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  1. Masterkeyes2
    2009-02-09 04:11
    Hey I had an idea for an AU 00 mind if I bounce ideas off ya?
  2. Masterkeyes2
    2009-02-02 04:42
    Update on the Reformation;

    For now I don't think I will be taking up the project after all, I was already disappointed with the series so far but this latest episode has pissed me off so much that I hardly think I would be up for writing anything 00-related.

    Hell the only way I would write 00 now is if it was Smirnov-centric. Sorry for making you draft that up but if I wouldn't be able to write it without being reminded of crappy-ass-cannon.
  3. Masterkeyes2
    2009-01-27 14:45
    Thankfully it has never consumed my life like others things have-(cough) anime (cough).

    Ah okay-that clears up a great deal of things, it is also probably best I am not communicating these ideas when I am dead tired but that seems to be the only time when I remember my fanfiction stuff.
  4. Dean_the_Young
    2009-01-27 08:10
    I avoid Warcraft like the plague. Probably the best decision I've ever made.

    This is AU, but it's a divergence AU: following what if one thing had changed in the series, and then watching the butterfly effects. By the very nature of that type of AU, everything before that happened before is unchanged, and changes that happen latter are because of the butterfly effects. Ribbons was the 0 pilot before the divergence: there is no reason to change that. Graham made his flag promise before the divergence: there is no reason to change that. And so on.

    Afterwards, changes flow the different characters on different sides and the ripple effects of such. That's the basis of all the changes, from 'Marie' not being taken by Allelujah (the A-LAWS didn't attack the Katharon base, and so didn't lose suits, and so the formation was stronger and allowed Louise to protect Soma because she wasn't as endangered by Ptolemy's weapons) to the alternative battle for the Memento Mori (Darryl surviving serves as a catalyst for coordination between CB and Katharon).

    Hank Herculeus being CB doesn't work under either of those general criteria, which is why I'm vehemently against it in the context of Reformation.
  5. Masterkeyes2
    2009-01-27 02:35
    5) AU rewrites are great, and I wish you luck, but please keep them separate from Reformation. Reformation is a WI based around a single point of departure from the anime: Nena going with Setsuna. While that changes things, the cannon in itself needs to be respected. Which means Ribbons is the O pilot, all the series up to that episode is the same, and so on.

    Of course-but it's kind of hard to stick to cannon since you seemed to have forgoed canonical points already-which makes me again wonder how this is not AU.

    At any rate I have no idea if I will ever get around to writing such a monster-now with my school work coming in and most of my free time dedicated to playing Warcraft, reading, and working out.
  6. Dean_the_Young
    2009-01-20 09:08
    2) He might prove his worth yet. It's not like Kati and Sergei are ever in the same area to have a relationship, though, so just making sure all relationships have a base is good.

    3)Well, I'll be writing/updating my outline every three or four episodes, but the coup plot is a serious divergence that Reformation will have to handle, since the Reformation climax is the Assembly public relations coup of outing the A-LAWS. I haven't decided, but one option is for the Herculeus-coup to be entirely separate from the Sergei/Kati/Graham network, especially with Sergei 'dead'. But I'll have to watch several more episodes to see how to manage it.

    If you want to write anything now, the stuff that's already outlined would probably be easiest. The most important drabble of the first series is the scene in which Nena talks to Saji in his Ptolemy cell; it marks a crux of her development by being confronted about her meaningless actions and how they've affected others. It also has Saji try and strangle an unresisting woman, which could be amazing if done right.

    4) Yes. Graham is Graham but with a mask for the scars, though he (and Darryl) still have a grudge against CB and the Alejandro Conspiracy.

    Someone once remarked/suggested that the Mr. Bushido title may have been something others in the A-LAWS gave to Graham like how Patrick is the Immortal Colasour, and not something he came up with himself. You could try that angle.

    5) AU rewrites are great, and I wish you luck, but please keep them separate from Reformation. Reformation is a WI based around a single point of departure from the anime: Nena going with Setsuna. While that changes things, the cannon in itself needs to be respected. Which means Ribbons is the O pilot, all the series up to that episode is the same, and so on.

    That said, a 3-powers-centric rewrite that followed them as the heroes would be interesting. You should go read my chapter on all the dropped plot threads in my 00 S2 Drabble Anthology on FFN for some good ideas.
  7. Masterkeyes2
    2009-01-20 06:42
    That's fine on the IM bit for now. But it would help when you get up if we could do that instead.

    1) If anything I will ask for guidance on this from you and several authors who I trust on this issue.

    2) I think Kati and Sergei could happen but this is my personal bias of that Patrick-is-useless-and-annoying-cannon-fodder speaking.

    Ah I didn't quite get what you meant. At any rate I would make sure all relationships have some base behind it.

    3) It's kinda of depending on how I start this. I might just wait till the series end to start posting and try writing some of it now. Sometimes I wanna write a fight scene and sometimes I don't-I just wish there was a story type that would let me do that.

    4) So in the fic I can make Graham just Graham but with a mask-or maybe just bandages because I think he would look cooler in that-and no attitude so long as I keep it reasonable to where Daryl keeps him sane?

    5) Another thing I would like to try. I actually had several AUish Gundam 00 ideas.

    It's a plot-twist only if there was something stating that Louise was going to be going somewhere besides the hospital room. If anything it was a lame plot-twist because there was no talk of "a character is going to join Ribbons side". I guess I can see it from your point of view though.

    Anyway a couple of AU ideas I wanted to throw out. First off the idea with Hercules. I thought when they introduced him he would be more essential to the CB plot rather than just being part of the political game for the Federation/Khataron.

    My theory on him was something along the lines of this; during the end of the Solar Conflicts and the start of another Hank Hercules disappeared from the HRL's eyes into the mist of obscurity. A short time after his disappearance the 0 Gundam came and saved Setsuna. The pilot of the 0 Gundam is the same man who left the HRL.

    The theory in my head was that he was scouted by CB but only joined to keep an eye on them-his whole "I believe in an honest army" bit solidifies that the idea could work-in order to make sure they don't cause too much havoc. Having failed Hank returns to his former student, the Wild Bear of Russia, for help.

    Of course everyone had been shouting Ribbons is 0 Gundam's pilot for a while but that again feels rather lame to me.

    This idea could actually fit into reformation because it deals with Setsuna. As to why he saved Setsuna, well I figure he did because he was a decent man but could help by saving his life. He later put in a good word for Setsuna because he watched from afar as Setsuna desperately searched for the trace of the God-like Gundam. I figure this would also help shake Setsunas-and Nena by constellation-fanatical worship.

    The other AU idea is simply the idea of a season 1 rewrite that would focus on the three-power-bloc characters as the heroes more than CB-or just some of CB and more of the TPB characters than cannon did. Ideas contained but not limited to: OverFlag Sqaud actually wins a deciecve battle, Team Trinity and CB actually are forced to cooperate as there war with the world escalates, Lockon's Stratosphere sniping is used again, Ali is more of a meddler with his mini faction and becomes more of a main villain as the story will focus more on the ultimate goal of CB'S elimination of war.

    My last idea is just a collection of one-shots focusing on Louise and the A-Laws crew, giving them more of a bit humanized characterization rather than the evil-organization-that-rules-the-world.

    Also one last rant; why the fuck is that when God is dragged into the anime it's always that the main villain is the one propagating thus giving this feeling that religion is bad. Or on the other hand the main hero is condemning it and thus achieving the same affect? Marina was the only character who countered Setsuna's view and even then her views are thrown out of the plot in favor of a more song-pacifist-friendly-heroine.

    I understand that not everyone believes in a one true creator but why must it be treated like an evil thing that people believe in it? It just feels real one-sided is all.
  8. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-25 16:34
    I don't have (on my computer or time for) IMing. Fraid this will have to do, though if you want to use the private messages instead of the wall function it will be easier to quote/respond.

    1) Perfectly good, glad you got it. While romantic tension is present, it's all from Nena's side and could easily evolve into platonic. Whatever you deem best.

    2) Unorthodox would be something not-cannon, without outright defying cannon. Allelujah developing a relationship with Sumeragi in the absence of Marie would be unconventional, and could be interesting since both know that the other doesn't really love the other, and that it's mutual comforting. Kati and Sergei getting close to a relationship between two mature adults, especially during the time-skip, would be unconventional, and could be interesting in terms of Patrick (jealous, of course) and Soma (jealous because of loss of attention? It's a common phase of children, when the child becomes jealous of the parent of the same gender for stealing attention of the other. Soma, who hasn't emotionally matured...).

    It needen't be deep and serious, or even a committed relationship (Kati and Sergei would be one of those never-quite-happened ones, IMO). There's a lot of leeway, so long as you can support it. As long as it doesn't outright defy cannon, like Patrick falling in love with anyone else but Kati, it's usuable.

    Newtype relationships are the "instantly fall in true, deep love and deep understanding for no good reason." I was using it in the sense of, say, nearly all of the Gundam Seed Destiny romances, when everyone fell in love for no reason. (Or, in Seed, how Kira and Lacus got so close for no real reason.)

    3) No one's going to knock you for trying. If you want, feel free to ask me for a proof-read whenever you want.

    4) I hate Mr Bushido as well, though I suppose he could (conceivably) be saved. But the reason Graham is still Graham is because Graham doesn't die (metaphorically) during that final fight. Without losing all his friends (namely, Darryl), Graham doesn't lose sight of himself, and Darryl is there to keep him straight. (If you've read my Season 2 drabbles at FFN, I have a ficlit that covers something like that, though not for the Reformation-verse.) A little bit of imagry I didn't explain well was that of Darryl binding Graham's visor blind; meant to be something of a symbol for Graham being blinded by vengance.

    Or, to play by your theory, Graham survives because Darryl is there to save him, and just has the mask for the scars, not the attitude.

    5) I wasn't thinking of Ali as a leader in S2 (since his surgery seems have made him more beserk), but I suppose it could fit. About the only idea I had in regards for Ali was that Wang would hire him away from Ribbons, which could be anything from futile intrigue on her part to a major game-changing betrayal. Charismatic!Ali would work better in a 00 re-write rather than Reformation, where keeping Ali the same works well for the story.

    Personally, I consider Louise joining the A-LAWS more of a plot-twist than a plot-hole; she's always been a bit impulsive and willing to do what she thinks is right, and so avenging her family fits well with her. Not so Saji, who never demonstrated a real spine in low-stakes confrontations.

    Good look with that Soma/Louise; try for platonic but with unexplored sexual undertones. Either way, I'll be looking forward to reading it.
  9. Masterkeyes2
    2008-12-23 04:14
    Just a quick note; If you would like to swamp IM addresses this would a great help in communicating instead of waiting for each other to reply via message boards.

    1) I honestly wouldn't dream of it-the way I see any romantic relationship is between them is that of (much later down the road) as mature adults. Something along the lines where they can trust and depend on eachother but act on there own without relying heavily on the other (this is of course the end product). At any rate I see Setsuna being the Sig of the relationship and Neena being something like an Izumi (Read: Full Metal Alchemist). Of course I may just skim the romantic development all together and keep it platonic.

    2) By unconventional do you mean something outside the norm? Care to give me an example; like BushidoxKati or something? Or is this a jab at the Soma/Louise relationship you were talking about earlier in the notes? (Another question; what is a NewType relationship?)

    3) I will try my hardest. I think this will be easier to avoid by using drabbles instead of full blown out chapters. You probably saw from my writing how badly I screwed up on that point though. I will be honest it will probably be ugly at first but hopefully with active guidance I might be able to improve my writing.

    4) I will be honest it is going to be tough as hell to not make Graham be Graham again. I am a firm believer that Graham died fighting the Gundam's. (I realize it's probably immature that I hate Mister Bushido so much. I also might be ignoring plot and symbolism but it just grates me how one of my favorite characters went from kick-ass-American-pilot to wannabe-samurai.) Lockon would be hard but it sounds like fun.

    Speaking of Ali-I wish that you put something where we get Ali as the charismatic leader again like you mentioned in your drabble anthology. (I was also surprised that you didn't mention the utter lack of development in season 1 for Louise becoming an A-Laws member. You can't argue that was tottally lacking any sort of proper foreshadowing, I mean for Pete's Sake it would have made more sense if Saji was the one who became part of A-Laws.)

    Anyway I am in the process of jotting ideas for a SomaxLouise drabble/story (platonic or romantic is still up in the air) and trying to get thumbnails for an original story.
  10. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-21 09:42
    1) It's up to you. You can jump around with drabbles, you try and explain the backstory, you can work from the most recent episodes back.

    2) Besides the general planning...
    1. Don't turn it into a WAFF SetsunaxNena romance, or make either of them act like middleschoolers with a crush with constant blushing in the presence of the other, stammering, and so on. That goes against the entire grain of Nena's role in the plot, which is to grow up.

    2. WAFF romance period is deserving of skepticism, considering how few happy romances (besides the nearly forgotten Licht and Christina) there are. Setsuna, Nena, and Marina are in a awkward three-way love triangle with little love besides platonic around in it, Lockon's been a dick and pushed away Feldt and Tieria, Allelujah is on opposite sides from Marie, Saji and Louise are seperated with little chance to meet, and so on. Though if you develop a good, reasonable pairing between two characters (and I'd be impressed if you made it unconventional), go ahead with it. But romance isn't the focus of the universe.

    3. Angst =/= emo. Most everyone in the plot has a fair cause for not being a happy camper: Setsuna and Nena have their past actions, Lockon is trying to get over his vengance obsession, Tieria's been bitch-slapped by the one man he trusts more than anyone else, Allelujah has to come to terms with Marie not being there, and Soma and Louise are faced with both of their loved ones going missing off the face of the planet under troubling circumstances.

    But by god, that doesn't make them emo. Adapting and overcoming a problem (or even failing to, as Nena won't come to terms with her guilt over Saji and Nena until her final conversation with Saji) is what the story is about, not a giant pity party (though pity scenes would fit in some cases: ex, Soma and Louise).

    4. Keep it in character. Now this may be tricky, since some characters (Nena) have blatantly changed, others (Darryl) survived when they would have died, and still others (most everyone like Graham, Allelujah, Saji) are developing at different trajectories than they have before because of the changes. And these changes will add up and create more different changes. But a change that's honestly developed from the setting and in-character choices (ex: Saji choosing to tell Sergei, and then developing out of his hatred after seeing what it's done to Billy) can still be honest to the character, while a cheap and arbitrary change (Setsuna suddenly getting romantically interested in anyone by episode 15) would definitely be out of character.

    One character this might especially be hard for is Lockon. While Nena's reformed good-side is a new experience to work with and has a lot more leeway before being called 'out of character,' someone like Lockon (or Saji, as new episodes come out) who has an established character may see you try to fall back on their past character. This would be a mistake: at his end, Lockon wasn't the same easy-going man he had been most of Season 1. He willingly turned into a man obsessed with revenge, and by the very nature of surviving as he did while Ali got away Lockon can't have that swept that under the rug. Lockon's own rehabilitation is something he'll have to work towards.

    Summary: Don't turn take it into the wilderness and bring it back as something aweful, don't forget the feel of the series (and a Gundam series is a war drama), and don't forget character. Easy, right?

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