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  1. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-10 19:48
    Which characters or which anime? And do you happen to know a place that would sell these anime movies on DVD?
  2. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-10 19:46
    Which characters do you like best? It's Christina, isn't it?

    As a note, MSG might be worth watching the movies for; the animation varies from poor to eyesore in many cases because the anime is so dated, and the movies re-animation is much crisper and easier. Then if you like what you saw, go back and get the fuller version; from what I've heard, the movie is a solid representation of the series.

    I wouldn't necessarily say the same of Zeta, where the old but still respectable animation has more of a vintage feel than the appearance of a bad drawing board. (None of the grotesque proprotion mistakes seen across MSG.) But from what I've seen/heard, the Zeta movies crop out alot of the character developments and such from most everyone but Kamille, so you'll miss a number of things. Jerid gets demoted to a purposeless named grunt, the support characters lose their charm and proof of character, and so on.
  3. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-10 16:40
    We are gonna go back and watch all the UC starting with Mobile Suit Gundam. Also my friend dislikes the 80's dubs as well so it will be good old Japanese. I have to say characters are easy to fall for in older anime then some of the newer ones now.
  4. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-10 08:17
    If you're going back to UC classics, I strongly recommend that when you watch Zeta, do so with subs. The dub is an example of early-anime/80's bad voice casting; all villains sound like nasally losers, that sort of thing. The Titans should not sound like adolescent punks, and that goes double for Jerid, who actually serves as a foil and antithesis for Kamille's character through parallel development.
  5. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-10 08:13
    Probably the White Base; Bernie had his character progress from start to finish, came to his determination to fight honestly, and did what he had to do.

    Note that White Base isn't exactly hard to get at, mind you; it just means you develop to point A to point B steadily, without the start/stop development of the Ptolemy or the continuous tragic loss of the Argama.
  6. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-10 01:32
    Hey it's me again, as per your advice I started to watch some of the UC Gundam shows (me and my friend started with 0080 and I have to say I am impressed that something so old, and albeit a bit cheesy, can be so good. It makes me wonder what happened to Sunrise over the years.

    In curiousty as far as episode 20's drabble of season of 00 I was wondering-what ship do you think Bernie should go to?
  7. Masterkeyes2
    2009-02-17 02:59
    Well I actually have most of the fic planned out now. At the moment I have the first part of the Setsuna/Ali prologue done. If you don't mind I would like to send you a rough draft once I am finished with the whole thing.

    As for the plot the idea is that the Meisters are background as far as activity. They start when they recruit Setsuna and Lockon into there ranks after the alternative events of the first season. The AEU vs HRL conflict is simple really as far as basis; the HRL has pleaded constantly with the AEU to stop peddling its arms indiscriminately to third party nations. Why? Because those nations are using these weapons to conduct terrorist attacks on member nations of the HRL. The Union takes a neutral stance offically but covertly they formed a covert platoon, later given the name OverFlag, to help the HRL; this is because the HRL's orbital elevator is close to the friendly territory of Japan which is a huge economic ally to the Union. Also many Union personal and civilians work at the Pillar of Heaven station.

    I have more on the fic but I am going to write an outline and send it to you when I get it done.
  8. Dean_the_Young
    2009-02-10 09:40
    ...PM me at MAHQ with your email: I have a mostly-written story you will want to see. (It's a 00 World War, and it does start as HRL vs. AEU with Union neutral).

    As for the idea, not bad but you need more planning. What is your end point? It's important to have an end point in mind when you start something like this. Is this going to be an alternate S1, with Meisters starting to intervene? Or is the focus more on the war? Or is CB going to grind the war to a halt with its interventions?

    If you're going with an alternative feel, consider some of these cannon-based alternatives. Actually, a number of them are points I considered/intend to write for Alternatives, but...


    -Kujo and Billy hitting it up in college. It's clear Billy was interested, but Sumeragi is kind of clueless. Instead of going to the AEU (and meeting whoever it was there), she goes into the Union (possibly with references from Eifman). No Emilio and no accident means no CB.

    -Graham getting married. It's from the side material, and an obvious alternative, but I like it. Also could be an impetus for tragedy if she should die because of CB.

    -Saji and Kinue's father. In-series he was implied to have died while seeking the truth: I like to think he was getting too close to CB, or was killed to keep him from revealing. So, alternatively... he's dead, but Kinue is a CB Agent for Wang. For kicks, she's keeping it secret from Saji (who she doesn't want involved/endangered by CB). (Actually, that's an Alternatives I have yet to write, so...)

    -The Halevy's being Observers of CB, like Alejandro. The Observers are implied to be wealthy, well-connected, and politically important people: the Halevys are all of those. Say Louise's mother is the Observer, and wants to keep her daughter safe. (Also, since she would likely know Saji's sister is a 'lesser' CB member, she might think Louise could do better.)

    -For the HRL, keep Ming. He could be the other family friend besides Hercules, and he's a character you could make into just about anything.
  9. Masterkeyes2
    2009-02-10 03:43
    Well one is a rather large undertaking, it entails an AU-verse set where the HRL and AEU start to go into another war with the Union taking a neutral stance. (keep in mind the plot isn't set in stone).

    The main points of the fic are ideas that I borrowed from you (which I will of course credit to you). For example, Setsuna staying with Ali even after Kurdish is destroyed. Another idea I had was Neil parents being killed but brother and sister living that day of the bombing. In order to support his family he transfers from his AEU military job to the PMC in Moralia and moves there with Amy. There Setsuna and Neil start to work under Ali-Ali Saachez.

    So that would be the side of the AEU, the Union characters would stay the same but the HRL would be massively different.

    HRL would have Alle/Halle gone for the time being-(they have joined CB but have not yet begun to operate as the "plan" is different from cannon). Another idea is that Andrei and Sergei actually had the talk they needed when Holly went missing so thus they are on better-somewhat fragile-terms. Hercules has gone missing though during the end of the conflicts and will show up in the story later (based on my theory idea). Soma will be another centric character. Of course Saji and Louise will be in the story as well but the line of development for them will be different.

    Lyle and Setsuna would join CB eventually I think but in a different manner and for different reasons. Ali was already working for the Innovators during the Kurdish conflict. Why? Ribbons wanted Ali to be a prelude of the chaos yet to come. Pain to make change in laymans terms.

    Anyway its a rough idea but I will tweak it out
  10. Dean_the_Young
    2009-02-09 08:13


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