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  1. Star-Wing
    2010-08-27 10:45
    Did your request in the request thread , check it out?
  2. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-08-26 00:59
    Hmm it actually ended with out an ending, (In case you didn't know) I believe it went on for four years....
    Anyways there is another one Inuyasha: Final act
    in that one there is an happy ending....
    Kikyo dies, Naraku is defeated Kagome goes back in time and decides to stay with Inuyasha that about sums it up...
  3. Hooves
    2010-08-26 00:09
    I must say, even though I could only watch Toradora episode 12 for tonight, that was really tense... That got a major boost in ratings!

    Also, you going to switch your Soul Eater with the newly requested Signature of Highschool of the Dead?
  4. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-08-25 21:59
    Man I haven't been on here for a little while....
    Anyways have you ever seen Inuyasha?
    Its really big out there
    People I didn't expect watched it, boys to girls..... boys who even don't like anime.... Inuyasha proved to be amazing that and DBZ....
  5. ThreeWayLover
    2010-08-25 03:25
    Just Clannad: After Story for now, I have a few different animes that I like the sound of and will watch one of them after Clannad =)
  6. Luna91
    2010-08-24 23:39
    Yeah, crazy family lol. Wow i didn't realise all that stuff you had to do to get in, i guess i was oversimplifying a tad lol. so would you go into the military as a reserve and do those classes you need to take then so they pay for them? Haha well here is some motivation...draw for yourself!! i've always wondered why artists made there favourite thing to do into a job, wouldn't it take the fun away of drawing and put heaps of pressure on you instead?
    ahh Florida sounds soo nice, i'd never seen snow before i went on my year 6 camp down to canberra, our capital, and we went skiing (i hated it! i'm glad i don't live in a constantly cold place lol). whats the difference between a hurricaine and a tornado? is a hurricane more of a fierce wind storm? i probably have that really wrong as well lol.
    Newcastle is the best, though i'm slightly biased as i've been a novacastrian my whole life hehe. it probably depends on where you live though, i've grown up in the same house in suburbia all my life in a really good location, and all the shops and everything i need are only like a block away. basically anything you need as a young familiy growing up is like a 5 minute walk away like grocery shops, clothes shops, hairdressers, banks, my primary school, parks, the pool, everything but the beach (which was only a 10 minute drive away). The weather is really nice here all year round and we hardly ever have any 'natural disasters' (the worst thing that happened was a small earthquake way back in 1989). There is no real like 'ghetto' over here, i mean our city isn't even big enough for that, but the closest place to that would be ironically our old everything has been moving west, and the centre of newcastle is probably where i live now lol. but there is still heaps of sightseeing stuff and attractions in there of course the beach lol. umm yeah as i said before, its still a city but its not too busy, which i really appreaciate, i don't think i could stand living in the hustle and bustle of a big city, i mean the drivers alone in those cities are enough to put you off! In sydney the lanes are so much smaller than newcastle and everybody speeds, like everyobody, there are so many crazy drivers lol, oh yeah and about 10 cars go through every red light coz it takes forever for them to change lol. and i'm sure you ave heard of the sydney harbour bridge, making sure you get into whatever lane you need to to cross the bridge is a night mare. but of course sydney is still nice and has all the tourist attractions lol. thats probably all there is to say about newy, its nice except if you want to get into big business or go real big places in the world i suggest moving to sydney or leaving the country haha.
    Talk to you tomorrow, sleep well
  7. Luna91
    2010-08-24 22:50
    yeah, i mean you spend so much of your time at work, you don't want to waste your life doing something you don't want to do. Cool! You have a job and you like it, though its not long term, i don't see the problem with that. yeah i like a good yarn too haha. People person aye? Me too Yeah my family, well extended family, are very works/achievement/success based. i mean there are like three lawyers and a doctor in my family and they all expect me to ahcieve as much as them, ahh the pressure! but its my life, and i'm really not focused on the 'works' aspect of life anyway, i mean what you do doesn't define you, people put way too much emphasis on it, i know it takes up a lot of time but the particular job you chose should not matter. end rant lol. law enforcement, thats cool, but why the military? why not just join the police force straight way...not that it matters which ever you chose lol. but if you joined the police force you wouldn't have to do classes right? i could be compeltely wrong lol. oo you like art? i would sooo love to be good at art, unfortunately the extent of my artistic abilities are stick figures lol. even that is a bit of a challenge sometimes Florida, nice right on the coast and the carribean definitely like to visit, do you get tornadoes and stuff down there? i'm from newcastle, which is above sydney on the east coast of australia, and i love it here. its a city but it isnt that busy which is great, right near the beach as well and i don't mind rambling, i am a bit of a yakker myself if you noticed
  8. Luna91
    2010-08-24 22:23
    Cool, yeah i'm in my first year of uni studying law and journalsim (yes, a very broad degree lol). Where do you work? and what classes are you taking? i'd love to do an arts degree if i had a decent job, studying something you are really interested in for fun would be so much better than the pressure of having to get a job being at the other end of your degree! lol, end rant. i still dont know what i wanna do, maybe work in radio? i dont think i want to be a lawyer, well at least not at this stage anyway.
    blah i hate it when people do the anime = kiddy cartoon thing, you people are so ignorant! lol nothing against your friends tho, mine are EXACTLY the same and its infuriating. at least you got some of them to watch stuff lol, mine won't even give it a chance. actually, i do have one friend who really likes the studio ghibli films but isn't really into anime series, well not yet anyway, so i have been trying to get her to watch some stuff, hasnt really happened yet unfortunately. and a couple of my friends have watched avatar, though that techinically isn't anime lol.
  9. Luna91
    2010-08-24 22:01
    haha i love suzuna!! I would say it would have to be the customary beach episode, episode 16, you'll know why when you watch it So i don't think i've asked you, but what do you do with your time? high school, college, work? i'm a uni student that only has to go 3 days a week...plenty of time to watch anime hehe (well not really )
  10. Luna91
    2010-08-24 21:36
    i know aye, it needs one! haha, yeah take your time, then you wont have to wait. yeah vampire knight is good, and it gets better as it goes on, certain major events happen which changes it from just being a love triangle drama. well it still is a love triangle drama right to the end lol, it just gets better

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