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  1. Luna91
    2010-08-23 23:26
    Yeah it was such a rollercoaster, you really went on an emotional journey with all the characters...especially tomoya. poor bloke, all the stuff that happened to him but yeah, great watch.
    Yeah, i don't mind harems if the couple that i want together actually does in the end, otherwise its just a pointless drama. haruhi is one of the best lead girls ever. she has a great sense of humour, is very likeable, isn't a wuss...plain awesome and i looove tamaki the show would really be nothing without his drama hehe. hmm i'm the opposite, i'm kinda over all the catch-up, t just takes forever especially for longer series, so i like the weekly dose approach hehe. though i'm really loving maid sama! it has the potential to become my favourite show, and that one is reaaaaally hard to wait for lol. Oh i've only just started code geass, i'm on episode 5, but i can tell its gonna be good, it reminds me a lot of death note lol. Hehe toradora! is on my list already, been recommended a few times so it must be really good lol. And i've heard of full metal panic as well, apparently the third season (called fumofu or some random name like that) is hilarious lol.
  2. Luna91
    2010-08-23 22:39
    Hey Cam
    Yeah i totally loved Clannad, especially the second series, Ushio! lol. So sad but i guess the last episode was happy so that was good lol.
    Haha yeah, i lament all that time! Even romance? Come on, its the best! I guess your not the soppy type tho haha. Oh my gosh, Ouran is really awesome, i hope you like it as much as i do, that is definitely on my rewatch list haha. And Suzuka is on my to watch list. Umm well i'm watching alot of the anime from this season (maid Sama! occult academy, high school of the dead, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Amagai SS and others) which is good coz for once i dont have to play 'catch-up' lol. older series that i am watching are samurai champloo, chobits, kare kano, code geass...
    yeah totally random selection i know, but you gotta appreaciate all anime for its awesomeness
    Any good recommendations? whats your favourite?
  3. Luna91
    2010-08-23 17:31
    Thanks for the welcome UltimaWolf
    Is that Clannad i see in your avatar.. lol.
    I'm Anna by the way, only got into anime at the beginning of this year unfortunately and have been trying to catch up with all the good ones so many wasted years beforehand! lol. I've been lurking here for ages and finally decided to sign up lol. What kinda anime are you into? i pretty much love all at the moment, though leaning towards the romance genre as my favourite (i'm such a girl lol).
    Anyway, thanks again for the welcome
  4. Hooves
    2010-08-23 16:02
    I thought Taiga was confessing to Ryuuji for a second in that scene
  5. Hooves
    2010-08-23 06:58
    I'm currently on episode 12 on Toradora now (episode 3-12) I have to admit, this is a good anime. I especially loved the episode where the group was taking their summer vacation, and when Taiga got slapped by accidentally rushing into the bathroom after Ryuuji told her that Ami was toying with him, and when Taiga went "Boing... Boing...." "Boiing!" then gets hit with something by Ami
  6. Star-Wing
    2010-08-22 21:12
    I wanted to, but in the end I didn't have time.
  7. Hooves
    2010-08-22 17:21
    Just watched the first 2 episodes before I went to sleep, so far its got a good start already in my books
  8. Hooves
    2010-08-22 01:45
    Thank you for the suggestion, I'll watch it immediately since it was said that all J.C staff fans have to watch it Also love your new avatar (Shiny....)
  9. Star-Wing
    2010-08-21 14:58
    I didn't know you were going to participate in SOTM. That' one cool entry! (though I would have preferred the animation faster )
  10. xxrosax12
    2010-08-19 16:24
    do u have a xbox 360 or ps3

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