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  1. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-18 21:52
    I guess it's a difference of perspective and taste then. I for one hate it when they beat the same message with a stick in over and over again. This message to me was CB=Arrogant op terrorists with haxy emotional challenged pilots. While Three Power Blocs=somewhat stable and skilled pilots that get there asses handed them repeatedly by the Power Rangers.

    The only good parts in the first part was the introduction of Ali and the terrorist vs terrorist plot. At least for me anyway. I also don't believe that CB is really any better than Trinity in some aspects. At least if you compare CB to there start to Trinity at there introduction; both are arrogant groups idealistic groups that assume themselves as Gods and deal out judgment while living comfortably on there throne. It got better with the Trinity's introduction though, mostly cause the fights got cooler.
  2. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-18 21:12
    I thought they were fun. They did a very good job at demonstrating just how superior the Gundams really were; the GN drives would seem entirely under-performing if it had just been recap. The first half were the part that really pounded in the nature of a three-way world where each sided worked towards its own interest, and demonstrated the true nature of the Celestial Being Meisters as ideological terrorists distinct from the trinities much better than any "they're nicer than the trinities" sum up.
  3. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-18 17:31
    I guess the main character issue is a tricky one indeed. I guess I wouldn't say kill off the main character but good god when I was watching the "capture the Gundam" operations in 00 it felt like watching the Knightmare battles in Code Geass.

    Sure they were cool, but what purpose did they server? None it seems. No one died and any plot progression could have been just as easily covered without 5 minutes of pointless attacks. So it's not so much of the main character staying alive but man why tease in episode 10 with the idea of Kyrois or Virture being captured and then having them break lose?

    It just seems like you can get the whole plot by skipping the first 14 episodes in a good flashback summarization.
  4. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-16 22:26
    Bernie has his moment, but he got over it. But if you liked the lack of emoness in 0080, you'll love Zeta; surprisingly little emo around after the first five episodes. Kamille starts a smidgin whiney, but it's because he has family and name issues. Said family issues are resolved, permanently, in the first several episodes. But by episode 10 or so, he gets it corrected, and it's a momentary annoyance. Similarly, Jerid gets matured early on as well. For the most of the series Kamille is a mostly mature young man, while Jerid is consumed by hatred, not emo.

    Your issue actually brings to mind two other general mecha/gundam ideas that I'll never write.

    First one is a generic gundam drama where one of the main character dying early. By the second or third episode, in fact, before he's well known. But he's a major character none the less, because his character is actually explored in reverse. Basic plot is that his protege brings together the remains of his old command to defeat the enemy Gundam/avenge their past commander, and in the process of their backstory and development his character and the effects he has on people from beyond the grave is felt. It is, in fact, a story about how a good man can still help and guide others from beyond the grave. He's a major influence even late into the series.

    As for the other, in a more generic way to combine all of my various ideas under one loose heading, I think a series planned to be three separate series long (like MSG, Zeta, ZZ trilogy) could work in a constant character rotation, where pilots and captain/ship are killed off throughout all three series, so that the end crew/pilots of S3 are radically different from the opening pilots/crew of S1, with some lasting longer and others shorter. Sort of as if the White Base had stayed together and been slowly killed off to change into the Arghama.
  5. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-16 20:34
    I have no idea why I got so attached to the 0080 character-possibly because they are the first ones I have watched in a while where they aren't downright emo.

    Probably-as you said the Three World Power setup vs terrorists was interesting, and again you make the point of how it would have been better if they focused on the Three Power Blocs characters.

    I guess the worse thing about watching a Gundam series or any mecha really is that you know the main character can't die until the last episode. In the case of 00, the four Meisters were main characters, and we had to wait until 23 for one of them to die. Thus it makes watching the one-sided massacre a bit repetitive to watch.
  6. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-16 08:47
    Hm. I liked 0080, but that was as much because of the mix of 80's jazz and giant robot combat as anything. T'was a sad tragedy, but on its own the characters didn't grip me per say. They weren't bad, but just didn't catch my fancy; Bernie was a child and I have difficulty standing the shenanigans of children, Bernie was a pretentious rookie (one of my biggest peaves), and few of the remaining characters stick out. Granted, the two of them got better (which I give them credit for; development isn't easy in a short OVA, but still... Christina only sticks out because she was a nice, cute red-head as anything else; I don't remember much else about her.

    Trying to remember the last full-length series that didn't rely on enhanced humans or magic as a plot tool, and all I can come up with are two side story OVAs, 0080 and 0083. Post-human evolution, physic-defying powers, and all that jazz including the fight to protect beliefs are pretty standard, from the original to G Gundam to present. I'd certainly consider GN drives to be more magical than not. Then we also had Tieria and Ribbons as Veda terminals, and the whole Soma/All quantum brainwave supersoldiers (which I think served as a good buildup to the Season 2 Innovators).

    That said, I agree that Season One lacked the 'magic' to a degree; Supersoldiers were deliberately created by governments, not born naturally, so they seemed more reasonable. And once the three Earth powers got the GN drives, those didn't seem too magical until the 00. I still think that a three earth-power combination, with no colonial force, made for one of the best world setups in Gundam; all three powers got a balance of time and motivations/actors (though the AEU lost out with just Patrick), and I really would have loved to see more than a mere two instance of conventional MS versus conventional MS (both of which had the obsolescent Anf as one of the sides).

    Personally, I always think of 00 as two distinct but related series, as if they were directed in two different ways. The first season was terrorists against the world, and in many ways the world was the more sympathetic side; the nations were flawed and self-centered, but they had reasonable outlooks and sympathetic pilots. They also probably got as much attention and time as the Gundam Meisters, pushing that point that it wasn't just about the Meisters and their motivations.

    In fact, I think 00 could have been portrayed brilliantly if they had entirely dropped Celestial Being's view, and instead portrayed it solely from the view of the Three Powers and civilians Saji and Kinue. You wouldn't even necessarily have to change anything; Setsuna would still move beside Saji, and so on. Oh, minor things might be warranted; perhaps more Saji and Setsuna interaction scenes, and giving situations where the other Meisters cross with people of the 3 powers and be seen on Earth, but that would be a good way to fill the vacated time. It would also make a game for the audience: who are the mysterious Gundam Meisters? Setsuna being in Azadistan would be more obvious. And if someone (say, Patrick) met Lockon in Ireland and Lockon shared his hatred of terrorists. And maybe an additional Sumeragi/Billy meeting.

    Think that would have worked well?
  7. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-16 01:43
    Hey you still out there? I am curious as to your opinon's or response as well.
  8. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-10 22:15
    Well we have only watched 0080 but I have to say my favorite has to be Bernie. I always have had a soft spot for the "rising soldier" type. Also Christina stole my heart from the moment she started talking about the reasons for fighting. At first I cringed because I thought this was gonna be another "protect your precious one" speech but she continued to say that is selfish in a way but that doesn't make it evil. Her views on war and the soldiers fighting appealed to me.

    Bernie stood out to me as this guy who actually started to grow attached to Alfred, this annoying little kid who walked into his life, and start to see him as family. I did tear up in the end when Chris killed Bernie. I was kinda of disappointed when I read that 0081 (the new series coming out) wasn't going to have Alfred or Chris as the main character, which I thought would make a good premisis. Alfred fighting for Zeon in memory of his idol, Bernie, and then being pitted against Chirs who he begrudges for killing Bernie, but still loves at the same time(fanfiction idea!).

    I have to say I love the older series which don't rely on Newtypes, Cooridnators, or Innovators or any of that bullshit. It just seems to me when Gundam 00 started using Innovators that it turned into any other magical-bullshit-series. They were doing fine in the first season when it was the moral conflict of the terrorists verses the world. Then season 2 came along and we went to this shounen "I will protect you" bull crap instead of a war drama. Like it should be.

    Also it seems to me that the older series relied on detail in animation rather than making it look really bright. The only problem they suffered from is the soundtrack.
  9. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-10 20:02
    The MAHQ Store links to DVD Empire for most of the series, if you're willing to wait for shipping. (The complete 0080 set is like $22 dollars at the moment: a steal!) is always reliable in my experience, if a bit pricey at time. They have some 'complete collections,' but when I see 'complete collection 1' and 'complete collection 2' I get a bit wary, if you know what I mean. But some of them look to be good deals, entire series for under 50 bucks (not including shipping).

    There's also e-bay, of course. I'd be careful with that though, if I were you; if it looks too cheap to be true, and it's from Singapore, not only is it likely not what you expect but you'll get eaten alive in shipping costs/time.
  10. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-10 19:50
    Check my edit. Meant characters, though I'll be glad to hear your opinion on which anime as well.

    Give me a minute and I'll look around on the DVDs.

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