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  1. Daisu
    2012-04-05 00:44
    Have you heard of Usomabushi-hen... think these might be images of it

  2. Daisu
    2012-04-01 13:08
    A short story for u:

    "Do you not find it weird that they use females to voice males in anime?" Keiichi asked Mion as he looked through one of her many magazines. It was after school in the empty classroom, while most were outside playing or heading home, Mion stayed in the classroom to let Keiichi look at her new magazine.
    "It not weird at all, its just boys at your age do sound like girls." The green hair student replied with a devilish smile and of course Keiichi took the bait.

    "Do not!" He argued as he put down the magazine and looked at Mion across from him.
    "I am Keiichi dum-dee-dum-dum." She then teased with her impersonation of him.
    "Stop that!" The offended Keiichi cried.
    "Stop that!" Mion mimics in her new Keiichi-voice.
    "This is childish. Stop copying me!" he retorted and got up from the desk.
    "This is childish. Stop copying me!" Mion mimics and stood up as well.
    "Mion is stupid and there is no way a girl would ever be my voice actor." The boy tried to catch the girl in her own game.
    "Is that what you really think, Keiichi?" The green hair student suddenly stop mimicry and asked in a inquisitive tone.
    "Yes I do!" the boy quickly confirmed.

    Mion takes back the magazine, then turned her desk around and noisily sat down.
    "I did not mean that your stupid." Keiichi tries to apologized as he realized his mistake. "Its not like there be an anime where I am going to star in anyways." He tried to keep his side of his argument but there was no response, he stood staring at Mion's back. He thought he heard her sniffle as if crying.
    "Oh come on!" He tried to get her attention. He started to get worried and walked up to her, but she turn her desk whenever he tried to move around in front of her.
    "Fine fine I do not care if I have a female voice actor." Keiichi gave in then tried once again to see his friend face to face.

    Mion lets him around and just kept her silence, as Keiichi put his head closer, the green hair girl flew into sudden action. Mion blew him a raspberry, then ran out of the classroom giggling.
    Keiichi stood there dumbfounded and it would be few minutues till he understood what happened.
  3. Joly
    2012-01-01 01:42
    Joly Happy New Year! And late Christmas gift from me. I wasn't sure which Shion or Mion story to scan for you... I just picked out this (fanservicey, lol) one... thank you for your help, your kindness, and sticking with Higurashi for so long. Like I put on Kantoku's page, I put a different anthology story on her profile as a gift if you want to see it. ><
  4. Daisu
    2011-12-25 12:38
    I decided to join Tumblr then ^^
  5. fuff
    2011-12-22 01:59
    thanks soooooooo muccchhhh!!!
  6. WarriorKK
  7. Nabiki Asakura
    2011-11-29 16:55
    Nabiki Asakura
    I see..
    Well, the only problem is that i don't usually readraw the chapters when I clean it, I just do the redrawnings ate the same time I'm typesetting...
    But I don't mind typeseting the pages that need redrawning, if you want. i mean, if you have someone typesetting, then this person can let these pages that need redraw withouth cleaning and I can do it. I'm not sure if I explained it the way I wanted to...
  8. Nabiki Asakura
    2011-11-29 07:52
    Nabiki Asakura
    Hi, remember me?=D
    Well, i'm here because our matsuribayashi project is on hold since our translator gave up on this project, so I was wondering if you would want to help, maybe as a joint project. I mean, we just need the translation, I'm doing all the cleaning and typesetting by myself.
    I've came to ask you before asking directly in the thread because I know you like higurashi a lot and both us want to have all the manga arcs translated.
  9. Joly
    2011-11-26 19:32
    Yeah, I saw. Might be easier/better for me to work with those? ;; (lol I'm too slow- I already have up to page 30 done. there goes all my effort)
  10. WarriorKK
    2011-11-10 10:41
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Minagoroshi-hen Drama CD

    First volume:
    ++ Part 1
    ++ Part 2
    ++ Part 3
    ++ Part 4

    Last volume:
    ++ Part 1
    ++ Part 2

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