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  1. Narona
    2008-11-11 19:18
    We learned that Yuuko was raped and beaten by Amamiya sensei <_<

    There is no i'll try. You have to how can you possibly stay mad at someone as sweet and innocent as Luke =P

    TBH, Whatever the circumstances, it doesn't excuse some things. I don't know what Luke will do, but IRL, if someone says that we have to forgive a murderer because of his/her sad past, I don't buy that. Having a crappy life doesn't give you the right to do something wrong to the innocent people.

    Yea the cuteness is probably the only reason(besides Nostalgia) that I still play Pokemon games.

    Apart from the fact that the Pokémon are cute, this series is a very good RPG imo. Many people dislike it just because it's popular and because Nintendo tends to use the the licence too much, but Pokémon is still a great RPG series with a great gameplay.That's why it became popular to begin with.

    For some weird reason you seem to really hate FFX-2

    Play to it, then you will understand me

    I haven't played too many zelda games but o the one i've played I've loved them all.

    It's a great series, even if less and less people seem to have an interest in it. But it's nintendo's fault. The 3D zelda games are too similar to Ocarina of Time.

    Yea, he said that and he said it even before he knew anything about MGS4. The only thing I didn't like about MGS4 was the fact that Big boss showed up at the end to explain evrything. besides that though I loved the story.

    Ya, when I saw Big Boss pseaking for what 20 min.... I see that as a crap atempt to explain the plotholes

    Yep =X I'd like a PS3 FFVII remake too eventually, though i'm pretty sure it won't come for quite a while considering all the main S-E members are busy with other important projects.

    I am not part of those who want a remake actually . I just find that amusing. The fans of the game are hoping for a remake for years, it's like a running gag.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-11 19:03
    Rising Dragon
    He's even commented on it before, and they told him they didn't care, they just felt like doing it.

    And yeah, I saw that poll. That one was pretty recent.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-11 18:39
    Rising Dragon
    I've gotten inb4suiton several times, but only recently because I've only signed up recently. :V

    And really, considering the things they say on their site, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that they completely disregard actual modding. I wouldn't say Menclave has no morals, but they certainly have no shame.
  4. Narona
    2008-11-11 18:38
    I dunno whats happeneing int he next episode of EF but I'm pretty sure that what'll happen in Akzeriuth is miuch much worse than it <_<

    Do you want to know what happened in Ef?

    You have to forgive Luke though even if you feel like killing him

    I will see ^^

    Pokemon games are pretty fun though admitedly i'm not enjoying tem as mucha s I used to probably because msot pokemon games are extremly similar.

    Well, that's true, but it's a great series. I like to play to it when my spirits are low... You don't have to use your brain when you play to it, and it's still a very cute game. (I like cute things)

    All my friends told me that FFX-2 ahd a beautiful ending but that the main plot of the games seemed like "it was written by a bunch of cheerleaders on Crack"

    FFX-2 is crap.

    I really wouldn't mind either way I liked both art styles perfectly well.

    So, you like the zelda games? ^^

    Oh I didnt know that well if that's true then i'll probably get/look into gettign the game. The few times I saw videos on it it looked pretty interesting.

    As a fangirl of the Baldur's gate series, I would want to try this game. However, I didn't like Neverwinter Nights, so... I don't have high expectations. Also, I will have to buy a new PC...

    Yea, hayter kind of an arrogant Prick at times but he is a good VA. The guy even said that Kojima was a horrible Story teller and that they should let him make a Metal gear movie sot hat he can fix the mistakes Kojima made in the series.

    He said that to Kojima? When? After the recording of MGS4? TBH, since I didn't like all the MGS4 storyline, especially the crappy ending, I can understand him a bit XD. But still, what an arrogant man....

    No, it's the FFVII Snowboarding game for the Mobile Phone

    Seriously? I guess that the hardcore fans of FF7 will have to wait a bit longer for a reamake then XD
  5. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-11 18:29
    Rising Dragon
    I try to remain consistent with the subbing group I'm watching for an ongoing anime. Also, Menclave's the most accurate in their translation. I d/led the Menclave sub all at once for the first season of Gundam 00, so its only natural that I wait for their episodes during the second season.

    Plus, the site's hilariously entertaining.
  6. Narona
    2008-11-11 17:56
    Yea wll.....lets just say that it won't be something you'll like at all

    It can't be as bad as what happened in this week episode of Ef tale of melodies <_<

    I've seen quite a few people who though it was a game like Pokemon. So your not the only one.

    I thought about it because I like the pokémon games ^^

    I can understand that Honestly I never Finished FFX because I still don't have the time. Though i'm gonna try to finish ti after Winter break. I heard the ending was good.

    The ending of FF10 is good... but FFX-2 just destroyed it.

    Only thing I didn't like about Windwaker was that Links head looked huge for some reason. Maybe it was just me.

    Maybe . But the overall visuals are fabulous. Twilight Princess looks bad in comparison, while TWW doesn't seem to get old. I hope the next zelda game will have the same art style.

    The problem i'm having with dragon age is the same problem i' having with the new KoToR game Biowares making. it's an MMO.

    Uh? From what In know it's playable online, but it's a game in the same style as Baldur's Gate. The big difference is that it doesn't use the D&D universe.

    Metal Gear Solid games seem to ahve good dubs in general snake even sounds better in English than in Japanese. Though Metal gear games always seemed slightly more American oriented than Japnese oriented so that's understandable.

    The US's VA for Snake is David Hayter IIRC. I read some things about him and he seems to be a guy full of himself, so I don't really like that. However, his voice acting for Snake was good. I also like the english dub for the Colonel Roy Campbell

    Did you hear about the new FFVII Spinoff lol

    No. Does Square finally think about releasing a remake on PS3?
  7. Narona
    2008-11-11 17:18
    uhhh.......lets just say that it'll be very bloody and leave it at that, though the reason it happens isn't really/entirely his fault.

    <___< ^^

    Yea its pretty fun. lol I guess Monter Hunter does kinda seem like a name for a game like pokemon.
    I don't think any of the monsters are as big as bosses in Shadow of the Colosus but they're pretty big. If you go to the 4 minuite mark of this video you'd see a gigantic Sea dragon though:

    Thanks for the link. And yeah, it really sounded like a pokémon game XD

    I'm not really looking forward th FFXIII either, i'm personally looking forward to FFvsXIII more but if both of them end up dissapointing me i'll probably give up on the FF series IMO the games have been going downhill for a while.

    I played a bit to FF12 and I didn't like it. The musics were awful to begin with. So, I am not really interested by FF13 at the moment.

    I honestly don't care if its realistic or not either as long as the artsyle is aristic.

    Same here ^^. I don't know if you know this game, but The Wind Waker on Gamecube is beautiful in my opinion in comparison with Twilight Princess. Thanks to its artstyle.

    Oh you didn't finish Dragon Quest 8? was there any specific reason or did you jsut not feel like it?

    Not enough time at that time ^^, and then I never touched this game again. I should finish it someday....

    Greatstory though I didn't really like the gameplay(it was an SRPG on the PSP) The Dark Cloud 1&2 had great gameplay and an average story(both were for PS2). I'm hoping that White Knight Chronicles get the good gameplay from their exoerience of creating Dark cloud and the Great storytelling stylethat was shown in Jeanne D'Arc. That would make the game perfet

    We will see. I tend to not get excited by any game nowadays, because I don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't meet my expectations =p

    BTW, are you looking forward to the new RPG by bioware? It is called Dragon Age IIRC.

    It's kinda ahrd to find dual Audio in more mainstream Japanese games though, Niche Japanese games tend to get Dual Audio more often.
    I prefer Japanese voices too. I think the only time I liked an English Dub of an Anime was Eureka seven. I honestly though that the VA's did a good job in that show. I liked Tales of the Abyss's VA's too they weren't the best but they were prety good IMO

    I watched some TotA videos and didn't like the Voice acting. Tear in particular got an awful voice in comparison with Yukana.

    About a good english dub, I remember that I kinda liked the dub in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty ^^.
  8. Narona
    2008-11-10 21:46
    Let's just say that if you hate him now you'll prolly want him dead before he ends up geting better.

    Really? . What kind of stupid things he will do ... It will be hard to like him after that, even if he gets better <_<

    Monster hunter...well its kinda like.....ummm....Well you create a custom character and your a Monster hunter you get various quest throughout the Single Player and more Quests in the Multiplayer. Oh and instead of leveling or increasing stats you have to craft weapons and armors that are stronger by gathering resources and getting items off monster to use to craft items. The monster Bosses are Gigantic(way bigger than the player) and you can have upto a 4 player online.
    Monster Hunter Tri(3) is coming out on the Wii actually, I'm wondering how the online will work since the Wii isn't particularily..."strong" in that aspect.

    Sounds fun! I thought it was a pokemon-type game XD. Ya the Wii is not really good about online play XD. But I don't play online, so it doesn't really matter for me.

    BTW, as gigantic as the colossus from Shadow of the Colossus???

    Yea I meant final fantasy XIII. I'm looking forward to Dragon Quest IX too but right now White Knight Chronicles is my most anticipated game.
    Yea Baldurs gate had that though i've never seen a JRPG witht hat feture. I like Bioware games too, My favourite Bioware game would ahve to be KoToR though.

    I don't really look forward to Final Fantasy XIII. I hope that DQ9 will be released in France though ^^. In one or two years...

    I really liked Kotor too <3

    I think in a sense it took the opposite direction MGS4 took. MGS4 made the Character animation awesome but if you really looked around the enviroments weren't that amazing. If you see later gamplay footage of White Knight Chronicles you'd see that the Scenery/Backgrounds/Environments are breathtaking(even if they're not extremely realistic) but the Character models are rather bland.

    Being not realistic is not a problem for people like me. ^^

    Oh and Level 5 made Dragon Quest VIII and are making Dragon quest IX adn they've been working on this game for more than 3 years(the longest they've ever worked on a game) so i'm sure White Knight Chronicles will be awesome. I loved the Dark Cloud Series and Jeanne D'Arc by them too.
    It's coming out december 25th in Japan and sometime before April in NA and EU. Though I'm really hoping that they have Dual audio with subs so that I can hear the Japanese VA I have a feeling that Johnny Young Bosch will be playing Lenard(the main charcter) and i've been hearing way too much of his voice lately and hearing him as Lelouch kinda made me hate him.

    I haven't played to dark cloud nor Jeanne D'arc. ^^ But I played a bit to DQ8. Never finished it though XD. Me, about games and animes, I always prefer the japanese voices, but not a lot of games have the dual audio... ^^

    Anyway, thanks for the infos about the game!
  9. Narona
    2008-11-10 18:49
    Much worse than that? :/ If I was Tear or Natalia, I will not forgive him =(

    I said NOT by pm XD. =p just post your requests here on my profile ^o^

    Well, I played to the other MGS games, so I wanted to see how the series ends.

    You mean Final Fantasy XIII, right? XD. It sounds fun. I don't really have the time for RPG that last long. However I will try it if I can. Thanks for the infos. What kind of game is Monster Hunter BTW? And you're not looking forward to Dragon Quest 9 on DS?

    when you change armor the clothes that your're wearing also change plus accessories

    It reminds me Baldur's Gate, but it was not a JRPG XD. I tend to like the RPG by Bioware ^^

    Thanks for the link. It looks good, even if I am not fond of the characters designs XD

    No need to apologize, really. I am a woman but I play videogames too ^^
  10. Narona
    2008-11-10 17:47

    I know, that's why I am not so annoyed, because some people said to me that Luke will become a better person. But even so, he has no excuse. He is just a brat. I wonder if he will really become a nice man, or if he will still remain ill-mannered.

    No problem if I have the raw, just ask. But not by PM please, I tend to not read my PMs anymore XD. Too much PMs to read/reply and I am lazy about this...

    I played MGS4 and a few other PS3 games at a friend house ^^

    Oh, i remember myself reading an article about that game. It's a game from Level 5, right?

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