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  1. Dean_the_Young
    2009-04-11 05:28
    Well, there's really only two of any real importance, so...

    Not sure how solid that Gundam of today vs. yesterday is. Counting backwards...

    -00 S2: Clear good guys, clear bad guys (A-LAWS)
    -00 S1: Unclear sides, though it's clear that CB is a bunch of idealogues
    -GSD: Clear bad side (genocidal EA), mostly clear good side (ZAFT, until the final five episodes of Destiny Plan, which really got fumbled on the delivery of making it sound bad), and an unquestionably perfectly good side (Lacus)
    -GS: While both sides were balanced, there were clear good and bad sides in each faction, and the good factions united at the end. Also, Orb was pure and good.
    -GW: Good guys (G-boys), clear bad guys (OZ, Rommerfellow Foundation, White Fang0
    (skipping back more)
    -G Gundam: Clear good guys, clear bad guy faction (Devil Gundam + cohorts)
    -ZZ Gundam: AEUG Good, Axis bad
    -Z Gundam: AEUG Good, Titans bad
    -MSG: Federation corrupt but benign, Axis genocidal agressors

    Looks pretty standard to me. The only recent one to clearly have the 'no good side' was GS, which developed one (plus Orb was supposed to be pure and innocent, despite aiding the EA). 00 had good versus bad for the second half, and the first half was the idea that CB was the bad, but for a Greater Good.
  2. Masterkeyes2
    2009-04-10 18:56
    That's a shame on the character bits for Star Gazer. I was hoping at least they were something respectable comparing to Kira and Athrun. I do find the whole EA=evil rather annoying though. Mostly because I do have qaulms with test-tube babies and human engineering that ZAFT depicts. I see at as playing God and Japan seems to wants to play that down, but thats a whole another arguement.

    I do think someone made a good point on the whole Gundam of yesterday vs the Gundam today.

    Gundam yesterday was; war sucks but at least were a going to give you a faction to root for and give the other side some likeable people at the same time. That way you can choose who to root for.

    Gundam today: War sucks and both factions are evil. Therefore you should root for this group of characters who are the ultimate judges of character-rather than letting you decided for yourself.

    Now not having watched the whole UC era I am not so sure how likeable the Zeon and EF are respectable but from watching 0080 I will take it as an example as to how it was.
  3. Dean_the_Young
    2009-04-10 18:29
    Good, agreed, hell yeah and enjoy. That shortens the first three paragraphs.

    Season 1 would/can work well on its own, all things considered. Even if it's a "we are the evil that will unite the world in our destruction" trophe, it would be an enjoyable one. Everyone dies to the extreme. Of course, there would be such plot threads as Ribbons conspiracy, though that could have been shortened with him going "we are the real Celestial Being" in the epilogue thingie.

    Overall, I thought S2 was mostly a good show, but it's stop-go character development and total abandonment of some past characters for nearly the entire season (Bushido, Nena, Wang Liu Mei) really annoyed me.

    I recommend Star Gazer. It's a good production, works well within the Destiny framework, and does a bit to puncture the "ZAFT is harmless dogooders" image of Destiny (though it keeps the EA/AF as genocidal racist bigots). Good fights, good music, though the characters are nothing to remember.
  4. Masterkeyes2
    2009-04-10 17:07
    Para 1: That would be great. I'll send you a copy of our notes when my friend sends them to me.

    Para 2: True. Again this is my desire that Graham was one of the main protag's and is actually developed fully as a character instead of being an archtype.

    Para 3: Digimon was one of my favorite series back in the day. I'll have to go rewatch it for nostaliga. Speaking of which; finally got the Mobile Suit Gundam movie collection. Comes with the Three MSG movies, Chars counterattack, and 08th MS Team movie. Gonna watch it with my friend after I finish up school for the term.

    Para 4: Truthfully I wasn't satisfied with 25 but that shouldn't come as a surprise I guess. In all honesty my final opinion was colored by dislike for some of the things that happened throughout the season. I guess it really just seems that they probably could of done well by ending the series with season 1-or at least ending the 4 Meister's stories there. Lockon was dead, consumed by his vengeance which ultimately led to his downfall. Tiera was able to avenge his fallen comrade and finally move past being an aloof spectator of humanity-instead actually putting his neck on the line for his comrades in earnest, rather than being a Veda robot. Alle/Halle finally merged at the end of the season after a long struggle in an identity crisis and they were then soundly beaten by Sergei/Soma finally resolving that conflict as well.

    Finally Setsuna who had confirmed himself to be nothing but a destroyer was able to justify that by taking out something more destructive than himself. In the end it seemed like he was able to obtain a small bit of peace after his long journey of endless fighting.

    Of course this is just my jaded view on Sunrise for not making 0081 an OVA series. Though I do like the end fight with Dark Amuro in the RX-87 facing off the Exia.

    On a side note I bought model for the Strike Noir Gundam. Would you recommend Gundam Stargazer by any chance?
  5. Dean_the_Young
    2009-04-09 18:06
    Para 1: Well, when you do it, let me know and I'll be sure to give you constructive criticism. Or not, if that's not what you want.

    Para 2: Well, money makes the world go round. Sad, but true. Sort of makes a good point about Graham's character, though; his pride/honor comes back to harm him in the long run. If he hadn't felt himself to be too inferior to marry the girl, he could have a happy, stable family and an ally in the military. If he hadn't sworn to fight with a flag, Darryl might have lived. And so on. It's who he is, tragically. I actually considered doing a short of how everything could have gone right in Graham's life, but it was too fanboyish.

    Para 3: Pretty much every season of Digimon (or at least the first 3; I never watched past that). Digimon is a bildungsroman anime; it's a story about how young children mature into better people. It's got the monsters and the cliches and tends towards episodic developments but it's actually an amazing story in terms of character development. I can't emphasize how true it is.

    In season one, for example, the goggle-boy leader Tai has his overconfidence go over his head a number of times, to disastrous results; he turns his partner into a monstrosity, a good friend gets kidnapped, and so on. It takes an entire episode (or more) both times to recover. And another of the kids, Matt, is led into turning on Tai, who he has a best friend/hate relationship with, an event which fractures the group. But he works back to it. Season 1 was great for maturity development.

    In Season 2, the primary antagonist for the first half/third of the season is the Digimon Emperor, Ken. He enslaves, tortures, and kills digimon with an iron fist before he is defeated. Corrupted by the powers of darkness after his brother (who he has a well-grounded inferiority complex to) died, after his defeat he reforms with the help of his partner, who died to save him. It takes quite awhile for most of the new Chosen Children to forgive him and accept that he's reformed, but in the final episodes it's revealed that he doesn't forgive himself when his ideal dream world is one in which he's punished by his victims eternally.

    Season 3 (my favorite: secret government organization FTW!) had a number of these as well. Some characters just made mistakes, which were resolved. Takato was regularly irresponsible and in his rage turned his partner into a true monster, Henry had anger suppression issues (that he struggled with all season at times, despite being the level headed one of the group), and Rika was the first digimon character in the franchise to break with her partner at one point, along with having a selfish view for awhile. But the most compelling character was Impmon: a digimon who ran away from his tamers because they kept fighting over him, he only wants strength. When he does get it, he goes on a rampage, brutally killing one of the children's digimon and absorbing the data. Though he's beaten not too long after, he loses his way and is lost in his regret. One of the most touching moments of the series was when he tried to rescue the girl who's partner he killed, even at the risk of his own life.

    Digimon rocked with character development, to a degree I've never seen matched since. I can't praise the show enough about it.

    Para 4: I liked 25, since it was a satisfactory conclusion. The R2 vs. 0 was a bit out there homage, and I wanted at least Revive to survive, but hey. (I also wish Saji got a bit more relevance; I kept thinking that had he been in the 0 Riser, Setsuna would have done better.)

    Drabble wise, I really shot myself in the foot with 24. 24 was almost perfect; I really hit everything I wanted to do with a final piece, but I was so worried it wouldn't hold after 25 (like with Tieria getting a new body) that I went ahead and posted it. My 25 ideas revolve around if their final characterization went back, what would be different, but that's far too broad, inconclusive, and multi-short to really sit well. I'm going to call 24 final, with 25 to be an intro drabble into the 25 short ideas, likely my next weekly update project.

    Final para: Sorry, but no. Not much time now, either.
  6. Masterkeyes2
    2009-04-09 10:28
    That theory is actually pretty interesting. It's actually the reverse of what me and my friend came up for when we were doing planning for our R2 rewrite. The idea is that what him and Monica (who is replacing Suzaku as the Lancelot pilot in our fic) bear resemblance to C.C.'s parents. We are of course coming up with our own ideas as to the Geass plot line.

    As for Graham and his teacher. It seems kinda of sad that his teacher risked his life over money like that. It seems like a tragedy which would have been nice if 00 had shown Graham working past. But asking Japan for any form of redepmtion for characters who have done wrong seems to be like asking them to shot themselves in the foot.

    Honestly what was the last anime that ever showed a character committing a wrong, and then redeeming himself in a reasonable manner? Sacrificing yourself doesn't count might I add.

    On another note I have been wondering how were your impressions for 25 were? I look forward to whenever you finish the drabble for that episode.

    Oh and your "Crazy Gundam Chicks" parody of "Still Alive' made for good karaoke with me and my buds. Hard to sing though without doing it a couple of times first.

    Last thing; have you ever watched Ga-Rei Zero?
  7. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-22 16:42
    My personal pet private theory (probably invalidated by S2, but who cares?) was that C.C. might have been Suzaku's mother. It would tie a few loose ends; who Suzaku's mother was (never even touched on or mentioned in series), how Suzaku was related to the geass without having one, and just why C.C. was on the Kururagi estate. The idea in short: after leaving Britannia before Lelouch's birth, C.C. goes to Japan (the great neutral power where Britannia has little leverage) and makes a partnership with Kururagi. She exchanges her knowledge of Geass for his protection and him promising to fulfill her wish, that sort of thing. Part of what she helps him with is a way to try and make someone with Geass abilities; it involves her having a child. Suzaku is born, but his Geass powers aren't apparent; since they're physical, not mental, it's easily missable. Kururugi takes Suzaku (C.C. is heartless enough not to be attached), and they move on to other things. C.C. becomes a woman Suzaku sees with his father, but knows nothing about. When Britannia attacks, C.C. leaves the country in haste, barely remembering the boy afterwards.

    Well, I liked it. C.C. defintely seemed like a person who could have a child and not have mothering instinct.

    As for the name of Graham's commander and the almost-fiance, only the commander's name was mentioned. The girl never got a role. Here's a copy/paste of LoweGear's post on the matter.

    He wanted Graham to marry his daughter, but Graham refused. And being of limited financial stature he wanted to give his daughter money she needed.

    Here's the excerpts from months before, using info from Japanese and chinese blogs:

    Originally Posted by translation
    Graham is an orphan. It seems that he becomes a soldier (and a pilot) because he loves the sky and has no money to become a normal plane pilot. Graham Special is named by Billy. He managed to transform his Flag mid air even though it was the first time he piloted it, and without reading the instructions . Graham's former superior officer (the one who died) chose Graham to become the husband of his daughter. Graham rejected it because he thought he was poor and didn't deserve her. Graham fought this superior officer during a simulation battle, which Graham won, but his superior's MS crashed as a result.
    Originally Posted by calubin_175
    Graham's first account of his midair transformation was back in 2304, when he was trialling the Iris Co produced YMS-01a Flag. Eifman and Billy whom were on site were mesmerised by this unprecedented midair transformation, thus dubbing this skill as the Graham Maneuver and Graham Special respectively.

    The purpose of the trial was to decide which model will become the Union's next mainstay weapon. In competition with the Flag was Belfactory's "Blast" which was described as an enhanced version of the Realdo. Apparently, the test pilot for the Blast was Graham's mentor, Sleg Sletcher, whom he had a small grudge with before, I think...

    I am still unsure about why Sletcher became the test pilot for the Blast. According to Howard Mason, Sletcher was in need of money for his daughter, so he became the test pilot through an arrangement with Belfactory whom paid him and promised another payout if the Blast was approved as the next mainstay unit.

    During the simulation battle between Graham's Flag and Sletcher's Blast, Sletcher, knowing that the Blast is inferior and holds no chances of winning, he performs a kamikaze attack on Graham, cutting his wings off, but crashing himself onto the ground.

    Even though the Blast wasn't commssioned as the next mainstay unit, the life insurance payout from Sletcher's death was enough to sustain his daughter.
    Still trying to find where I found that bit about having live ammo switched on Graham's unit...
  8. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-22 15:44
    It's funny for the C.C. real name they gave the excuse that because C.C. moved on from her past it doesn't matter anymore-or some random bullshit lol.

    Actually the Suzaku thing is something me and my friend are going to address in our rewrite of R2. Also what is with this whole, you have to read the magazine interviews that are in another langauge, to get the full of the story? It seems Taboo to me to try and explain things that should be explained in the main story through side material. I am glad that they elaborated what happened to Kujo in the main storyline instead of shoving the event into a CD-Drama like they did with Graham.

    Speaking of which did they ever give the Captain or the Daughter a name?
  9. Dean_the_Young
    2009-03-19 07:58
    (First post)
    I think that was part of the point; to show that they (Celestial Being) were hypocrits and flawed people who were winning because of the power of their Gundams, and were most empathetically not gallant heroes without true sin (like certain other anti-war casts in Gundam past). As for how they were different from the Trinities, I see that a measure of degrees. The Trinities took everything CB claimed and then took it farther; while Ptolemy group didn't like casualties but accepted them, Trinity never gave them a second thought. And while the Meisters intervened in conflicts and attacked their roots, the Trinities merely attacked the means (military bases of the powers) even if they weren't starting any conflicts. Neither were good, but it's a difference between bad and worse.

    (Second Post)
    When I made that list, I didn't go down episodes; I went down a character and faction list, picking out at least one piece per person. Some characters had especially notable ones, so I gave them two. Then I went down the faction list for choice bits. Only after that did I pick out particular events.

    And for Code Geass, dropped plot threads might be easier.

    Some easy ones, for example.

    Suzaku: Where did the powers come from? It was implied (outright stated in extra material) in R1 that his abilities were supernatural and Geass related, but those were officially dropped.

    CC: Real name. It was a plot point, even, but they dropped it and we never heard it mentioned again after Mao.

    CC: Why was she in Japan, watching a young Suzaku and Lelouch play, and what's her link to Suzaku? In the very prologue of the series she's seen watching the two play immediately before the Britannian invasion. Later in R1, she's surprised when Suzaku can see her at the SAZ ceremony and is about to confront him about it before the tragedy.

    Kallen: Her brother. Is it that hard to resolve that plot point, rather than bring it up every ten episodes and then drop it?

    Kallen: Her father. Never even seen, IIRC. What happened to him, and the rest of the Statfields.

    Queen Marianna: She's said to be a ace nightmare frame pilot... but we never see it. Ever. Not even in extra material.

    Charles: Talking with the dead. He can do it... so why does it never come back, even when they're back in the Realm of C?

    And so on.
  10. Masterkeyes2
    2009-03-19 03:47
    Oh btw excellent work on your latest drabble. The "I knew you knew I knew" thing is something I see often in cheesy shows, glad you can use it to the effect of humor.

    Anyway while I am still planning 00 AU-having trouble giving it a name-I am helping my friend make a rewrite for R2 and also I am planning on making some drabbles for Code Geass; tell me what episode do you think would be approriate to make my own list of useless plot-twists, plotholes, ect ect ?

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