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  1. Narona
    2008-11-24 07:34
    It was indeed quite funny. It's interesting how there are similarities between Negi and Nagi despite them being quite different in terms of personality. I will check them out.

    There are actually not a lot of differences. One is a brat, the other is a serious boy. What other difference can you find? Negi, imo, will be as powerful as Nagi when he will hit his 15.

    Yeah, the students basically said the same exact thing. We'll see eventually I hope.

    Yeah, in 2010 or 2011

    Did we ever learn who summoned the demons who attacked Negi's home all those years ago?

    I think yes, but not anytime soon.

    Quite possible. If he was captured, he may have either switched sides or been brainwashed. Or something.

    The fact is that during the party after having defeated the Boss. You can see nagi, eishun, Rakan + Takamichi and Gatou in the background. No sign of Zect and Imma. Imma survived for sure, since we can see him in that Istanbul flashback in an old chapter. But We never saw Zect again during the flashbacks who happened after the war.

    In terms of bad things, I think Sergei is going to die at some point. And yes, his reaction was funny as was the crew's.

    The new episode was good, even if Tieria as a woman was disturbing XD
  2. Narona
    2008-11-22 09:12
    Yeah, they did in a way... go read this thread:

    I read the chapter 233 and WOW. really. Rakan's face when he said "this is a secret" was so FUNNY . And Zect is soooooooooooo cute <3 So both father and son have a chibi master <3. I posted my thoughts in the negima thread, hope you will check it

    Yeah, he refused but he said that nothing happened "during the war". For me it's obvious that he means thta something happened after the war. Read: 10 years later.

    Yep, it was a forbbiden love XD

    Yeah... but even her hasn't asked what happened to Zect. Something tells me that in the "real ending", Zect died or was captured, and later became the new fate.

    What did you think of the newest episode? I thought it was pretty good though I was surprised they took care of that matter so fast.

    I am not interested in somaXHalle, but I saw that as a death flag. That pairing happened too early imo. I loved Lockon's reaction when he was halle and soma XD
  3. Jeffry2009
    2008-11-20 11:17
    Hi what's up?

    Have you ever read my so-called thesis that i send it to you? I have a weird autism called 'asperger syndrome'. I don't what the hell was that mean so maybe Wikipedia could help.
  4. Narona
    2008-11-20 08:23
    I have to write a second message, because now each message is limited to 2000 characters max.

    If I am understanding the translation I just went through for the new chapter, the mysterious boy (he is referred to as Zect here or something) is Nagi's master!!! Didn't see that coming.

    Still haven't read it. This is a big surprise, but not so surprising when you think about it. We knew that something was up with this guy. He was too mysterious. He had to be a powerful guy.

    And it seems the students figured that something happened with Nagi and Arika, but Rakan said it was a secret and only told them that nothing happened between them during that period.

    But that doesn't prove that nothing happened 10 years later.

    He also stated that it would have been a huge scandel if anything was found out to happen between them. Which could mean that very few people would know if it did happen. Hmm.

    I see. So, I would understand now why negi's mother name is kept as a big, big secret.

    And Chisame noted how the ending was too happy and pointed out that the 10 years after were probably spent fixing all the problems that occurred because of the war. So that is the time we need to see. And it will probably be a long while.

    Haha, Chisame is smart ^^. Well, so Rakan modified the ending of the story... But he will not tell the truth anytime soon, I think ^^
  5. Narona
    2008-11-20 08:22
    That isn't Filius though. That's Albiero I think. Though I suppose it doesn't matter since the idea is applicable either way. I wonder if there is some weird thing with aging in this world.

    I never said it was Filius who said that :O But since we can't guess Imma and asuna's ages, it's possible that Filius is the same as them, way older than how he looks.

    I here from those that go there sometimes that it has just degenerated into some horrible mess. Eh, that's something of a problem whenever you have differing idea over a subject. I don't particularly care to attack someone else's ideas regarding something with that show anymore unless the show itself contradicts. That particular subject and others is open since each fanbase can see what they choose to view. Oh, well.

    They are kinda childish, so now we just wait for them to stop. We can't do anything else. Maybe they will grow up someday

    Are you watching 00? Did you see the new episode?

    Of course.
  6. Narona
    2008-11-19 18:46
    Oh, she could very likely not be his mother and we are just being teased. It's just that she is the first candidate we have ever really seen and there does seem to be something of a connection with them. If it's not her than someone else, or maybe no one, will show up. Unless that theory that Negi is Nagi ends up being true, though I hope not

    Do you hate the nagi>negi theory? Me I have nothing against it, it just seems that given what said the characters of the story, Negi is his son, not some sort of clone. Anyway, Negi is born 10 years after the end of the great war. So don't expect to get an answer about Arika being negi's mother anytime soon. Given how Akamatsu deals with his story. It will take 10 volumes at least to get that answer <_<

    No, I don't remember that line at all, but that chapter was a long time ago. If he is older than he looks than he could be someone like the other Fate, but was helping Nagi. We'll get an answer eventually.

    Chapter 169, this page:

    Sorry in any case for going off like that.

    Don't be sorry, I am the one who did a reference to that plague in the code geass forum. Well, some of them like to see what pleases them. They have this right. They just don't accept when the cluclu fans do the same. Whatever we can say, they always reply with "nonsense" or "irrevelant" or "illogical". Being not ok with their made up facts = illogical. How do you want to debate? There is no possibility. And after that, they laugh because no cluclu fan debates with them, as if we were stupid and unable to do it. But in fact, we just understood that they don't want to have a debate.
  7. Narona
    2008-11-18 20:28
    If there is a truth to learn. I mean, maybe she is not his mother. I would like her to be, but I am not sure. Anyway, I don't think there will be any surprise. I really think she is his mother. But then again I don't like to call fact what I just assumme, and since we can only assume... (you don't read the CG forum anymore, so maybe you will not understand why I say that)

    Or it could be something. Remember that flashback when nagi, Imma and Eishun come to save Asuna. Imma said "that you can't tell asuna's real age just by looking at her, and this is the same about him". So maybe Filius is older than his looks.

    Remember that this Arc can last LONG. The efstival arc was longer than long, and boring. So before seeing the end of this arc, I have the feeling that we will have to wait for some months.
  8. Narona
    2008-11-18 18:46
    I guess that no one will question the ending. It's always like that with Akamatsu . For more answers, we will have to wait for 50 more chapters

    Well, but if the current Fate is Filius, why did he not grow up?

    I don't think he will get more chapters anytime soon. And before the final confrontation with Fate, how much chapters will have to be done? I guess a lot. So I don't know if I will keep reading it if the next chapters become uninteresting again...
  9. Theron
    2008-11-17 21:29
    Waaaaah!~ I just finished watching all the episodes that I've missed. ^_____^

    Alle and Marie got a happy-ending-sort-of-thing! Yay! Ureshi! ^^ Although it was sort of unexpected to be that soon.

    Another nice thing I noticed: Mei-tan seems to be deciving the Innovators with a little help from her friend Nena. So there's still hope for her jet. And even though I rarely say that sort of thing she looked kind of hot with her hair tied up in a ponytail-like style. Makes me wanna go all Kyon on her. ^~" ;P THe twist with her brother on the other hant is really not interesting at all - I suspected that way before in the begining of the first season.

    Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ribbons has a greenish Gundam! Looks like a plastic toy! Damn, that's even more hillarious than golden Alvatore!

    Anyway I'm going to sleep now - really tired. I'll go into details tomorrow - thank God, I have only a few things to take care of! What a troblesome week that was, heh... -_-'
  10. Narona
    2008-11-17 17:05
    Good evening!

    So apparently, Arika is really on nagi's side. I see the scans of the chapter 233 and I am sure that rakan disney-ified the ending.

    And the little guy seems to be called Filius. I still have in mind the possibility of him to become the new fate.

    Anyway, interesting Arc, but in the end, we didn't get that much of answers, BLEH.

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