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  1. darthfury78
    2008-10-31 00:56
    I had read that in one of the early plans for R2, was to have had the Ashford Students onboard an air ship, like Lloyd's Avalon. Even if Ashford was left behind, I would have imagined that Milly would still be around. Not sure if she would have called off the engagement to Lloyd. But I could imagine her as being a sort of ally to Lelouch. I wasn't too concerned about Ashford Academy. I was only interested in the development of Milly's relationship towards Lelouch.
  2. Theron
    2008-10-30 22:12
    Well, when and if you will let me know. ^~
  3. Theron
    2008-10-30 09:59
    Listen, I just have to ask, have you watched or read (because manga goes much further than anime) Suzuka? I personally find this one as one of the best romance oriented pieces for past few years. I mean the story was so well written especially compared to other recent works. Of course I had a few problems with the plot, but all of those were concentrated near the end and it was more that I didn't liked some minor details and not that the author messed up.

    Well if you haven't watched or read it I would strongly advise that you do. That's exactly the kind of story that you'll like I'm absolutely sure of it. Strong leading characters, a lot of development and just a great solid story.
  4. darthfury78
    2008-10-30 09:50
    As I once said before, it's so unfortunate that Code Geass is like Gundam. But, in contrast, the adaptations of Code Geass R2 manga doesn't have any Gundam type robots in it. And they could do an alternate universe type setting. I do wish that they have kept the KMF to a minimum, like the first season. And there is enough support to do another Code Geass project, if Sunrise chooses to do so.

    I would hope that if they do get the chance to do another CG project, it could take place in an alternate timeline where Lelouch defeats Suzarku at the island where the thought elevator, in Stage 25, was located at the end of the first season. The original plan was to continue where Stage 25 had left off. So they could go back to that moment and finish it. Even though it would mean to create a whole new story as well for the new R2 series, as to not repeat the events of the 2nd season. I am not certain that even that will happen. So for now, I will assume that Code Geass is finished.
  5. darthfury78
    2008-10-29 21:26
    Based on what I have read, I believe that the positive response from Code Geass will encourage Sunrise to allow Taniguchi to do another Code Geass project with Lelouch. Although I don't think that Sunrise will object to the idea of Taniguchi & company work on a novel or an alternate universe version. However, I will agree that the timeslot change didn't have to cause Taniguchi to alter his ideas. He could have created a recap episode of Stage 26 that would have gotten everyone up to date. In addtion, they did not have to rush R2 plotline.

    For the timebeing, I'll consider Code Geass over as it now stands. I was disappointed that R2 became more like Gundam, which was something that I had hope would not happened. And the ending was the pathetic, like the Death Note. Too many new characters and too many plotlines. I only wish that they had used R2 to simply explain the existance of the geass and the whereabouts of Marianne. For example, when she ran up the stairs to talk to the guards, V.V. shot her from behind. I only wished that Nunnally was at the staircase and Marianne ran up to protect her from V.V. gunshots. That would have been a better outcome.

    Also, it was the fan support to Taniguchi that convinced Sunrise to allow him to finish Code Geass First Season. The same audience might allow him to do another R2 retelling. That's all from my perspective. Even the Japanese fans felt that Lelouch's death was complete bullshit as well as the entire R2 plot.
  6. Theron
  7. Theron
    2008-10-29 15:15
    Yeah, I do like that too. They either stick with a pairing chosen from the start or never go there at all. That approach results in more development, more involvement of the viewer and is just overall more solid than multitude of choices in the midst of an intergalactic war going on. The willingness of certain directors and producers to please and fuel another shipping war or simply to create fan service for the sake of fan service with no regard to the quality of the show is kind of incredible, don't you think?

    No I haven't watched it yet though I wanted and read up on it. I don't know I guess I just can't bring myself to watch a movie where absolutely brilliant Emma Thompson is so depressed and as brilliant Dustin Hoffman plays a minor role. Maybe I will watch it eventually.
  8. darthfury78
    2008-10-29 14:39
    I would not mind a remake of Code Geass R2. However, it would have to be based on the original plans for R2 that was eliminated due to the timeslot change. In additon, they would have to create a whole new storyline for this version while incorporating the original plans. And this version would have to be set in an alternate universe, where it picks up after Stage 25 of S1, starting with the intended Stage 26.

    To do another Code Geass series without Lelouch is doomed to fail. I wasn't satisfied at all with R2 because the last 13 episodes was rushed. It was like craming 2 additional seasons into them. I would have liked the idea of R2 to concentrate on the Geass Cult and Marianne.

    I am planning to write the Director of Code Geass about the possibility of him doing a novel/manga on what their plans for R2 might have been. If they could do a Code Geass Novel/Manga, which would give the staff time to spread out this ideas than was allowed in the anime, it might become a hit. A lot of great anime series started off as mangas. So the creators could focus on Code Geass in this format, starting with Stage 26 of the First Season.

    A very good example of this format was Disney's Gargoyles. The First two seasons was ok. But the Goliath Chronicles, beside episode one, sucked. Everyone wanted more adventures of the Gargoyles and supported that idea to the series creator, Greg Weisman. When he was given the opportunity to do a Gargoyles comic book series, 10 years after the TV series had ended, Greg jumped at that opportunity because he was finally able to do a project that would allow him to the series that he had envisioned. And the Gargoyles comic books have become so successful that there are doing a few spinoff series that he had planed in his original vision, like Bad Guys and Time Dancer as 6-part mini series. In addition, Greg Weisman is enjoying the freedom for writing the comic book series because it's not as hectic as doing a animated TV show. Also, the books contain a lot more information than what was allowed in the animated series because of the time constraints. If the Gargoyles creator could find success as a comic book writer, then the same could be applied to the creators of Code Geass. There is enough support to make a full fledge Staff written Code Geass manga successful because its coming from the people who did the TV series.

    I would suggest that everyone do the some by writing to the series creators about doing a manga on Code Geass directly, as some of the creators of Gundam anime have done. If the manga becomes successful, Sunrise could pickup the series again. And it could be as ongoing like Bleach(without the fillin episodes).
  9. Theron
    2008-10-29 08:30
    Exactly. The more it amuses me to see some people getting all exited over a normal, calm reaction and speaking in one voice. Although I guess those guys would be exited over any reaction on a question of that sort. ^^

    I guess without the second personality he can't perform as well as he did in the end of season one. Still it kinda makes me wonder why he had lost his abilities with the second personality gone. I mean it's not like he had a permanent brain damage from an eye injury witch seems to have healed perfectly. He can't produce these brain-waves witch is an interesting fact by itself. The main thing is that we don't know enough about what the scientists were doing to them in SSP and how that all works. If they preformed surgery on their brains and I think we can safely assume that they did the effect should have been permanent. Yet evidently Soma lost her other personality and Alle did the same third just now. In controversy to that it seems that Alle can't produce these waves anymore where as Soma can even without her second personality. It seems very complicated and I hope we'll get at least some things cleared so that some solid theory could be created.

    Well Sergei isn't a part of A-Laws, as far as I know he's a colonel in Federation army. It's not like he in a position to overthrow the government for example. Although he could be helpful in attempt to do that.
  10. Theron
    2008-10-28 18:14
    Yeah, because we have seen only ridiculous reactions of denial like over the tom embarrassment and such. Now it's kind of strange to see two people acting normal in anime. ^^

    I bet they had some kind of bond in their time in SSP. Marie and Alle that is. It seems more and more likely that they'll go with childhood's friend angle. And in this case it hardly can be taken as a cliché with all the SSP, multiple personalities and stuff. Witch is very good. I'M kind of anxious to finally see an original take on this kind of relationship whether it will be romantic or not.

    What I'm curious about in the next episode it the apparent bombing of some country. Probably Abadistand... Azadistan?... whatever the heck this country is called. How will Soma react? What will Kathy do coz it is obvious that she'll never approve of such an action? That's a very interesting event in terms of character development.

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