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*Graphic Designer

Evil Rick Evil Rick is offline

Black Dragon

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  1. NorthernFallout
  2. kaworu50
    2010-07-07 05:40
    Hi, Rick. Long time.
    Looks like you improved your p-shop skills.
    Keep up!
  3. Daniel E.
    2010-07-02 15:50
    Daniel E.
    Pues la tormenta en si no fue problema en mi area (vivo cerca de las montaņas), pero el gorro esta en este momento ya que nos hemos quedado sin algunos servicios, como el agua (ahorita) y el servicio electrico y telefonico (ayer).

    Claro, otras zonas del estado se vieron muy afectadas (zona sur), pero al menos parece que lo pear ya paso.
  4. Thunderbird
    2010-06-15 21:33
    Got it, thanks. I need to work out several other things first before I continue. Mainly I need to get my previous thing edited and I need to keep writing lolz
  5. felix
    2010-06-15 14:31
    If he posts all is good. If he doesn't, that's a answer in itself too. Frankly I'm feel partly to blame since my attempt at throwing some positivity in the situation seems to have turned everything into some kind of mess.
  6. felix
    2010-06-15 13:38
    That was sarcasm/joke then, I was referring only to the previous comment, where I quoted what you said in the thread. You said you don't find sarcasm funny so I just avoided it after that. I did not mean it in a offensive way at the time either.

    The only reason I'm upset is because while I'm very much aware that's really poor quality, its also what I always see newbies go for. There's a small chance that sort of criticism will put them on the right track when used sparingly, but a bigger chance we'll never see the person anywhere near anything related to graphics ever again. I'm pretty sure the forum rules related to "attacking" other members were created following similar foresight.
  7. felix
    2010-06-15 11:48
    No, I just was pointing out how your comment comes out as what you said its not. There's no sarcasm or anything there if that's how you're reading into it.
  8. felix
    2010-06-15 04:09
    You said,
    Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
    Whta can I say, don't like any of them, some of us here are Chatolic, you know?
    Its all in one sentence, so its hard to read it as anything else. From what you say I'll take it you meant to write it in two and leave at that.
  9. felix
    2010-06-14 23:29
    Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
    For me, he can submit that, but he shouldn't be expecting to get a vote coming from me.

    Besides, graphically speaking the sigs look very bad, a graphic must have 3 things, legibility, balance and to be clear at the eyes of the viewer, all the efects, the stains, lighting and the heavy metal-album style kills the first, putting a realistic paint with anime characters kills the second and on the sig we have several characters on scene without any central point of atention wich kills the third. Plus the animated sig and the red sig are eye bleeding images.
    I know they're bad err- less then good/in need of work (I don't know, something). But I've seen this quality every single contest in the dozens, and you all make it sound like "its almost perfect", what makes this one so different? Well whathever, I don't care. I told ganbaru something similar. If you want to turn it into some reenactment of The Crusades in order to save za holy land its all fine by me; I'll just step back and enjoy the show.
  10. Thunderbird
    2010-06-13 08:10
    nice nice ^.^ go ahead with it.

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