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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-19 23:34
    Well, we're not going to get any answers for awhile longer after this month's latest AoT chapter, but given how he still hasn't jumped in I think your assessment of Bert being the backup/killing blow is probably right on the money right now.

    Definitely a series to enjoy more for its leisurly pace, at least at the moment, though not so for the prequel Enjoying it so far? I really like the diversity of the cast they slowly introduce and how it takes things head on with a strong, decisive character.

    Next year? Don't you have a bit of time off coming with the holidays as well?

    Chrono Trigger has a DS version? When did that happen and how in did I miss it?

    Well, they certainly took long enough and went through production hell to get it done so it won't be for a lack of trying if it isn't a success. Oh no doubt, between OVerwatch as you mentioned, Heroes of the Storm, and keeping WoW relevant I don't expect anything really new from Blizzard regarding Starcraft besides these latest DLC missions from Nova (which are spread out in three mission packs for 9 missions in total) for the next few years at least, and I'll give that to them after finally completing the series. After the ending of Legacy that is very possible, but I don't expect a jump like that in the immediate aftermath of the story until some kind of time skip occurs, for now I'll see how they handle Nova and politics in the new Terran Dominion under Valerian before speculating that far ahead.

    Based on the trailers anyway he seems sane enough for the moment. Oh cool, Zemo would definitely be appropriate given his history in the Captain America comics, cannot wait to see now. Going back to a previous discussion we had I'm definitely curious if this will be the last we see of the current actor of Captain America btw, if he's supposed to die/remove himself from the franchise given his short contract then this would be the time for him to do so.

    Eh, Doomsday is mindless more often then not and wouldn't make him a very interesting villain be himself, that and you still needed a threat big enough to bring Supes and Bats together. Sides, if we're going for the eventual Justice League movie then then villain needs to be Darkseid

    Speaking of movies, I haven't checked to see if Star Wars: the Force Awakens was a huge success or if it bombed. Do you know which it was?

    Should be interesting to see if that's the case, but given that it's been moved I think we'll also shove the Deus Ex discussion until further notice as well. And it KILLS me that they did since I found the third game MUCH more compelling and a proper addition to the first Valkyria, but like I said I'm just glad one fan had the decency to translate even if we are still missing out on the DLC content for Valkyria 3. Thank lord we still have Fire Emblem coming up to make up for SOME of that tactical RPG element then, as annoying as the whole issue with the Fate releases is right now <_<

    That is... annoying, maybe you'll want to lower the difficulty so you can experiment more freely until new builds do come? I'm not surprised it slipped your mind, People rarely do think of the banker, even when said banker is paying them/you Hah! That is pretty funny, and If I actually understood how to actually play/win at Gwent that might actually be appealing enough to install
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-18 20:27
    Spoilers for chapter 148 basically confirmed all your points, Eizan's seat was confirmed to be fine so expect to see him again, along with Soma's challenge to Azami's line of thinking etc, and some... interesting news regarding an absent member of Polar Star during all this time.

    Very likely, in a sense it would also mean that Erina is focused more on perfecting established knowledge then exploring beyond it.

    Yeah, I'm stoked though I'm wondering how they'll incorporate the missing Subaru. Well, they COULD go beyond the Election Arc though the ending for it was such a good mark off point and it'd be really pushing things to incorporate all of Stagire since the only good drop off point for said second season would be Soma's return and the little hint regarding the Elite Ten. If I had to bet my money I think they'll stop at the end of the election personally.

    Sounds about right in terms of when a second season for it would arrive then. Oh no doubt, that sounds like an OVA galore to fill in the time people wait. Then it sounds like we won't have much to worry about, best to enjoy the end of this season of One Punch and see how this plays out.

    You don't know the half of it, give me your thoughts once you finally do get to see the latest RWBY episode. I do know there will be a World of Remnant in two weeks time to fill some of the gap though.

    I think that's the only one out so far to be honest, they made it seem like it hadn't released quite yet back during Comic-con anyway. Well, to be fair they ARE in school right now though/attending school functions like lunch etc where they would normally be wearing their uniforms.

    Yeah, I was not expecting them to go that deeply into everything, after the preview I was expecting more general hints at the overall story but now we've gotten at least to the crux of the source of conflict between everyone. Taiyang only told Yang after being depressed about Summer, and Yang could always fib about why she and Ruby were out in the woods at the time. Speaking of Raven it'll be interesting to see what her role will be, once you've seen the latest development from last episode anyway. Well it took a surprising turn so I'm curious what Toonami will be doing now, can't wait to see the conclusion of that story-line tomorrow.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-16 20:32
    No, you're right about that, I'm just commenting on all these different title changes I'm hearing though regarding the Fate routes. True, given how unusual the route systems are it wouldn't be a bad thing if they adopted the something along the lines of the Pokemon system when it comes to Save Plus data. True that, so until they do make an announcement regarding the third route sale I think we can shelve the remainder of this discussion.

    Well no, I expected that after XIII went over to the Xbox, I'm just wondering if Nintendo can handle a game on that scale with its systems. Hmm good point, though you'd think they'd wait until an official release date was out if they really wanted Smash!Cloud to be a precursor announcement for a FFVIIR port. So... anything new from that special announcement? Oh no doubt, though like you I hope they won't break it up into separate purchases and replicate the original in having multiple disc in one package if at all possible, or worst case scenario have it go through DLC installments. It's only a guess on my part though. Still very impressive and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the cast soon. Oh, they're fixing FFXV's as well? Then I'm not so worried about the dub, though I'd one again really enjoy a Japanese English Sub option.

    If they followed the same formula/cut off as the original game though people are going to lambaste the lack of new content on a third disc in my view since that was basically just the final boss. Eh, we'll learn the details soon enough I guess. Suppose that's true and worst case scenario they'll have everything done in 2018 as they'll be working on it continuously. Still, they had best not think to charge full price for each new release if they really go through with this, I'm just saying. Eh, likely they'll use a save game plus system like the original FFVII and a whole lot of other games usually do. Yup, hopefully they make it worth our while, can't wait to see places like Cosmo Canyon up close and personal.

    They updated the story with the VII HD version?

    Regardless since we're not likely to see the Thunderbolt manga it shouldn't ruin anything and who knows which version will finish first given the length/wait time we can expect for these OVA type style releases.

    From the way the Turbines explained it the pirates custom built their suits around standard frames to make them look like/have a similar design to the Gundam Guision. Yeah, we really don't know the full extent of the machine yet, though those built in Vulcan guns on its head that shot the signal missiles might be nice.

    Pretty much though definitely some interesting plot development, especially on Earth with Fareed and his possible motivations. They just got together with Teiwaz, so it might be a bit too early to speculate on that possibility I honestly don't see that happening anyway since I speculate this conflict will just keep growing and it'll require an organization like Teiwaz to support Tekkadan through something like a full scale war. We still need more info before making any judgements on Fumitan one way or the other. Well like I said, that goes back to Fareed's personal goals anyway, and he wouldn't want to work for someone like Nobliss given his disdain for corrupt officials like Coral who got bought out.

    Well, let's leave it at that until III does finally drop. I personally cannot wait until winter break gets here, need to get away from these dang kids for awhile and just relax with some good anime and the like <_<
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-10 21:06
    Sorry for the delay, been up way too late. Also I edited in the new FFVIIR info into my first reply.

    About the only thing Bert could be useful for, Titan wise anyway, for such a delicate operation. Well, I don't expect them to outright beat, win against Beast-man here and now, plus they need to follow up eventually and track where their village actually is.

    Kay, take your time, the sequel is moving at a pretty slow pace so there's no rush to finish the first Utawaremono right away. I did want to ask what your impressions of it were, pretty exciting how things shifted after only 3-4 episodes right? I really liked the broader expansion into politics and warfare tactics along with the every expanding cast of interesting characters.

    Cool, cool, so on top of Thunderbolt I should have plenty left of the winter anime season to tide me over once the break hits (plus some other series over the last year I've been meaning to check out).

    Well, let's leave it at that then and hope for the best, not much point in actually talking about a potential TWEWY sequel until it actually happens. Nice to hear about the sale as well but how relevant are those games given they're not compatible with the latest iteration of handhelds? I would expect those with game systems old enough to still play them already have them in their possession.

    Eh, people generally like/follow most of those fantasy mottiffs for a reason so I expect Warcraft to be respectable at the very least. Quite a bit I'm guessing which is why we don't often see them in that style, I expect Blizzard would have to dial down on some features . Appreciate it. Depends on what Blizzard indicates they want to take the series, they're's a lot of freedom to explore after the Legacy of the Void ending and these new DLC missions should help pave the way forward.

    It's a combination with the Winter Soldier series where Bucky's past as an assassin made him a pariah, all in all I thought it was a nice way to tie things together. I definitely think there is a larger villain behind the Civil War if that's what you're suggesting, Bucky's gained enough sense of himself I think he's been framed for a more recent event which re-sparked the pursuit of him and unwillingness to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Yeah, the latest Batman v Superman trailer did kind of take away a lot of the suspense, cool as it was.

    It's something I hope they consider but I won't get too far ahead of myself and take what I can get from this new Deus Ex. True that, just take it one step at a time next year. Valkyria? I'm pretty sure they DID localize the first two though which is why I've voiced such complaints... Eh, I can work with that, though I'll miss said tactical aspects.

    I'm sure someone has a guide out there somewhere taking into account the new changes you can look up. Okay, looked at both, I recommend going with driving her out of the house, helps both her, the dreamer, and the banker that actually paid you. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-06 21:54
    Welp, it says the conclusion is next chapter so your wish will soon be granted. Despite how well he's holding up I really think some kind of twist needs to happen in order for Soma to pull off this win even if his dish does turn out to be better.

    I never really doubted it personally, between the high standards of the Elite Ten and the fact that he'd kind of NEED to know how to cook to run his business. Oh I don't doubt it, his glasses make him even look like Shinomiya, who suffered that same problem of stagnation, and his whole mindset screams a guy who likes standing pat on his success.

    Oh, I think it's a mixture between pride and fear of being exposed with Eizan which Soma is zeroing in on. Well, they seem more susceptible to his food then originally portrayed but I still expect the promise of a big healthy bribe to make them negate the result regardless much like how Erina once did to Soma during his entrance exam. Doubtful about Azami but yeah, either Rindo or maybe someone from the Elite Ten might be able to do something about this nonsense, so we'll see.

    True. That's a relief to hear, hopefully Academia it turns out alright then. Really? Even if said second season is put off for a year or two there wouldn't be enough by then? Pfft, I don't expect that to stop anyone, not when One Punch Man is such a cash cow now, and you'd only have to look at the reboot of Arslan from the FMA artist and how its anime finished well beyond where the manga currently is, or Madan Vanadis', Mahouka, etc etc, anime production studios can work at their own pace so long as the material is available for them to adapt, so if they can work with just text visual novels I think they can use the original version for One Punch.

    Oh yeah, definitely the best one I've seen and I'm not surprised about Monty, they mentioned he did do some work for Volume 3 before he passed and that they'd incorporate it when they announced they were continuing the series. It leaves me a bit fearful though, as happened during episode 5, that they won't be able to keep up that same seamless flow though I'll hold off until we see some more high-profile fights they would have spent more of the budget on versus plowing through one-off characters like in the other bouts.

    Let me know what you think, as I said the RWBY manga certainly has a striking type of art style.

    Now that you've had some time to see the latest World of Remnant and whenever you get to episode 5 any thoughts regarding the plot and overall world-building? Some very nice set-up information and I was pleasantly surprised with the ending of episode 5. Same, makes me think either that conversation hasn't happened yet or Yang dreamt the whole encounter up, and definitely, I think Qrow might not have been aware Yang knows Raven is her mother based on his whole 'that's when I met your parents' line to the girls and quickly got the picture away when he saw her gaze linger. It'd be really cool, and something I think he'd be able to do well, while I'd love to hear more from him now that I'm following the Intruder II mini-series on Toonami.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-06 20:08
    Hah, that's strange cause I also read it was also called Invisible Kingdom as well Oh, no doubt, third routes usually are and I only needed to read some character entries to know it's definitely the best path to take. Does Fire Emblem do that in general when it comes to saving stuff over a new game +? Well that blows, and yeah I can't see them not making it available E-store wise, though that's a real pain in the butt if true and probably why I'll hold off ever getting a 3-DS until such a bundle is available.

    Still doesn't mean they wouldn't need to pay a licensing fee, and it has downsides in terms of maybe taking interest away from Dissidia whenever that comes out as I said before. Possible, if this move to Smash is indeed an indication they're letting Nintendo have a piece of the pie. I can't see them stopping there, I mean there's so many potential additions like Tifa as you said or even Sephiroth. But actually getting into the ReMake I definitely agree, looks like they added in a lot of detail to environment renditions as expected and it'll be very interesting to explore those areas again from a more down to earth perspective. As for the gameplay, I'm not surprised if that was the case ATB wise, probably in terms of waiting for a bar for special attacks/materia based moves to fill up etc, but yeah, so far I'm loving how smoothly everything looked/flowed. I saw a bit of AC english dub, and that's probably fine though besides how off some of the lip-syncing is, but I'm begging square to make the Japanese VA's with subs available

    EDIT: Multi-part eh? Takes me back to the three-disc set of the original though I'm praying they get this down to only two if necessary. Do we have to buy a new copy or we can get the rest via DLC? Hmm, well part of that can be environments, Witcher isn't all that detailed/varied in its environments, it's big but also repetitive, plus the story/cut-scenes are a bit more complex compared to Geralt standing and talking to in-game models for the majority of the game.

    I heard the same thing regarding its length as well intially though this will work just fine especially given it's a side story to the OYW in any event. I'm a bit worried though as the main Thunderbolt manga series is still ongoing, with volume 6 only recently having been released, so unless they're expecting it to finish up by next year I'm thinking they're going to go anime original/modified ending like they've done with the previous VN gundam stories.

    As of right now, yeah, those are the only two other Gundams confirmed in Orphans, and given the frog inspired mobile suits appearing as of episode 10 as opportunistic pirates I expect to see said frog Gundam very soon. Which should provide Mikazuki some nice opportunity to scavenge from it on top of said funding/support.

    As of episode 10 this hasn't changed, instead expanding of various individual backstories instead which really helped flesh out a lot of characters, nice to see Orga getting a romantic interest as well given that now Mikazuki might have a harem option available Don't be that pessimistic, I expect some of them to go too but not MOST of them or how else will they run the ship/company? Nah, given how Fumitan basically advised/pointed out to Kudelia to keep pushing forward when her father wants to sweep everything under the rug I'm thinking Nobliss Gordon whose angling for starting a war, if she is informing for anyone. That and how Gjhallahorn still hasn't swooped in on them if they had an active mole like her.

    Once again it comes down to length and if they'll try to fit in the Federation's part of Mobile Suit Development in, which would involve Amuro's dad. I'd expect to see Origin III sometime in the summer next year at the latest, in the mean time we'll have plenty of Gundam to keep us occupied these next few months at least given Thunderbolt is coming on Dec 25th.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-05 19:32
    Gonna update hopefully tomorrow, using this post, but wanted to update you on new trailers out this week on Batman v Superman and FFVII Remake if you haven't already heard. Just fyi though, a lot of spoilers in Batman v Superman trailer 2, so you might want to skip it, I'm only going to gloss over the details myself otherwise later.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-28 01:50
    They really should though, and at least TWEWY got a reference in Kingdom Hearts so Square apparently hasn't forgotten about it, so you never know. True, true, I'm excited either way when said Odin Sphere Remake finally drops.

    Eh, I thought it was okay for the most part, being a Warcraft fan probably enhances my perception of it though cause I squeed a few times seeing some very iconic characters re-imagined. And yeah, in a lot of ways the Warcraft universe IS kind of generic (while also helping to set that standard in the first place) though I'm still keen to see how this re-imagined version will work out. If they ever listen to fans they'll make an animated film finally, after all the praises for Blizzard's cinematics. Huh, send me a PM or something with some of the titles, I'm curious to learn more about their backstory if that's available. Yeah, though Legacy was a wild ride and I have the Starcraft Field Manual encyclopedia so I'm content so far, along with seeing what kind of story comes from the future DLC releases for Starcraft, so Zhan can take his time to get it right.

    True that, so until otherwise let's bring the Persona discussion to a close.

    Hah, that'd be fantastic to see but also possibly a bit too much, hopefully the direct import of the original LOGH will do and the remake manages to reconcile whatever extraneous things it needs to.

    Mmhmm, speaking of which I should check in on Rebels now that Season 2 is a bit further along.

    Alright, well moving on until next year's Comic-con does come around. I do have to check out the company that made those figures/props, it was some pretty impressive stuff.

    Speaking of movie stuff though, you seen that Captain America: Civil War trailer yet? Hooh boy, that ones going to sweet, and something to fall back on if Batman v. Superman turns out to be a disaster

    I am a little apprehensive as to where the story for Deus Ex will ultimately go though, part of me wishes it could deviate from the original storyline and provide a true alternate choice. Not surprised about the push back on the release date, disappointed but not surprised, but there'll be plenty to keep us occupied in the mean time. Oh really now? Maybe they'll FINALLY Import Valkyria Chronicles 3 after all, though I'm not getting my hopes up, and at least one fan had the decency to release an english translation patch even though it's not covering the DLC's. I am intrigued to see what new RPG they'll come up with though.

    Cool, it's good to experiment to keep things fresh, especially something like the Witcher. Err, gameplay choice or story choice, cause if it's story choice just go with what you think that character would ultimately choose to do since it either one is apparently okay. Speaking of, have you had a chance to try out Tales of Zestiria yet?
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-28 01:11
    Always are, well until the main game actually drops here in the U.S let's push BlazBlue to the side for now. Well, that's all you can do then, so put it out of your mind for now and try to enjoy the holidays in the meantime, I know I did this Thanksgiving

    He'd be one of those unstoppable surprises, though how useful he'd be with a finess operation to capture Eren is debatable to say the least. Didn't they specifically have a fight between Reiner and Beast-man in order to determine the order of things, with them getting Eren first and then getting Annie later? I fully expect him to be given how much power he's demonstrated to have, from converting people to controlling Titans, etc.

    Would have been nice but given how I didn't want to be weighed down by the first Build I can live with that. So, how far are you getting with the original Utawaremono anime while we're talking about it?

    Unfortunately that just comes with the genre they're working with, anything not horror that has a highschool setting like this one unfortunately demand it. It's like asking why we have slapstick humor in the first place Dann, it's a waste of time more often then not but it's what entertains far too many people to keep them invested when once again we're dealing with a very standard highschool magical combat school setting. I'm glad you like it, I'm on and off with One-punch so comic-book format works for me right now, and I see why it has its following. I'll probably binge watch everything, Utawaremono, Cavalry, and One-Punch when Christmas break hits.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-27 19:56
    Eh, it plays on a lot of human weaknesses, fear and greed being the primary ones. Guess we'll see how it ultimately works out, I expect a new director with potentially new policies once Azami is kicked out given how up in years Senzamon is getting. We'll know in a couple of more chapters now depending on how the matchup ends. Same with whether Erina can pull something off, though once again we'll have to see the final match result.

    Pretty sure the condition is the same for everyone right now, being expelled or saving their club/dorm. Huh, well my prediction was off, but only by a little, it isn't a question of his skill but the amount of effort Eizan puts into cooking that holds him back, that's still a glaring weakness to be exploited though.

    Well, in this case it looks like Soma went the other route I thought might be able to level the playing field with Eizan, insulting his pride to a point he feels compelled to compare their dishes, it still probably won't work though even if Soma's dish should technically win, Eizan will likely not admit it and go forward with disqualifying him anyway, but at least he'll have the chance to compete.

    I'd certainly be up for that kind of approach, less being more being an apt saying in this case, lord knows a LOT of the mainstream series fell into that trap. Huh, well I'll check it out regardless though depressingly I think you might be right about the original ending route BONES would go, HOPEFULLY Academia manages to churn out enough for a 12 episode season by the time it comes out... Oh definitely, based on the reactions I saw at Comic-con alone for One-Punch man I fully expect it to get a break/second season.

    Gonna integrate your previous RWBY post with this one

    Agreed on it being the best one, episode 3 gave me some hope they can pick up a faster pace at least, even though it isn't quite as smooth yet in terms of flow and movement, but overall I thought it was adequate, provided that can keep this same quality from now on. Can't wait to see more interactions between Winter and Qrow as well, definitely feels like there's personally history to go along with their ideological differences.

    I should hope so, the first chapter of the RWBY manga came out over there in Japan and it was certainly intriguing, with a very striking art style.

    Well, the Huntsmen release for World of Remnant was certainly interesting, especially all that stuff regarding Atlas and how it seems to have taken the place of Mantle, any thoughts? I didn't say it was likely, only that it was a possibility until we got in-universe confirmation that this girl is indeed her mother. Yeah, here's hoping they explain what happened/what she and Yang talked about. Curious to see which other big name VA they'll bring in, I feel like I'm looking around corners waiting for Steve Blum to voice Taiyang or something Moving on until the game's release then, oh and I'll move my response to your Witcher comments in the last post.

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