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  1. RadiantBeam
    2009-09-02 19:42
    I just finished my Expository Writing assignment. Trying to figure out an essay isn't half as much fun as writing a story.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2009-09-02 19:34
    Hi there.
  3. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 19:23
    Hahaha. Well, you could always go to the beach, a park, try out the new skytrain...

    Cooped up for the lat 20 years O.O Yeah, that's pretty sheltered...

    Are you still a hypocrite if you admit to being a hypocrite? Isn't that like the "this statement is false" conundrum?
  4. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 17:22
    LOL. While I'm in a cheery mood then, I'll avoid it, and save Evangelion for darker moments
  5. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 17:05
    Sorry, I've meant to check out Evangelion before, but the reputation of wangsty Shinji kept me away

    Plot-bunnies are hard to catch whenever you really need them
  6. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 14:32
    Oh noes!

    The worst thing is that the best stories usually are tragedies
  7. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 13:06
    LOL, HayatexBlade needs more love Completely different vibe from Simoun, but still epic.

    I normally spoil myself as well, but there are some stories where the set up is so subtle that while you get this tingling feeling that something is wrong you genuinely had no idea what it was going to be. That's Utena. In Otome I did see Erstin's betrayal coming, but I couldn't believe that they'd actually kill her

    I've leaned away from drama/tragedy lately, going for more comedy, because I couldn't stand how attached I'd get to the characters only to have them die, kill themselves or be heartbroken That's the awesome thing about Nanoha, since the death rate is pretty low.
  8. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 12:33
    I recommend Revolutionary Girl Utena very much, if you can stand the weirdness I've found that you can try to watch it "just for fun", but it's really hard to because there are so many (sorry for putting on the literature hat here) reoccuring motifs and symbols (like princes, princesses, witches, etc). Unfortunately, I've spoiled the story in the essay It was a total shock the first time I saw it.

    I'm honoured that you liked it so much! And I put the images in because I was both trying to be a little different (for the marks, hehe) and because when I gave it to people to proof-read they couldn't keep the characters straight.

    Feel free to save it, and thanks for being so considerate

    If you want something just as deep and full, I'd recommend Simoun Although I warn you, after episode 8 or so it's not possible to stop, so make sure you have about 8 hours free
  9. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 02:08
    Good advice

    I took a skim at your fics, I think I've read some of them before, lol. A few I've noted to read later, midnight isn't really the best time for deeper reading
  10. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 01:41
    LOL, thanks I have people telling me all the time, "Why are you in Sciences, if you like literature so much?" I don't care about grammar as much (except for basic stuff), it's the metaphors, writing style, paragraph structure (*coughs* I know, nerd ) that interest me more.

    I noticed our anime-interest similarities too I got into the next anime from recommendations of those who watched the previous one, so it's no wonder that most of them are yuri-subtexted (or texted)!

    No offense, but I'm a little wary just posting one of my term papers online in any way Since I'm still in school, I don't want to potentially get in any trouble if anyone somehow plagiarized (not to say that you did it! Just that the Internet is hardly the most secure place) it. (There are images too, which might not show up as well here).

    By the way, which fics have you written?

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