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  1. deathcurse
    2009-09-02 00:54
    LOL, don't worry, I don't expect everyone to be nearly as in depth into things (or enjoy going in depth into things) as I am I'm the weirdo who enjoys school stuff as fun stuff. And to be fair, the paper was on Revolutionary Girl Utena about fairytale motifs of Princes, Princesses and Witches. That whole show just begged to be analyzed! I also lucked out with a very enthusiastic prof (who, I found out, also wrote fanfiction! )

    I tend to look at things such as symbolism (especially reoccurring ones), image/music choices in certain scenes, word choice (depends on translators though), tone of voice, explanations on the workings of certain plots--nothing that different that what's talked about on forums, just done in real life Most real life people don't enjoy talking about stuff like that in casual conversation.
  2. deathcurse
    2009-09-01 22:00
    LOL, that's a very blunt way of putting it but yeah, pretty much.

    There are shows I watch that might be considered more mainstream, but there's not as much depth to most of those that I'd want to talk about and discuss Besides, I like to go really in-depth into things, and most people get bored thinking that much about anime. As mentioned on my details, I even wrote university papers on anime
  3. deathcurse
    2009-09-01 13:10
    The anime chess sounds awesome!

    Most of the friends I have who are into anime don't quite share my interests or watch the same shows as me, so I find it hard to chat with them at all. That's what the online forums are for
  4. deathcurse
    2009-08-31 14:14
    Cool. I suppose it would be more fun with friends though, huh?

    What's the best stuff you've done at AE?
  5. deathcurse
    2009-08-30 18:21
    Hear, hear.

    Nope, never been to one! A friend invited me to one a few years back, but I had a piano exam and couldn't make it out. We had planned to go as Suiseiseki (her) and Souseiseki (me), and she told me that when she went everyone said to her "Where's your Souseiseki?!?"

    I'm not sure what happens at you meet friends, shop or listen to panels?
  6. deathcurse
    2009-08-30 15:37
    Yeesh, I know, the major picking is awful. I was a very last minute person, but I did get into my first choice (psychology) so hopefully the rest of university will be fun! One semester at a time is good, I find I don't worry as much about "oh my god, I'm never getting into x program and will have no future career!" Good luck with it!
  7. deathcurse
    2009-08-30 01:48
    In complete agreement here

    Sadly, I've never made it out to any conventions...very much a purchase dvd/manga and fanfiction fan! I'm going to UBC, yourself?
  8. Kyral
    2009-05-20 02:47
  9. Kyral
    2009-05-18 03:28
    Nice to hear that!

    Could you give me the link? I'm pretty interesstet in the translation too!
  10. Kyral
    2009-05-17 15:50
    Saw your question in Keroko's profile... found this one:

    Sadly no translation...

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