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  1. Triple_R
    2013-03-18 09:51
    Quick question - Do you know how to do strike-through tags here on Anime Suki?
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-03-16 19:25
    Eh, it's not nearly as clear cut as that. Part of me thinks they crammed too much into one movie and hence the pacing drags, the other part liked getting to experience the story with far fewer interruptions from OPs, EDs, etc.

    And of course, if on the off chance you have the opportunity to take them to a theatrcal screening the answer is obvious: see it on the big screen, then show them the two deleted scenes if they're interested.

    (I'm still wondering how they streamlined eight episodes into a 2 hour, 10 minute movie because the two cut scenes don't make up nearly the difference - but nobody in our group could think of any other major cuts, just minor streamlining.)
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-03-16 02:31
    So I attended Madoka Magica's one night, four theatre stint in Vancouver on the 14th:
    -Our theatre sold out at least 90 minutes prior to showtime, so I'm glad I preordered. My guess is the location my club went to would probably the busiest of the four but it's hard to tell.
    -Two people brought body pillows, neither Madoka related. I suppose the glass half full view is it was only two.
    -Movie was 2 hours, 10 minutes and covered episodes 1-8.

    What I liked:
    -Madoka on the big screen. I got what I came for.
    -Use of surround sound when Madoka is searching for the source of Kyuubey's (telepathic) voice.
    -Minimal cuts: They cut Madoka's deam at the beginning (despite it being referenced later) and Mami's backstory, and I'm wondering if the latter will be merged into Homura's backstory in Part II. Everything else was minor streamlining.
    -Shown with subs, which is not the case at all anime movies I've been too. Aniplex gets it!

    What I didn't like:
    -I recall thinking that there was at least one "lost in translation" moment at a critical moment with the subs, though I can't quite recall what I thought the error was.
    -Pacing: While I'm glad they kept almost everything, it did feel a bit... long-winded? Odd, since the movie itself wasn't that long.
    -The minor changes - ie. Remixes in the soundtrack, etc. None of them were bad, but in many cases the originals feel more "iconic".

    As for the before/after party - food options near the theatre were very limited but the company was great. My girlfriend and many of my anime club buddies were present, I also ran into one of my favourite cosplay models (who sounded like she was losing her voice…) and a Japanese exchange student who liked a lot of the stuff I did (Bakemonogatari, Hanasaku Iroha and Kotoura-san in addition to Madoka).
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-13 08:48
    I'll keep it in mind.

    On a random note, I finished the last 4 episodes of Kokoro Connect (the DVD only eps)... and holy shit. Definition of forced drama. It was so forced I actually enjoyed it cause I was laughing at it unintentionally.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-12 02:34
    I'm actually really worried about nagi no asukara. It really looks like anohana done by pa...
  6. kyouray
    2013-03-11 18:12
    Alors là, je ne vois pas trop vu que Moonphase était ma référence... mais si ça te dérange pas de chercher une par une, je pense que tu peux trouver ton bonheur sur les pages wikipedia japonaises des séries soit dans une partie 放送, soit dans la présentation de l'anime mais en général, ils mettent une sorte de tableau en général en bas de page (ex : Yuyu Hakusho) ou dans une section anime (ex : Slam Dunk). J'espère que ça t'aidera.
  7. Reckoner
    2013-03-10 19:20
    Hmm, are you saying Okada didn't express any desire for Noe to win herself? I thought that's what the interviews confirmed. I'm not going to argue that Hiromi wasn't the logical result of the story, but that Hiromi end didn't seem like a natural fit to the themes throughout. Well anyways, the horse has been long dead for a few years now .
  8. Guardian Enzo
    2013-03-10 09:42
    Guardian Enzo
    He seems like a genuine and nice guy, but Hosoda doesn't project any false modesty, does he? I get the sense he's very well aware of how talented he is.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-08 00:38
    Finished Wolf Children...

    Let's just say I started tearing up when the credits started rolling. Without a doubt, by far Hosoda's best film. Whilst Girl Who Leapt Thru Time and Summer Wars were just pure fun and excellently made, Wolf Children adds sentimental and nostalgia (without the excessive melodramatic bullshit anime tends to do a lot *cough* Anohana/Kokoro Connect*) which I am totally a sucker for. He channeled both Only Yesterday and Usagi Drop and compiled it into one masterpiece. Pretty much an instant 10/10 and favourite. Don't think I've watched an animated movie that moved me as much as this since 5 Centimeters Per Second.
  10. Flower
    2013-03-07 20:01
    Thought you might appreciate this ^^

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