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  1. Narona
    2009-03-25 20:47
    Rofl. I know it's uncommon. And yeah, maybe it's easier. However, in my case, I refuse to date a man just for the sake of "having a boyfriend". Most people around me just see the fact of having a girlfriend as a "pastime". I don't have the same definition of Love than them. And I don't seek the kind of relationship that most of them have in mind. So I still haven't met the right guy And I don't envy the people who date someone for fun or as an "experience". TBH, I dislike their pov about love relationships. A lot.

    Me I tend to think that it's luke and asch. They just fused together imo xD
  2. Narona
    2009-03-25 20:24
    But my advice does work for me too I am enjoying life a lot despite the fact that I never had a boyfriend

    I did watch the last two scenes of the game. When Tears says that she loves him, and then the ending when we can see that Luke/asch survived (not sure who he is. Asch or luke?)

    No worries ~~
  3. Narona
    2009-03-25 18:38
    Well, dating girls is not the only pleasant thing in life, isn't it? xD You're young. Don't rush things.

    Too subtle. But I don't really blame that part of the anime, because Luke is "only" 7 years old after all (since he is a replica). So he doesn't act like most people who are 17yo. Not that it is a bad thing for the sake of a surprising plot.

    I may rather criticize how they handled some scenes. For instance, some scenes when Luke is talking seem forced and annoying.

    However, it was not a bad show. Even if the ep25 was very disappointing.

    In your last sentence, you're talking about TotA or about VC?
  4. Narona
    2009-03-24 22:49
    Come on, a voice is not everything. But I will not lie to you, it's true that the people (girls and boys) tend to find interest in nice voices. But as i said, a voice is just a voice.

    Good A romance part is always a plus for me (ToA disappointed me a bit about that)
  5. Narona
    2009-03-24 22:37
    Well, at least his lelouch's voice =p Anyway, a voice isn't everything but he has a great voice. It's not something a person can learn, he is just blessed with the possibility of having that voice

    I will avoid the spoilers then. I keep in mind to give it a try I wasn't planning to watch it, but now I'll give it a try. Is there any romance in that story?
  6. Narona
    2009-03-24 22:25
    I edited my post, I was talking about the anime xD

    I love Fukuyama...................'s voice =p

    Well, thanks for the info. I know little to nothing about the game. I guess this character will bite the dust just like Lelouch >o<
  7. Narona
    2009-03-24 22:18
    TBH, I think the ToA anime is average :x

    So he really does play the bad guy? I prefer when he plays the main protagonist >o<

    But oh well, more Fukuyama we get, better it is

    I hope he will use his "lelouch" voice
  8. Narona
    2009-03-24 22:01
    Oh, i haven't watched Episode 25 yeat but that's kind of dissappointing, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the games but I thought that it would atleast be okay.

    I didn't understand why that scene was so crap in the anime. It was supposed to be an epic scene. And again, the lack of the epic musics from the game hurts that scene even more. I was like "WTH is this?"

    Well umm... if you don't mind I'd like to try reccomending another Anime to you =/
    It's called Valkyria Chronicles and it first airs on April 6th. I would highly reccomend this to you if you don't already have plans to watch it.
    A plus to watching it is that you get to see Lelouch lead a gigantic Imperial Army to conquer a small neutral territory...

    Jun is voiceacting a bad guy this time? It would be interesting. It's an anime adaptation of the game, I guess?
  9. Narona
    2009-03-24 18:40
    I don't know! I don't have a lot of free time and there are lots of games I would want to get. So I guess I will prefer to buy the games i can find on retail here first

    I catched up recently and watched the ep25 raw last night. IT WAS TOTAL CRAP. I watched the ash/luke battle from the game on youtube, and seriously the battle in the anime was crapp. The music from the game was awesome, the ones in the anime are crap. And we didn't even get that scene we can see in the OP (when Luke and Ash are fighting).

    Conclusion: The ep25 was total crap.
  10. Narona
    2009-03-23 22:31
    Hi! Long time no see How have you been?

    Yeah I know, somebody posted the news in the Toppi fanclub

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