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  1. Demi.
    2010-02-28 00:15

  2. Ottocycle
    2010-02-27 04:47
    You awesome person you.

    Is this quality ok? Also note that photobucket reduces the size or something, so the real one is a ways bigger than this one.

    Your Movie nano translator should be interested in these ones. =3
  3. Ottocycle
    2010-02-25 11:18
    Too many nano. I say this because I actually have some of those nanos that came with the tankoubon, and there are quite a few of them indeed. selkirk took photos when he was still planning to work on them. If you want, I can just send them over, but they look like a pain to edit. I mean, seriously.

    Including Da Capo you have 180-odd episodes. Wow, impossible for me. I'll burn out and 全力全壊 instead. lolol

    On the bright side, you have a translator to work with. That's automatically awesome.
  4. Ottocycle
    2010-02-25 02:15
    OMG PSP NANOS. *dies*

    I would recommend watching the Gundam movie compilation instead of the series, saves you 20+ episodes of time. Zeta is awesome, ZZ is... far less good, and you forgot Char's Counterattack after that.

    The translator doing the movie nanos seems pretty powerful, coming up with all of them like that. And that amount of editing is crazy >.>
  5. Ottocycle
    2010-02-23 07:00
    wut you're planning to watch Unicorn..

    That's something I didn't expect.
  6. Nya~n
    2010-02-14 21:22
    Shame, really. KitaEri has a lot of potential as both a seiyuu and as a seiyuu-singer(which was what made me such a fanboy in the first place). You'd think her roles as Saya and Kawashima would have given her a big enough break already, but it just doesn't look like it's gonna happen.
    Look at: Chihara Minori being the rage now when KitaEri won the very competition they both participated instead. Goes to show luck predominates talent )=

    Wau, someone who isn't watching Sora no Woto or Vampire Bund?
    What're those?
  7. Nya~n
    2010-02-14 18:43
    Mhmmm... Games and drama CDs..... both of which I don't get to often )=

    A few shows this season eh... None of which I'm watching it sadly. KitaEri fan I may be, but it's still content I go for even if I'm a big OtaEri fanboy. But really, the lack of significant roles lately... a result of the agency change?
  8. Ottocycle
    2010-02-14 10:22
    I see, guess it's a little lopsided way of learning the language. So you haven't learnt the grammar? Funny, seeing you already understand radio shows.. or do you just look out for certain key phrases, since that's I still do when I listen to the occasional audio bits, and even then it's still very taxing, which is why I stopped listening after SS02 D:

    Hey you watched ZKC! Hard to find many of those around, and of course I gotta agree with the Yusa choice for Veyron, he's just that bit more menacing than maybe Namikawa whose Kazehaya image has been ingrained in my head.

    Since when did Yukkyun = Nakamura?! I'll never get these nickname things...

    And since you don't celebrate the Lunar New Year, Happy Valentine's!
  9. Ottocycle
    2010-02-11 08:26
    DON'T SAY SCARY THINGS LIKE THAT, MAN. I'm just good at faking.
    Why is it scary? Now that got me interested, since you're already translating snippets of Radio StS. Radio shows certainly have lots of things to poke IME with...
  10. Ottocycle
    2010-02-08 09:41
    LOLOL that was funny as all hell. Sakurai, Fukuyama and Yusa were great. And Shiraishi wat
    WHAT IS HIKASA DOING IN FRONT OF THE MAN HIMSELF?! Thank heavens she's utterly failing at it.

    >>If I'm trying to figure out a word from hearing it, I poke IME. If the kanji fits, then yay.

    That's *exactly* what I do when I translate for stuff that I don't know. Looks like you're on the road to being able to translate. :P

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