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  1. Nanya01
    2010-07-24 12:17
    Well, I'll give you links of each doujin, both H and non-H here...

    Wolkenritter's Past Non-H.

    Numbers H Doujin by SAZ Nove, Deed and Wendi vs Teana as per canon but with a "shocking" twist.

    Cinque H Doujin by Plum

    NoNai by SAZ Teana and Subaru H doujin

    Lily and Touma H-Doujin Set in Force and Isis is a real friend. Heh!

    Raid Slash's Vapor Trail

    Raid Slash's Star Chaser

    Raid Slash's Celestial 1

    Hope these are okay. All the Raid Slash stuff is Non-H.
  2. Doraneko
    2010-07-24 11:59
    >>Oooh, a not Gundam fag, but still knowledgeable about 'em?

    I am far from knowledgeable about Gundams except knowing that some of female classmates always go (*Д`)ハァハァ with 00 with all the BF fantasies in their heads.

    >>.... wat. Also wat, quadrilingual. I'm jealous and need to get my bum into gear and do something productive.

    The police cab part of the trip would certainly made me cry if I was paying PRC tax instead. Think of all the taxpayer's money going down the drain for useless internships . I can still remember how one of my friends took a police cab to a shop for buying a telephone card and the shopkeeper freaked out. (like this: )

    Anyway no worries since nothing productive has been done.

    >>rai or raizoo is fine
    I see. A cat is fine. A Raizoo is fine too. **takes note**

    Btw are you going to Japan in August? I probably will be going to Osaka+Kyoto+Hiroshima+ Kameoka+Uji+Heijokyo+Nara+Asuka in late August (10 days). Got some dirt cheap tickets thanks to my friend who works at an airline. Probably will be staying in cheap gaijin hostels as well as spending two nights on overnight buses.
  3. Nanya01
    2010-07-24 11:37
    Well, I have several doujins (both H and non-H that I'd like to see translated, if that's possible.)

    mostly Numbers, but still... Is that okay?
  4. Nanya01
    2010-07-24 09:24
    heh, most of us do.

    So, I guess I'll upload them to Mediafire and then link you, huh?
  5. Nanya01
    2010-07-23 23:10
    Well, got the scans now.
  6. Nanya01
    2010-07-23 19:44
    OH! It's called "Star Chaser"
  7. Nanya01
    2010-07-23 19:39
    I'll have to look. I think I saw it on E-Hentai. XD

    Heh, surprisingly... My favorite number is Sette, followed by Nove and Dieci.
  8. Nanya01
    2010-07-23 16:35
    Hmm... I was hoping for the one with the Numbers. I know I've seen scans out there.

    Heh, yeah, same here. But I like the Numbers most. ^_^
  9. Doraneko
    2010-07-23 02:20
    Non-Gundam fag speaking .
    FYI the last mecha show that I truly loved was Zettai Muteki, when I was in grade 1.

    It is fun to read your conversations with Otto . How good it would be if the forum software allow profile conversations of more than two people...

    Couldn't believe I survived the internship in mainland China. Actually everything is quite good as it is more like a package tour than anything. No substantial work at all. The weird part is that we had police cabs as private cars and luggage trucks. And we played badminton and table tennis with judges everyday in the high court . The bonus is that I am closer to quadlingual (?) now.

    Btw the translations you "pretend to" have done in the previous months is amazing. The next time you should pretend to be Tsuzuki and bring us more Hayate goodness.

    P.S. Should I be calling you Banana, or? @_@
  10. Nanya01
    2010-07-23 01:49
    Hmm... Okay.

    Just was wondering, cuz I've got a few H and Non-H doujins that are sitting on my comp. (Some I scanned personally) that I'd like to see translated.

    I need to find that Raid Slash non-H doujin "Celestial" I think, since it's A: Not translated and B: Has the Numbers in it. XD

    Well, I *AM* the biggest Numbers fan after all.

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