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  1. Nerroth
    2010-05-15 00:18
    The same guys do a thing called City Commander - and a few variants of the same. It takes the Classics Magnus (a white repaint of Classics Optimus Prime) and Ultra-fies it.
  2. Lost Cause
    2010-05-14 20:20
    Lost Cause
    That's pretty damn COOL! Say you know where I might find an 'Ultra Magnus' figure? I do like him too! LC
  3. Nerroth
    2010-05-14 07:24
    Speaking of Rodimus, there's a kit I'm looking forward to - FansProject's Protector. It'll let you take the more recent Classics/Henkei version of Hot Rod and turn him into Rodimus Prime!
  4. Lost Cause
    2010-05-13 22:15
    Lost Cause
    You mean 'Hot Rod' er I mean 'Rodimus Prime'? Dude I got that figure! I also got; Galvatron, Power Master Optimus Prime, and the original Optimus Prime, and Thrust. I know I forgot somebody? OH Ironhide! LC
  5. Nerroth
    2010-05-13 21:17
    I don't mind at all!

    There's a Type-Moon group and a Saber club here, too - and a community of Nasuverse fans over at Beast's Lair (a few of whom are here at AS).

    Plus, TF-wise, there's a few places to try - such as 2005.

    And you are referring to the Chaos Bringer Himself, Unicron!

    Favourite TFs? I'll give you a clue: one of them made sure the guy you quoted didn't get to finish the job!
  6. Lost Cause
    2010-05-13 21:05
    Lost Cause
    Yup! I'm a big fan of Fate/stay night! And Saber does rather fit my personality. Oh I am a woman by the way, hope ya don't mind?
    So did you guess what Transformer I quoted? And who is your favorite Transfomer?
    And before I forget: I AM on the Autobits side! LC
  7. Nerroth
    2010-05-13 20:45
    I might have to consult my copy of the Covenant of Primus to figure that one out!
  8. Lost Cause
    2010-05-13 20:40
    Lost Cause
    Hello, I'm Lost Cause, a long time Transformers fan! Watched it since it first aired on TV! I would like to join your group and talk Transformers ok? Call me LC for short and here's a bit of trivia for you; "For a time I considered sparring your wretched little planet Cybertron, but now you will witness it's DISMEMBERMENT!", ok, who said that line? LC
  9. Nerroth
    2010-04-20 15:26
    It's from Final Fantasy Agito XIII, which will (eventually) show up on PSP.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2010-04-19 01:39
    Hey, just curious but I was wondering about that image in your signature and where it comes from. Thanks if you can help

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