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  1. Var
    2008-08-26 13:25
    Nonsense, I am real.

    I can see him dieing fighting Suzaku and waking him up from his path of self destruction.

    We'll have to wait and see, it could easily turn out to be his but it could also be someone elses. Who knows.

    Black Shadow never Falcon Punched cakes.

    I'm looking forward to Code Geass not soiling itself at the end, and then G00.
  2. Var
    2008-08-26 12:59
    Then I'll have to Falcon Punch then in the face. Simple.

    Well, the new summary of specs posted by cupahe aren't that unbelievable. Heck, I share a similar idea to what they say.

    He's likely to die for Suzaku, otherwise his character's really had no point in the plot. I don't think the Tristan Twin is his mech. The name Twin seems to imply that it is a seperate tristan.

    No! Falcon Punch!
  3. Var
    2008-08-26 12:05
    If you noticed, the Romance thread had its levels of bullshit severly cut down. My falcon punch just hit all the idiots trolling.

    I agree that it requires a large degree of spec, but there was hardly any positives in this development. Perhaps I am jaded but what people have brought up as a positive has been translucent at best, down right see through at worst.

    I enjoy Gino's character but he's been completely pointless to the plot as a whole, and I honestly see him dieing soon.

    Yup, changed it again.
  4. raikou
    2008-08-26 02:57
    you're rooting for kaguya x lulu? never saw them fans before
  5. Var
    2008-08-25 20:32
    I'm watching the youtube clip of him Falcon Punching Black Shadow... So manly. *tear*

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if she were bad, and Charles somehow good. I mean the woman did not even bat an eye at her daughter being vaporized. The problem seems to arise though that once I see Marianne as an epic bitch, I cannot help but say the same for C.C.. C.C.'s always had the information on Marianne but kept it secret. All in all though, this episode did not serve to paint either of the women in a positive light. But what really got to me, probably, was C.C. just locking herself up and letting Lelouch beat himself up thinking her memory loss was his fault. I have a hard time believe she cares for him as much as we think...

    Personally, I'd say Suzaku has a better chance than Gino, but w/e. They'd both require craptastic writing to occur at this point so whatever. The CC thing was just... hella weird.

    Yes, I did change it.
  6. Var
    2008-08-25 20:06
    Captain Falcon is the epitome of awesome, you cannot poke fun at that.

    Well, this seems more like a personal question. No matter what the episode provides us with, I personally will have the same opinion.

    Oh good, you're sane. The nonsense in there and the crack pairings, some of which seem to have appeared just to (seriously) remove Kallen got on my nerves. Oh well. The C.C. memories/sex thing would have been... odd.
  7. Var
    2008-08-25 19:55
    Hardly much fun to admit being bad ass. Better when people revere you... Like Captain Falcon!

    Probably, we're likely to stay at these opinions of ours stubbornly.

    That thread just became a troll fest of nonsense.
  8. Var
    2008-08-25 17:56
    Yup, I'm totally bad ass.

    I have no problem with knowing the reasons, but that does not change the fact that the life one leads based on lies is a lie in and of itself. People are often unhappy to know that everything they've done has been because of a lie.

    I'm done... XD

    Shipping wars are boring, and as you may have noticed, the Romance thread got so rediculous that even I left it alone. XD
  9. Var
    2008-08-25 17:39
    I never look, I have it minimized because I'm bound to hunt down people who give me negative rep and eat their children.

    I honestly don't care, especially not if I were in Lelouch's shoes. I was strung along false pretenses. For this I like to reference people to the Berserk manga for why it is never good, no matter the circumstances.

    I'll look into it, but I might not have it immediately.

    Its Lelouch.
  10. Var
    2008-08-25 17:06
    I can't.

    I do not give liars the benefit of the doubt simply because they are liars, it is counter intuitive to give them any rope or they'll just hang you with it.

    Well... give me a time frame.

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