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Black Dragon

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  1. TheShinySword
    2008-10-28 22:19
    ah that makes much more sense
  2. TheShinySword
    2008-10-28 21:51
    Just so you know (because it was the most unique spelling I've ever seen) it's languages not lenguajes
  3. TheShinySword
    2008-10-28 06:30
    No problem I can't complain you did make them after all


    But I'm not sure what you question is asking ^^;;;
  4. Flo
    2008-10-27 12:46
    Sup Rick, don't sweat it about the past. We're cool, peace.
  5. wanwan1203
    2008-10-27 07:48
    hi Rick! ^^ ok let's try and calm down for a bit.

    no one is claiming to be the winner in this discussion. tempest, comartemis and the others are just trying to defend their claims with some facts.

    yes you never said "I'm right, you're not!" but you did say this in reply to tempest's calm if not exasperated post. ^^;; i don't think it was "pointless"...because tempest was trying to ask comartemis to stop arguing so that things will not escalate. it was also not sudden because the discussion which started on your post (#1909) has been going on for 2 pages.

    please do not be offended so much, they are not asking you to change your opinion. i understand that you don't like strikerS and that's fine. ^^ but please also understand that some of them like strikerS and that's fine too. right?
  6. Krinen
    2008-10-27 05:21
    Rick, think of it the way we are. Though you may be analyzing the arguments, you are not replying in a way that makes it seem like you are. And it might be simple miscommunication. I don't mean to attack you for any reason, but you're a bit hard to understand sometimes. Because of this, most of your posts seemed to contradict themselves, while also giving no hint that you actually understood what anyone was saying. Most of the argument seemed to be revolving around your dislike of StrikerS. Okay. You dislike StrikerS. But that does not mean that it's BAD. I thought it was rather good, and most people think the same. Bear in mind, not everyone thinks the same way, and most of your posts seemed to use your opinion as the defining rule, making them biased and unfounded. Hence the accusations of you being "Thick".

    Now, I know that was long winded, and I don't mean to sound angry, or rude. But just let it go. Don't say weather the argument went one way or the other. Just let it drop, and we can stop this cleverly hidden flamewar.
  7. Satashi
    2008-10-24 12:48
    Female :3 "Satashi" as a character is a female with brownish red foxears and tail (with white tips), and purple hair, golden eyes ^_^

    As for Angel, she doesn't check forums often, I'll ask her when I get home
  8. The Chaos
    2008-10-24 11:22
    The Chaos
    Thank you For The Sig
  9. RadiantBeam
    2008-10-19 19:47
    I have a weakness for Zarf.
  10. Kaix
    2008-10-16 19:05
    I don't have enough time to reply to the FF thread now (or in the next 12 hours as a fact - need to read the whole backlog) I'll just say here that you can use Medieval Nanoha in whatever you wish to do, however you see fit. xD Can't wait to see what you plan to do.

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