and who is running our country now...blegh. lol.
    How are you? how was work?
  3. Chimuts
    2010-09-06 22:45
    K-ON!! is nearing its end ;x and Ookami has good comedy.
    The final episode of Bakemonogatari feels a bit rushed to me, but it was good
  4. Chimuts
    2010-09-06 07:27
    I am currently watching Seitokai, K-ON!!, Seikimatsu, Kuroshitsuji and Ookami XD
    how about you?
  5. Hooves
    2010-09-06 03:11
    I just wonder where you got that cute gif of Amu for your avatar
  6. Luna91
    2010-09-06 03:05
    Hehe yeah who would have thought an innocent person like you would do that
  7. Luna91
    2010-09-06 02:37
    Ahh sports amu? now i need to watch it, stop it with your teasing!
  8. Luna91
    2010-09-06 01:44
    haha yeah i forgot to mention the part where i quit uni and leave all my troubles behind
  9. Luna91
    2010-09-05 23:53
    Haha yes i have very good marathoning skills yeah unforunately they are, your so lucky you don't have any! i want to find a job so i dont have to do homework haha.
  10. Luna91
    2010-09-05 23:46
    Lol yeah they are hilarious, the mum reminds me of a character from honey and clover if you have seen it, the chick with the dog named leader (haha i can remember the dogs name but not heres ), and the little sister is just so adorable!
    Yeah i reckon, you can tell by his horrible bad guy hair (seriously, get a haircut!!).
    Lolz yeah i'm resisting the urge to marathon the 50 or so eps, i think i should probably fight that seeing as i have a million assignments due this week *sigh*

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