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  1. Shiek927
    2010-01-20 14:42
    Looks pretty cool , I don't know as much about Transformers as others, never seeing much else except Beast Wars and the Michael Bay movie, but the time period you've chosen seems like a great idea. I like the Megatron personality you've chosen, as he always seemed methodical enough to me to take his time to ensure his plans succeed.

    It's overall, a really neat twist, since you would think the Autobots would be Blue, and of course, Megs has his own agenda. It actually sounds like a great concept for a new TV show or cartoon
  2. Shiek927
    2010-01-19 01:46
    Been a while, how've you been?
  3. Shiek927
    2009-12-24 14:14
    If I don't get the chance by the way, Happy Holidays!
  4. Shiek927
    2009-12-21 17:13
    Well, we all have our preferences. I don't believe I could ever adapt to the city; I feel claustrophobic everytime I enter New York, their's so many people 0_0

    And the heat, the noise, the pace, the little greenery....

    I hate it when my blood is drawn; I was in the hospital alot this past summer, and I couldn't get used to the feeling of it
  5. Shiek927
    2009-12-21 15:24
    Heh, I think somebody called me that before

    You gave blood? That was very generous

    I always loved the rural life; I like in a surburban neighborhood right now, but unlike the city, I definitely could adapt

    Roflmao, my body doesn't allow me to go to sleep unless I'm actually tired which is bad since it means I stay up late and wake up late .
  6. Shiek927
    2009-12-20 20:13
    Heh, "Shriek"

    Sounds great, good that you're on break . Heard Avatar was a great movie, but it's by James Cameron, so it's a given .

    A barn? what state do you guys live in?
  7. Shiek927
    2009-12-19 15:03
    So how've you been lately? Going home for christmas? See any good movies lately?
  8. Masterkeyes2
    2009-12-14 03:36
    Are you studying abroad?

    Never heard of it. Is some form of harem/love comedy or shounen?

    I love Index to be honest. Other shows I have seen lately are Darker Than Black, Twelve Kingdoms (Best character development ever), Seto no Hanayome, Seito Kai, TTGL (hot-blooded action is hot-blooded), all the Garden of Sinners movies, finished the Fate Stay Night VN, Library Wars, Big-O, Berserk, and Hajime no Ippo.

    Eden of the East was so trippy (JOHNNY!) but it had a good solid story. Didn't feel much love for some of the character, at least the heroine but I liked Akira. Hopefully the movies will live up to my expectations.

    On the writing been doing a bit-here and there-and trying to get some chapters in for an original story (fantasy in case you are wondering).
  9. Masterkeyes2
    2009-12-08 00:36
    So what are you up to? Haven't seen you in a while. Watching anything new? Oh and if you haven't I recommended the Kara no Kyoukai movies. God-tier that stuff is.
  10. Keroko
    2009-12-05 15:23
    Why thank you, your comments are flattering. I always try to take care not to let my OC's overshadow the canon cast.

    The name... well, it's only a name, she doesn't really move at light speed, but I needed a cool nickname, something that had to do with speed... I would have used Accelerator, but that one is, well, unavailable for obvious reasons.

    She was created merely because I have a mind that buzzes with these kinds of ideas. Most don't make it to paper, some do. I always have an OC in an anime that I make my own stories with, though most remain in my head. Keroko made it to paper because myself and a few other creators went brainstorming, I might write a fic with her some time.

    If you'd like to read more, I have been creating characters for the Nanohaverse for some time now, and I had a short period of creating Strike Witches characters as well. The link for both archives is in my signature.

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