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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-07 08:34
    Wait don't tell me you actually liked Kouya?! All I got were earfuls, whines and wails from kct, Tempy and Nyan that I had to do some patching or I'd kill the thread before it even began...

    I did intend Kouya and the Shodau'n'va to be the main force in the manga, but the IRC cries were deafening so I made some political spin while creating Ryouichi and Ringo, who were supposed to be part of the manga insert too.........

  2. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-06 20:51

    I mean ahem my pleasure.

    Do post them art up soon.

    Also, I've made 2 OCs that are proper for the setting and distinguished between Kouya, who exists in the convoluted anime + Kerokanon timeline, and this new guy Ryouichi who will be featuring in the manga instead. Please review! ^w^
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-05 11:00
    Negima OCT wants YOU! >=3
  4. Pandabreaker
    2010-03-26 11:47
    You are very welcome dude, ^^! Art is meant to be appreciated and so I do just that lol.

    Ahh, its too bad ><, but I can't disagree with you since my hobby is drawing =P! Keep up the good work yeah?
  5. Pandabreaker
    2010-03-25 15:29
    Nice drawings dude xD! Trytin to become and anime artist too?
  6. Saint X
    2010-03-01 12:52
    Saint X

    get in here, it's boring in here
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2010-02-10 06:30
    So clone wars S2 had me revisiting the crew of the blockade runner "Serenity".

    Having put serious effort into redesigning the entire setup, I've made Kha Yuung a true-born Mandalorian, and given him a Z-95 Headhunter (No more silly variable fighter). His mother Chao Yuung captains the Serenity which, under the hands of Mon Cal wonder mechanic Jesmin Vezax, has been modified to have a cargo hold built into the spine like the Farstar. The aging Serenity runs delivery and passenger routes across the galaxy, and has the reputation of a ship and crew that gets the job done, no matter what it is.

    Chao deals with both Republic and the shady alike, as long as they can afford her rates. This brings the Serenity through many worlds, and would be an excellent venue to explore "life on the ground".

    I'm in need of crew members (gonna have 7-8 total) but most of all I've no clue what aliens to include (I've already have Mon Cal and may include a Wookie) so I was hoping if you'd like to help out? I'll be posting on Keroko's page as well.

    Also, is the starfighter progression for Kha: Headhunter (Early Clone Wars) ==> ARC-170 (Late Clone Wars) ==> X-wing (Rebellion) alright?
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2010-02-08 04:39
    Argh we just missed you! Was packing my bags for my flight back to Perth next week.
  9. Saint X
    2010-02-07 21:55
    Saint X
    that would be 2-3 am over here lol

    what time was it over there
  10. Saint X
    2010-02-07 11:00
    Saint X
    *knock knock*

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