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User Title eaten by ravenous bunnies

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  1. red<3devil
    2012-04-29 15:33
    does any of u guys know of an anime that has romance, magic or fantasy, and comedy?
    oh and sorry for barging in
  2. vansonbee
    2012-04-21 19:31
    Hello King

    Who is that in profile avatar from? and same with signature?
  3. Hellychan
    2012-03-27 16:40
    Thank you King!! And Happy belated Birthday to you my fellow ^^b
  4. Ledgem
    2012-03-22 12:32
    Nothing wrong with taking a break from school. It adds character and gives you some experience. Sometimes I wish that I could have taken a year off to do something like that. It's not a good feeling to think that you're behind other people your age, but I think that doing some work and then returning to school allows you to appreciate the classes and school experience a bit more.

    There's no specialization in medical school, so it's just medicine. I don't care for surgical fields, so when I'm done I'd like to do something in internal medicine - maybe specialize in hematology. My previous research was in immunology, so the clinical fields that relate would be either hematology or infectious disease (or allergy medicine) I suppose.

    My wife is in medical school too, actually - the difference is that when she went to medical school, I went to graduate school to do research. I almost decided to just stay in research, but realized that I'd be happier on the clinical side (where I can also still engage in research, although in a more limited manner). Now she's finishing and will be going into residency, the next stage of training. I feel as if I've experienced the hellishness of medical school twice now, once through my wife and now on my own

    Good luck with the application process. It's a damn miserable experience that I'm glad I'll never have to repeat!
  5. Ledgem
    2012-03-21 13:10
    Wow, two jobs must indeed be keeping you busy. What sort of work are you doing?

    Things are more or less fine on my end. I started medical school last summer, but the school I made it into is a few hundred miles from my wife. She's finishing up pretty soon, though, and then she'll be doing the next phase of her training near me. It will be wonderful to be reunited again. The separation was difficult, but it was more a matter of getting used to living alone again. We would talk for at least an hour every day, and she would come out and visit me for a week or two about once every other month, so the marriage didn't take any damage or strain over it. It's an experience that I hope we won't have to repeat in the future!
  6. Kakashi
    2012-03-21 02:26
    My old one broke down as well, but bought one of the slim models. They're quite cheap now if you look around...
  7. Ledgem
    2012-03-20 21:19
    Thanks! It probably won't last too long before my activity drops, though.

    How have you been? What's new with you these days?
  8. Kakashi
    2012-03-20 18:47
    Cool, thanks. I'll probably play both after I play about 5 other games I need to finish. Lately I've been getting back into gaming.

    Really? That sucks. Why did it stop working?
  9. Kakashi
    2012-03-20 18:40
    Hey Lycan, wanted to get your thoughts on a couple of games. I've been looking into buying the game Dark Souls recently, but I'm aware that it's predecessor Demon Souls is supposed to be extremely good as well. I noticed you posted in the Dark Souls thread...

    So I was wondering if I should get Demon Souls first, or go straight for Dark Souls?
  10. Kakashi
    2012-02-23 15:41
    Wow, epic! How come you're coming down?

    If you drop by London let me know!

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