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  1. Ottocycle
    2010-07-02 10:34
    Wouldn't the kigurumi headpiece cover your face? I'm thinking something like Bonta-kun, to let you know what my impression of a kigurumi actually is. Save the fancy electronics of course. :3 And also, my eyes bleeding would be too much of an exaggeration.

    Funny seeing the "real men" talk coming from you, lol. It'd probably be something I'm more used to seeing on the mecha board of 4chan or something wwww

    Well, being in the Sinosphere and knowing Chinese (or some dialect of it) well has its advantages with regards to learning Japanese. Kanji notwithstanding, there are various borrowed words and similar grammatical structures due to regional proximity and stuff which probably belongs in a sociolinguistics textbook, etc. Makes it more fun to relate to things which I already knew beforehand, IMO.

    Yay, you must've been cheering when Bright does the thing he does best. Looks like you're enjoying the show as well, though it might not be in the fanboy manner I do, it's all good!

    Char's pantsu mask >.> now that you tell me... Char's more perverted than the Gundam pedo in-jokes state him to be...
  2. Nina.Wolken
    2010-06-30 05:27
    Y.O.R.O.S.H.I.K.U Vivid chap 14 raw *off for diner outside*
  3. Ottocycle
    2010-06-26 23:24
    Azunyan Mustang?! Damn you've got some money on your hands. I envy. And I haven't even been to Japan yet. More envy. Also, pictures of you in kigurumi headgear would probably be better than those of you in a box in any case... :3

    I guess I shouldn't pursue the matter with Hanamaru any further. I'm wtfing at myself as I go, lol.

    Hey, there's the off-chance that Doraneko will pop out of the woodwork, and you got your other TLer friends too...
  4. Ottocycle
    2010-06-25 13:13
    Heh you'll need to get back to saving up for that trip now, I saw the picture of that huge shipment of anime goods. You can be as crazy as Nina is once you get that money!

    Good job reminding me of Lieutenant Clouseau from FMP2 there.

    I have less than two full days left in the civilian world, so hoping Force NEXT comes then and I can speed-TL the darn thing. 4 days to Nyantype release rawr, go anonymous photographers! Even a text leak would be good.

    No rush with Gundam, lol. Have fun! Even with Blue Drop!
  5. Ottocycle
    2010-06-24 06:22
    I hope you get to go to her live in Seibu Dome, or some baseball stadium. Budokan's already conquered Bigger is the way to go!

    Nah, I'm not buff by any standard, but I should beat Kimura-sensei! He's kinda emaciated or something and looks like he could die of hunger out during field operations.

    Indeed it's their turn to revel in the crack- and tech-filled posts that they do, but hey, the leaks are starting to trickle in again! This time with Vivid being first though. JINNSK banzai~

    I love the Gundam franchise to bits, so I'm just happy to see another person give it a try. I hope it turns out to be a pleasant experience! Bloodloss and passing out aside
  6. Ottocycle
    2010-06-21 01:39
    If you can come up with that kind of editing standard while being tired and at the risk of passing out, too awesome. Also, aren't you like, going to Animelo or something?

    I won't be around for the next Force release on the 30th as I'm getting redrafted into the military reserves for training, hopefully I get some TLed Force when I get out. Yeah, constantly reading Japanese is a tiring affair. Hopefully we get to preview the upcoming Force NEXT before then too

    Ahaha, the in-depth Nanoha mythos banter on Force has started again I see. Yeah, I'm skipping most of those too. Now that you've mentioned it, it's kinda grinding even though it's sorta on-topic. ^^;

    lol, Gundam. Also, great Nanoha erogami there. >=3
  7. Ottocycle
    2010-06-19 00:21
    Sounds like it is a combination of hurting hands and this phenomenon which induces facepalms in you. But I guess you probably haven't burnt out yet, seeing as you got Force out in record time yet again (less than a day lolwat). I personally prioritise being マイペース a lot, I hate burning out as it feels like crap. And most of all, I've got to have fun doing these things! Though you'd probably be far more task-oriented than I'll ever be.

    Well thankfully Force comes out monthly, so there should be recovery time to be had, unlike the damn nanos (with jokes which stopped being funny after a while) which came out everyday, so the spirit-dampening occurred on a daily basis. And we really burnt out bad when we settled that once and for all, I think about 30 pages one fine day. D:

    As for wading through information, I've ended up seeing this offtopicness as one of the ways the people here have fun, as I've played like that before, and if I wanted actual information (on canon and stuff) I'd jump straight to Nanohawiki. And we can read Japanese too, so hey

    Also, looks like image thread has cooled its head down a bit. /longwinded
  8. zSolaris
    2010-06-18 22:56
    lol. Long time no see. hows it been? :v
  9. Ottocycle
    2010-06-18 04:23
    If you end up becoming perma-lazy like me, the Nanoha community will probably lose its last prolific scanlator. Well, until the next animated installment that is.

    Your perfectionist attitude reflects in how you see the offtopicness, lol. Right now I just think that it's great that I don't see Nanoha posts over at the Negima/To Aru forums, or something...

    To think I debated every TL choice over an average of 4 sets of back-and-forth PMs with selkirk for every doubtful TL or somewhere around those lines. Ever since I did the SS nanos alone I lacked the energy for that anymore~

    Now it's indifference banzai!

    Anyways, since there are only 5 M3 nanos, let's see if I am able to use that as some sort of a warm-up.
  10. Ottocycle
    2010-06-17 09:51
    Your standards are too high... That said I haven't nitpicked since the StS manga chapter 12 or something. Too tired to do that anymore.

    Probably off-topic due to the lack of material to discuss. Your release'll set them straight! And besides, the Nanoha forums has a history of being off-topic... from back in the days of the shipwars.

    And then I joined with the random referential pokes to other shows and other related geekery, had loads of fun back then. Reminiscing like that is making me feel old already.

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