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  1. kanon78
    2010-02-16 08:37
    The thing I like (to see) in a romance manga is a nice (gradually) developing relationship between the guy and girl. No wishy-washy or two-timing protagonist for me. I'm also not too fond of harems for the same reason. I read a lot of shoujo's too, and there sure are nice ones, but I dislike the typical cliches in shoujo (ditzy/all the time crying girl/damsel in distress who likes to be treated badly by the bad guy protaganist who only lusts after her and shows (practically) no sign of affection towards her.
    LIke I said I like a lot of romance manga's, but to give you more insight in my taste I'd say my favorites are Cross Game, Ux2 and Dengeki Daisy.
  2. kanon78
    2010-02-16 07:56
    Oh, my mistake no GE ( I'd like to suggest to read it) .. it's gotta be at least/definitely KWMS or Watashi no XXX (this thread for sure) I am reading them, but probably I've seen you at some others too. I like to read romance manga's (shounen, seinen, shoujo and even josei) as long as I'm interested/captivated by the story. Well, I gotta say I also read a few romance manga's that I couldn't rate higher than 4/10, but somehow I managed to finish/not drop them.
  3. kanon78
    2010-02-16 06:20

    Thanks for adding me ! I read some of your (interesting) posts before in a couple of romance threads (I was looking for spoilers I guess) so when I came across you in the GE thread I figured out why your name/posts where so familiar to me. Since we are reading some similar romance manga's I hope you don't mind.
  4. ryopi123
    2009-12-20 18:41
    hey. That manga you mentioned in the Kimi ni Todoke thread was a manga series called "Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu" aka "Today I'll start our love" by Minami Kanan. It was the post you mentioned where the main girl was in a marathon. Just wanted to mention that if you were pondering what manga series it was.
  5. felix
    2009-07-09 08:53
    If you understand that's fine then, hopefully we can cease the endless cyclic discussion and finger pointing now.
  6. Narona
    2008-12-20 00:11
    Gonna leave for two weeks, so in advance I wanted to wish a happy christmas and a happy new year to all the nice people I talked to!

    So, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !
  7. Narona
  8. Narona
    2008-12-15 01:27
    Thanks for the good rep ^^. I hope I will find some time to post my second batch of pics today.

    Still, it looks much more respectable.

    Yup. at least in comparison to danbouru <_<

    So pixiv is a japanese site, then? I dredged through minitokyo, danbooru, and moe imouto a while ago, but didn't really find much. That there'd be more to see at a japanese site makes a lot of sense

    Yeah, it's japanese site. C.C. showed it to me and helped me to sign up on it. to register you have to go there, but it's in japanese :/ I will explain to you how to sign up later today, if i can recall what c.c. said to me...
  9. asam_laksa
    2008-12-14 12:27
    These are the introductory paragraphs.


    I love Lelouch
    Even if Zeroís true identity is know, even if her father was killed by him, even if her memories (of Lelouch, I think) were to be erased, her feelings will never be erased.
    Because of her sincerity in pursuing the truth, her life was robbed off.
    The smiling face that Lelouch treasured a lot, will never return anymore.

    彼女の願いは ď契約Ēの遂行

    The girl who die and revived repeatedly becomes emotionless due to long time.
    Her wish is to see her contract being carried out.
    And the person who holds the key is Lelouch whom she accompanies.
    Her only wish is to see the contract being accomplished.


    Her older brotherís dying wish is her passionate goal.
    And that is for her Japanese mother to live like the others.
    For that reason, she decides to take on the fight against the imperial country
    Sharing the same passionate goal with the black devil (I think itís Lelouch).

    You mean, Lelouch only treasure Shirley's smiling face.
  10. asam_laksa
    2008-12-14 00:35
    It's more of what each characters do in each episode.

    The only bad part about it is how they only stopped in episode 13, until Shirley's death, and didn't continue on after that. You don't know whether Lelouch died at the end of the series or not.

    The other official "Code Geass Character Guide: vs Zero".....they had mostly other characters that deal with Zero specifically. I wonder they would continue till episode 26.

    Not really impressive, my translation. I think. But it's better than nothing.

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