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mugenTaichou mugenTaichou is offline

Sanity, you say?

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  1. Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius
    2008-05-31 07:07
    Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius
    Hi mugenTaichou let me tell you something i thing you're Male so you're Female that really surprised me
  2. Amirali
    2008-05-30 13:07
    Ah, the country has it's compensations. I won't really be arrested if I go out in shorts.....just scolded and glared at. And life here is very slow and leisurely........people believe in chilling out. It's a comfortable existence here, if one can get a nice job (and not a very demanding one). It's much more relaxed than jobs in America..............from what I hear from my relatives, people get worked to the bone there. I'm just too lazy .
  3. Irkalla
    2008-05-29 20:36
    Baška on's like my fav sea place, camping, sand, what I feel all nostalgic now XD
    Omg did you manage that? XD

    side note. Amirali you should move out of your country
  4. Amirali
    2008-05-29 18:28
    It's over a 100 Fahrenheit, and getting hotter every day. And what's worse, I can't even wear shorts outside, or I'll risk being arrested :S . Same goes for girls too. If in your part of the world, girls dress scantily outside.........then the eye candy almost enough to make up for the heat. Over here, sadly, no such compensations.

    Ah, at least in summer there are plenty of tasty fruits to eat. Mangos, berries, mmmm.
  5. Amirali
    2008-05-29 18:03
    Thanks for adding me......I've always enjoyed your wit. The "seeing Ririn through a sniper rifle" line has to be my all time favourite. It's also great to see a girl appreciating a strong man (zaraki) instead of wusses like Kira and Hitseguya.

    So how is the summer passing in Europe? Is it as romantic and awesome as the tourist ads say? Over here , it's so hot that I just try and laze away the sunlight hours....
  6. Irkalla
    2008-05-29 17:41
    Yeah totally...It's like the same if I keep my window open the whole day XD
    I wanna go to the sea *sigh* to BAŠKA! best place ever
  7. BleachOD
    2008-05-29 17:06
    They are new, I am assuming it's in the last week. I like you too. You have great sigs (Believe me I pay attention to such things) And I like your posts and you like Zaraki's seiyuu. I do too! I will always defend IchiRuki..It's a great love story. I hate to sound emo, because this is really not me. But I was getting the feeling, I am not liked here...I guess I was wrong on some counts. Don't be a stranger.
  8. Irkalla
    2008-05-29 16:53
    Hahah, yeah I feel ya...It's so fucking hot, not to mention that my room is under a mansard...double hotness XDDD (in a bad way of course )
  9. Irkalla
    2008-05-29 16:45
    Nothing much, relaxing on the net You?
    And Yeah, I found out recently too XD...was it even there before, lol?
  10. BleachOD
    2008-05-29 16:43
    I am honored you thought of me. I would love to be your friend...Well we already are...but you know what I mean.

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