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  1. Masterkeyes2
    2008-10-02 03:33
    I don't see the point anymore in discrediting or proving any of the theories. It's ambiguous for a reason. If people want to believe he is dead that's great, if people want to believe he is alive...well that's great as well.

    I am surprised you liked the end. I thought you would be annoyed as I was about Shirley's "theme" so to speak being overlooked. The whole thing on forgivness, it's the one qualm I have in the end. Then again I suppose you could argue that a few people forgave him(Kallen and Suzaku). I do admit that all his statements actually came true was a nice touch. It would have been much more poetic if he was shot instead of stabbed though(and with a pink sword? I am the only one who was cringing at the ugly!sharpstick?). I honestly also don't know if having people unite to hate you is such a great way for world peace. That message so to speak is why I never will or have watched Gundam 00. Then again I am probably over-reading this again but I can't help but try and find the deeper meaning a writer tries to tell us.
  2. Masterkeyes2
    2008-10-01 13:39
    Hey Sol where have you been? I haven't seen you since the Shirley death. What's your thoughts on the end?
  3. Narona
    2008-09-30 07:36
    as seen in my previous picture. What is even your point in bringing that up, though? We have already established that the wagon driver is some old guy with white whiskers, not Lelouch.

    It's easy for him to disguise himself as a old man if he wants. (already forgotten what sayoko used to look like lelouch?)

    And given the screenshot I am not sure it's an old guy.

    Plus, me I believe in the theory that he was resurrected by the gods the day after his death, because I still think he geassed them, by saying to them "I desire tomorrow/a future". If the gods can kill an immortal, they can resurrect a person. You will disagree, but me I believe in that. So No code this time.

    There's actually no proof for this statement

    In some cases, no "proof"that can't be argued doesn't mean that it didn't happen or that you're obviously right or that some things weren't made on purpose, Mister. That's too easy to say that because people can ask to you to prove that some things weren't made on purpose. And, have you another argument that "people are imagining things"? because it's really a crappy argument that doesn't prove anything either. And it's not really a good point tro defend your view imo. Nor a good behavior in a discussion. (sorry to be annoyed, but that's the first time that I am disappointed by your behavior in a discussion. I always saw you as someone who doesn't force his opinion on people by using some vague points)
  4. Airi
    2008-09-29 07:13
    Actually, I'm starting to lighten up myself

    Are you feeling a bit better now?? I'm glad!

    Indeed, he has been lonely, but now he can overcome the pain as long as Nunnaly is with him. They both share the pain of losing something important and only together they can defeat the ghosts of their past and find happiness!
    I think they could be more than friends... We know Nunnaly likes him so... who knows!
    Only time will tell! (LOVE IS POWER!!)

    About Lelouch...I think he has both hurt and helped Suzaku: Now he has to wear that mask, as long as people will need Zero. He will create a peaceful world for the others.
    Unless another war pops up (and thanks god, this isn't Gundam), I think he can go anywhere he wants. He can't go back to his old life and friends, but he can build a new life for himself and Nunnaly.
    I mean, it's not like people have his picture in their pockets!
    People didn't recognize him when he wore his sunglasses! It seems stupid, but it's true!

    He just has to change his name, in order to move freely. (Lelouch did the same in the past: He changed his surname)
    He can go where nobody knows him (C.C. is doing the same: she is in the countryside!)

    I mean, people say he will be Zero until the end of his life, but we cannot be sure!! If peace lasts , I'm more than sure that Suzaku will be happy again!
  5. Airi
    2008-09-29 05:52
    Hi Sol-san!

    I read your last post...

    Hey, don't be too pessimistic about Suzaku! I think he can be happy with Nunnaly ^_^

    Not happy like common people, but I think there are different ways to be happy... Being alive is what matters, right?

    Now the war is over and they will take care of each other!
  6. Rising Dragon
    2008-09-28 22:40
    Rising Dragon
    Lelouch's death came at no surprise to me, but the method was. A lot of people in the romance thread and elsewhere, shortly after the end of Code Geass, were going "Where the hell are the LuluxShirley fans?" and one of them asked where you were, which was interesting.

    I'm not so sure that was Schniezel's plans for Damocles, really. I just didn't get that kind of vibe from him when he went on about his plans for it. Turning Damocles into a symbol of hatred for everyone to direct their hatred at, I think, was Nunnally's desire, and her's alone. And while Schniezel's world, or Charles' world would have been more permanent, I don't think they'd have been better than Lelouch's world. As for the future... well, anything can happen. The nature of the future is always uncertain.

    I am not so broken up about Suzaku, because I realized one thing: Suzaku had always been seeking punishment for what he did. Yes, what he did was sad, but in the end, it was what Lelouch desired, and what would bring about world peace. Lelouch's last words to Suzaku about punishment made me think that Suzaku was finally being formally punished for the death of his father, just as he sought all these years. Yes, he'll feel the sorrow and regret. But he'll move on, and probably find happiness. I don't see his actions as murder--while Suzaku was the one thrusting the sword, it wouldn't have happened at all had Lelouch not orchestrated it three months prior.

    I did find it interesting that Lelouch was slain by his own sword, both in the figurative meaning (Suzaku) and the literal meaning (the sword he directed his armies with during the initial fight against Damocles).

    And if you hadn't guessed, I am of the belief that Lelouch died. I don't really buy into the whole Code nonsense, its never been implied that the Code could work in such a way, and Lelouch isn't that heartless to Suzaku and everyone else.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2008-09-28 16:47
    Rising Dragon
    So... your thoughts on the end of Code Geass?
  8. Sports72Xtrm
    2008-09-24 16:56
    Yo Sol what up? Haven't seen you in any code geass threads for a while.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2008-09-19 17:12
    Rising Dragon
    Airi posted a modified Lelouch and C.C. picture in the image thread:

    So instead of Emperor Lelouch holding a naked C.C., its an image of Emperor Lelouch holding a swimsuit-clad Shirley. Its awesome.
  10. Rising Dragon
    2008-09-12 00:08
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, can't blame you for being angry. Lately my favorite pairings in anime tend to be killed off. The one before that was Kira/Flay in Gundam SEED. I need to either be more careful in who I root for, or stop watching anime that isn't like Shakugan no Shana or Zero no Tsukaima. >__> I don't want to be any more jaded when it comes to romance.

    And bah. I'm looking for this nice picture of Lelouch and Shirley, but its a magazine scan with a bunch of text and I want it without the text. And whenever I ask, everyone seems to ignore me. Hell, last time I asked, someone gave me +rep for it, but didn't leave a message, and didn't respond to me on the image thread. Its so frustrating.

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