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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-23 19:31
    In a lot of ways I'm the same but also the opposite. I'm just more obsessed with finding every bit of story element versus stats. Nah, it wasn't that bad to narrow things down based on a story perspective for the offspring, like I said I worked off of personality, class, and how interesting/unique their support dialogues were like I did with the pairings, for example Severa has VERY interesting discussion if Matoi is her daughter, providing me with incentive to go for that one. Like I said I'm both the same and the exact opposite in terms of obsessive research to find who has the best plot chemistry rather then statistical benefit, in the end I think focusing on stats in this circumstance is a no win situation however optimal some pairings are since it's ultimately about providing you with a variety of different choices and going with the one you think is most fun. Huh, intriguing, well it's not the type of DLC I'd rush to get anytime soon, not when dealing with the whole Invisible Kingdom/Revelations bit

    Eh, about the only thing that caught my attention is Bravely Default (oh, thanks for the reminder about the sequel, I have to start looking going through the first game before 2 comes out )

    Your point about the DS games does stand and there are a lot of those I'd like to look back into at some point. I'll shove the matter aside for now, a 3DS/Vita are still a ways away anyway. 250 would be the ideal but you're right that it's unrealistic so I'll take the 300 if the opportunity comes, for now I got to focus on a new PC, I imagine I'll have my hands full dealing with that for awhile.

    Indeed, and while welcome they're also kind of tired as well and won't scream 'must buy' compared to the other consoles unless things change. Splatoon was good, though as you said they'll likely need a LOT more to bring Nintendo to the forefront again. There was one called The Last Story that was really good but never any follow up as a franchise, which was a shame. Heck if they came out with a sequel to Lost Odyssey somehow we'd be talking more about Nintendo on the RPG front again.

    But the important thing is they're talking about it, which I THINK will ultimately be for the good in terms of resolving the issues between, but fun times are ahead in Season 2 regardless Ah, I see and it definitely would be cool of Four Star though that's likely a LONG ways off since wouldn't take VIII and IX on until VII was finished. You might be right, and my issues with certain plot holes in IX might be influencing, but yeah, I was actually thinking that about VI as well though I wonder if all the 2D series might not be better off as hand held remakes like IV got, regardless VI definitely needs some kind of rerelease as well at some point. Really? Oh Dann, you have NOT watched an abridged series until you've seen Hellsing, I HIGHLY recommend you go check it out right now Suppose you're right, it will definitely be nostalgic after so long and interesting to see how much Cloud himself remembers of those events. I HOPE they don't given how big FFVIIR seems to be, I'd rather they not get into XVI until at least the second installment nears completion. I'm just saying it's off to a better start then XV got, so I have reason for optimism, and even if it's just the opening section that's still a bit chunk of the game they'll have knocked out. Suppose we'll find out how far they're along as the year goes by.

    Especially for a stat maximizer like yourself, have you considered just playing stat based games like P5 especially on easy in order to wean yourself off overachieving? I can see the appeal on higher/max difficulty but it's got to get tiresome to dish out that much overkill when less optimal builds work comfortably? I can't see the point story wise given that Zidane survived, and I was just REALLY curious to see how his relationship with Kuja ultimately went given their potential reconciliation, which they only just showed was even POSSIBLE near the end.

    I do think it's a much more interactive/alive game with much more potential content even outside the main plot, but I get your fear about a possible Destiny 2.0. Not a bad policy and lord knows they'll be enough video on youtube when it comes out to make a judgement on the Division anyway. I'm curious as to how long a beta would last given that I thought the Division was supposed to be out early March? I'm not going to go THAT far on my wish list given it feels like EVERY recent game, not just Ubisofts, feels like they're going open world, and will take what I can get in terms of changing the pace through For Honor. Hallelujah, it's about time frankly, maybe they'll FINALLY give people a bone and move the plot forward, personally I think they need to bring out the Sengoku timeline if they have any real hope of getting out of their current rut but we'll see, I'm glad for the break this year though, plenty of other things to keep us occupied in the mean time.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-16 21:55
    I am glad we finally did get an answer, however sad it turned out to be. Given his thoughts right before they jumped him I do think it was inevitable that Marco would have figured it out, on the other hand he might have been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, the real problem of all of this I think is the lack of trust or willingness to communicate first before resorting to death and destruction. Maybe less the greater good and more for the preservation of their civilization/species/culture, like nationalism. I think there's probably some definite sins of the past everyone is working off of but whatever transpired 100 years ago the humans of this generation have no knowledge/bearing of that, Grisha at least seemed to think humanity was worth saving in any event. Does make one wonder how the shifters village is organized and what kind of hierarchy they work off of, and whether they regularly manipulate/use the titans like this in a pseudo-first king/power of the coordinate which constructed the original walls around humanity. Probably not, though I do think Reiner will ultimately kick the bucket regardless if it's now or a little later. Zeke did mention that if Reiner wasn't up to the task he'd give his armor power to someone else, so likely there's a finite of amount of special abilities/vials of titan power they can have one person use. It's also possible they might have been afraid of the Coordinate/First King's power being used if they were that overt an assault, who can say though.

    Sorry to hear that, all we can do is keep plugging away, use whatever advantage we currently have, contacts we've made, and just hope a break happens at some point. In any event let's move on to less unpleasant topics until we have good news on that front, agreed?

    Basically following the rule of not counting my chickens before they hatch, hopefully by the summer I'll have balanced everything out and have a chance to splurge on my gaming desires finally, but for now let's save this conversation until then

    Indeed, we've wrapped up one story arc so all that's left is to see what's next for Starcraft, which Nova and Zahn should hopefully clarify for us this year. Yup, though to give credit Terrans can be intriguing by how random they can be as well Hopefully this won't be the last we see of interesting Protoss character introductions, a lot of writers seem to shy away from the difficulty of writing alien mindsets and I'm glad Starcraft didn't in this case, despite the mixed bag from the zerg in Heart of the Swarm. Good to see you've got at least a list to work from, and hey, worst case scenario you wait until next year if need be for your schedule to clear up and strategy guides are out, heck a lot of those games might get pushed back so just focusing on your definite pick ups for now is prudent strategy, btw would you mind sharing which titles you've settled on? Silver lining for everything and my strategy as well for if/when I finally get a gaming system of some kind along with my new PC, likely picking a few titles around next Black Friday or Christmas of this year.

    Civil War will be interesting to see how they incorporate Bucky into a more active role and may foreshadow how they treat him in the following movies. True, though Thor/Asgard always confused me by being a kind of magic/technology hybrid Still, it'll be cool to see if/how Tony manages to explain definitive magic away when Strange is introduced into the Avengers

    I'm both anxious and dreading it now myself, I don't think I can check out the premiere of BvS myself personally and will likely wait for reviews Finally settling on Monday/Martin Luthor King day to see SW:FA with a friend, I'm getting pretty pumped now and will let you know how it turns out in my next post Huh, those are interesting, are they full blown releases or just short DVD films? Cool to hear about Mads (btw have you checked out Hannibal yet?) though I'm a bit concerned about them putting so many resources on anthology movies (if they're full films, if not then I don't mind OVA style/length) rather then building on expanding the new time period they've started.

    But MK did a full reboot before embarking on that route in order to reintroducing the story, will SF given it's equally lengthy history?

    Same, I feel like rewatching Outlaw Star now myself along with maybe finally getting around to Mobile Battleship Nadesico, though I also need to watch Sword Art Online 2 and Crescent Lover while I'm at it, and maybe the new Ghost in the Shell movies for good measure. I got a lot to catch up on if you haven't noticed Damn straight, I don't want 00 being the last memory of English speaking Gundam on the American airwaves <_< Huh, need to check with my B&N branch and see what's up then... Nice, though I'll likely be sticking to paper back mangas until next Christmas before getting into something as pricey as the Origin series
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-15 23:47
    That's my main worry as well regarding Thunderbolts length, but I'll deal with and enjoy what we can get from it regardless, I will say that based on the action from the manga that style wise we've nothing to worry about at least.

    Well, if the new opening is anything to go by they're doing a complete redesign of the Guision given the brown mobile suit next to the Graze custom, so I'm curious as well to how it'll fight now. Surprised Shino's the new pilot of the Graze, he's the hand to hand combat expert after all, but it makes sense to pick him if they can install the Alaya system into it.

    So lets not worry about it until we see how things shape up in the end. Exactly, I have a feeling things are going to really kick off now in this second half. I disagree, in that I like the multiple faces he presents along with the fact that his motivations are hard to pin down, which makes him unpredictable as a character, plus he's definitely been the most competent opponent of the show thus far. And as you say the mask should add some very interesting dynamics as well, and agreed about his new mobile suit, looks a lot like the Bryant Custom from the Unicorn OVA actually. Yes, that scheme of his last episode was definitely well setup, now it just leaves us to see how it all unravels, with Fumitan, Biscuits brother, and what Orga tries to do to get out of this mess.

    Full release out by mangastream as well. I actually think what you say about Azami could also bleed into Erina here as well since they seem to both share the same perspective about Jouichiro I think that while more conscious of Soma she might also double down by comparing him to his father and rejecting him on that basis, maybe even feel some kind of jealously over his connection to Joichiro, but we'll ultimately see. As for Azami, I have a sickening feeling this could turn into some kind of weird yandere love/hate thing regarding Jouichiro once he digests what Soma said, and result in a 'must destroy the abomination of my idol' much in the same way he views the Polar Star dorm now. At the very least like you said it'll put Soma more on his radar.

    Same here, I do want to watch Boku Dake ga Inai Machi all the way through but I don't think my heart could take a heartbreaking/extremely bitter sweet ending, though I have room on my list since Reikenzan isn't being subbed. EDIT: Gah, I can't do it, it's still ongoing as a manga so I peaked and unless an anime original ending occurs or there's a serious twist in the manga my heart can't take Boku Dake after all Like you said I'll see how some of the others shake out before committing myself all the way, but definitely going to use this time to catch up on Akagami and Utawaremono 2, let me know if you want to talk about anything interesting regarding season 1 as well now that you're starting back up, some interesting twists and turns are in the works in the later portions as you'll see

    Probably something to do with whatever she's allied herself with, between the Grim bug and the Grim sounds in the background during her recuritment of Emerald/attempt to locate Marcus there's something definitely deeper in the works. I think so as well given once again his laid back attitude but outright abuse is likely to touch a nerve/set Merc off, so he bears watching anyway. Indeed, looks like some good fights based on said preview at least. At the very least, on top of what went down with Yang this will definitely upset people enough to bring MANY more Grim depending on how things play out. Hey, like I said I'm a fan so I'm entitled to hold out a little hope for my man Adam

    It was bandied about after the WoR Aura video had Ozpin just standing there while talking about Semblances. Yup, speaking of I'm curious to see how Velvet's camera may play into her weapon given she put it back into the box... He was probably there to cover Emerald, since there's no point in him hiding if she's found out, and it's not like he's in public, he's covering some kind of maintenance hallway, so likely he's there specifically to stop someone like Ruby from doing whatever it is she wanted to do which we'll see next episode.

    Yeah, just recently heard, shame since he shared a lot of the animation billing with Monty. I hope it wasn't anything serious as well, and that at the very least RT was willing to let him go because they're confident their remaining staff can carry on though I'll be anxious like you during this hiatus on how well they do until RTX comes around. I feel bad for the rest of the cast, it's been a tough year...
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-15 23:16
    Well as I said I don't take take gaming seriously enough to set the difficulty high enough where the stats of the children would hamper my experience. As I said I mostly play games as either a time sink or because of the compelling story. In regards to Awakening and the like I usually use my own judgement on what I think the best pairings are, the backgrounds of each characters, their personalities, and what kind of unique interactions they have with one another, along with what makes the most sense plot-wise, such as the fact that Aqua/Azura is definitely going to be my MC's waifu. As for the kids, well, we'll just have to see what their story is about I guess ( I mean, technically there is SOME time travel shenanigans going on based on recent DLC announcements for Fates) No you're likely right but I really haven't paid attention to anything besides the FE: Fates news for the 3DS, and I just know a few more titles I like/am interested in for the Vita is all, but that tidbit about the memory stick is concerning. Part of me thinks I should just get both handhelds honestly but I'm not going to rush. Btw do you have any particular 3DS recommendations, apart from the FE stuff of course, as it might help my regarding a decision if I have to. Nah, it's cool honestly, I'll evaluate more by the end of this year and hopefully as you say another price drop hits for the PS4 to where the purchase would be more palatable.

    All very good questions and stuff we won't really find out until the NX does come out and we do see what titles are released for it. I do agree with your assessment though, whether or not they're willing or able to even make such a change is something we'll just have to wait and see. Huh, well good luck to him if he does manage to develop something new then, I'm sure as long as Smash still sells someone else can rehash the title, it's basically what they've been doing all this time to be honest <_< So long as said Zelda title is as good or even better then I'm fine with that at least, as you say the problem is them branching into something NEW, not what they're doing with their current IPs. But anyway, I read news on the NX should be coming soon so we'll talk about all this again when it does. Right well, no sense in worrying about that at this point, we'll discuss the installment pricing issue of FFVIIR when more information comes, so for now let's move on.

    Eh, the main point is that we're dealing with/working through said issues with Tifa instead of having Cloud constantly run away scared, so I'm inclined to be optimistic they'll manage to work things out at some point. No you're right, lord knows I wouldn't complain regarding such a major revamp for those titles, but the amount of time for such releases aside I'm worried about how much support VIII and IX would need/have available to motivate Square to make such an investment? I thought FFVII abridged just needed to establish its premise, the character personalities, and the inside jokes before it could fully take off myself, but glad it caught on with you, now if only Hellsing Abridged 6 could get done soon... Doesn't that seem a little redundant though from Crisis Core, or are there specific moments during their escape you wanted playable? No you're right, and I'm not going to be as worried given they have a sold basis for the entire story/project of FFVIIR while also not needing to be distracted by FFXV like FFXIII's sequels were. Exactly, so hopefully they've got this all planned out and we can expect prompt annoucement for a release date sometime this year. Bah to the naysayers, if they didn't give up on XV then they sure as hell won't on this, especially now that we see how much further along they are compared to the bare snippets of Versus Right, so let's not worry about that until we get final details regarding how exactly they break the game up.

    Yup, if P5 and XV time it right they'll be able to carve out a good chunk of the year for each other. Shame, the Kuja question still bothers me to this day and I keep hoping someday Dissidia or some other spinoff will give us an answer.

    Here's a link for the english version. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, much more involved story then what I was afraid might be there for one thing, and I like the customized homebase aspect. Feeling excited for its release now and something I'm going to look into when I get my new PC finally. Glad to hear it got a positive reception from your colleague, I do want both this and For Honor to push Ubisoft forward into new genres along with paving the way for the other developers.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-09 22:39
    Well, speak of the devil chapter 77 of AoT just released. Come back/read the rest of this post once you've had a chance to check it out. So I wasn't expecting to get some of the answers we did, at this point anyway. It was both surprising and sad to see how Marco ultimately arrived at his faith, along with getting some insight on the mindset of the shifters are, confirmation that they seem to view themselves as something separate from humanity. That still leaves a lot of questions on their motives though, like why attack now when humans have been penned up inside the walls all this time. And no I don't think the pack-mule Titan is a shifter, I think it's just a regular Titan that's been subjugated, we know after all that Titans do retain enough ability to speak based on the Ilse's notebook side-story, likely Zeke aka Beast Titan gave him back enough sense to make use of said talking ability to be useful as a scout. Oh, and speaking of the devil our previous conversation about Bertolt seems to have come to a head, so it'll be interesting to see what he does now that he's entering the fray.

    Eh, touch and go right now, I'll evaluate things as I go. Moving on.

    Yeah, my schedule is manageable but I understand the need to find something more stable and rewarding all the same. Good luck in any event, hopefully a break comes soon for both of us.

    That's the sense I'm getting now that the prospect is within my reach, but I'm going to put that out of my mind until this temp job is over and I can hammer a decent budget once I figure out the total of what I'll earn. I don't want to make any plans to go crazy and buy games and systems just because I can without being sure I can manage them properly.

    Eh, given the ultimate direction I kind of figured they needed to go a bit deus ex machina in order to resolve everything, though I agree they could have been a little less cheesy like make Kerrigan more Cthulhu/Xel'naga looking instead of Jean Grey Phoenix Force (though they could have kept the glowing and angle wings to give her a divine feel) and as happy as I was for Jim I felt it would have been more meaningful and appropriate if he and Kerrigan hadn't ultimately gotten together given everything she DID do, some penance to go along with her repentance of bringing life back to the universe. But I thought the overall story was still really good and fitting, I'll admit I'm a bit biased since the Protoss are my favorite faction and I loved the expansion of their lore and the balance of the overall cast of Protoss characters personalities. In particular I think John de Lancie really killed it as Alarak and I was really impressed by Patrick Seitz's Artanis. Yup, delay aside The Winds of Winter's release alone this year will eat up quite a few months as I peruse various sites for insight into it. Good strategy for the time being, but let me know as the year goes and the big console releases we've been eyeing start coming out, I'll give what advice I can to try to make your gaming schedule this year more manageable.

    Ah, that's good to hear regarding Zemo's actor, then all I can say is bring Civil War on Good, I hope to see Buck beyond the Captain: America movies soon as I think he'll add an interesting variable in the current Avengers setup. Oh yeah, that'll be nice since he's my favorite among the more obscure heroes in the Marvel universe concept wise.

    Agreed, otherwise they'd undercut the whole 'Dawn of Justice' part of the title, so let's just hope for the best as difficult as that can be sometimes I do too, hopefully things clear up schedule wise and I can drag someone to go with by the end of this month. Eh, not surprised since I felt Disney was trying to go with an almost full reboot kind of feel, but I'm not going to complain anymore and I'll enjoy it for what it is when I do get around to seeing it. Spin-off films, what and when are these?

    True that. Eh, I was in the beginning but the franchise has just been been going on for so long and the story campaigns are so bare bones that I can't muster any motivation to get into SF anymore.

    Good, no point in playing it if your not comfortable and there will be plenty of things to keep you busy in the meantime. I'll take your word for it regarding Gwent, but moving on from Witcher then.

    Oh yes, I sat through a lot of the early stuff but only followed it casually after the Freiza/Namek stuff, mostly cause DBZ often just dominated Toonami's airwaves. And I think we did discuss it a bit in the general scope of the topic on remakes after they announced the whole Super reboot for the DBZ franchise. I'm hopeful we'll get some more nostalgia and they bring over the MSG: Orphans dub to Toonami as well, which by then Tom SHOULD hopefully have a new Absolution Hah! I wish my Banes and Noble had that deal going on right now, it'd motivate me catch up quickly on a few series or start some new ones that I've liked/been reading online.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-08 20:47
    I thought so as well, hopefully it'll be something interesting anyway, still wondering about Gin and Joichioro and when they'll be coming. I don't think so... maybe? I think it's too soon for Erina to leave the Dorm right now, and I'd like to see his focus zero in on Soma given this will be their first proper conversation if that happens next chapter.

    No doubt, best not worry about it given the much bigger problem at their front door Still, I hope this gives Erina a moment to stand up to her father if he pressures her during this visit.

    Let's hope for the best, right now details are still sketchy regarding the second seasons length so we'll just have to wait until more info arrives.

    Okay, so I've narrowed it down for this winter season to Akagami 2nd season(got to finish Season 1 actually) Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (fairly interesting premise of taking an entire group of normal people and putting them in a fantasy adventure setting) Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru (looks cute, would fill the romance feels requirement, and I like that it actually has a premise over their wind orchestra club) Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage (straightforward action series that looks pretty good) and finally Schwarzesmarken (interesting mecha premise by taking place in an alternate timeline and despite being part of some larger series seems enough of a self-contained series). Also might give Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu (quirky but possibly also deep) Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (have a thing for strong underdog characters) and Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (could use an interesting/inspirational sports series ) all a shot depending on my time and how interesting some of the initial series I watch turn out. Not in the mood for really a overly complicated series right now.

    It was an easy enough mistake to make, though as you say it does beg the question what Neo's semblance is. Yes we did get some answers, though a whole lot of questions to go with it. I think both her and Mercury could turn at the same time given his reaction to forms of abuse, if an impasse between Emerald and Cinder ever came to pass I think Mercury might go with the flow and jump ship as well given that I think he lacks any fundamental loyalty compared to Emerald. Perhaps, could be just a kill list, but I wouldn't put it past Cinder to horde even more peoples powers as well. Personally I think they were just getting back at team RWBY for messing things up before, given Emerald was specifically assigned to befriend them. Yes, and given he's one of my favorite characters I have hopes Adam might still be able to reform himself after all.

    All interesting possibilities, it could go in a LOT of ways honestly, and there's definitely some force behind the scenes given her conversation with an unknown party after taking the Maiden's powers. Well, that would clash with the theories that Ozpin himself might be somehow related to the old man given the immortality hints regarding his semblance. I'm not going to assume anything regarding the origins of the Maidens or the Grimm given we just do not know enough right now to come up with anything definitive. Nah, I've seen re-watches and sceencaps, when Qrow looked up Cinder's face was blurred, suggesting that Qrow did not in the end get a good look, so don't expect any relief there, so I'm still leaning toward Coco providing the missing link at this point.

    I think so too but it could be interesting expansion of the background so I think the RWBY manga will be worth following casually anyway.

    Yeah, I kind of already knew that was coming back when the OPENING first released Yeah, I'm grateful to Monty for leaving behind a steady framework for them to continue off of, I hope he can still see that wherever he is
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-07 20:56
    Yeah, same here, expect I've never cared about pairings as a mechanic, since I have no plans to ever go on higher difficulties where that would be important, and always try to go with the pair that I think matches best story/personality wise. I did the same thing when mapping out Awakening as well. Yeah well, that isn't as big a concern for me, it's mostly been about the quality of the titles rather then the numbers along with something I can get my money's worth without having to continually purchase stuff. Oh, the PS4/any console is WAY off in the future at this point Dann <_<

    Well, there's no use worrying about it until Nintendo DOES make such an announcement which as you say IS a long way away. True, perhaps if the system is capable they'll be able to push some more serious titles on the NX platform as well in the future, but we'll see I guess. Wouldn't they just come up with a new release/version of Smash for the NX if they go that route or would it be too redundant you think? Same, though the thought of full price installments leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I'll have some pointed remarks if/when they do

    True true, no sense speculating too hard until we get more details. Hah, so was I actually when I first mentioned the possibility of Zack vocals, and I'm hopeful as of the last episode of abridged that Tifa and Cloud get their issues resolved for future seasons as that is my main ship Regardless, just Zack getting a more expanded role in the main game would be great to see/experience. If Final Fantasy XIII's installment releases were anything to go by I don't think maintaining that schedule should be TOO difficult, at most maybe a year and a half I'm thinking between each release. Nah, I thought that was to be expected, given the timing of the announcement and the amount of work they've shown, I don't think the 2017 release expectation is in too much jeopardy given they'll have all of this year and likely a fair couple of month into 2017 itself to take care of said 'preparation'. Maybe, best not to get our hopes up and have such an expectation though, so moving on. That's not such a big deal so long as they set a decent limit for that maximum, and have everything scaled accordingly in the next installment.

    Hah, maybe they ARE learning after all, should be good/something to look forward to and one where I don't have to worry about sales for either game like I did Legacy of the Void when it was announced to be the same day as Fall Out 4 <_< Oh? Definitely going to look that up, though what I'd REALLY like from a FFIX rerelease is what ever happened to Kuja <_<

    I think I'll have a better idea and let you know where they might be able to end it off depending on where the second episode of Thunderbolt ends. Oh, me neither, they'll need to build significant backstory for any real investment and I worry if they'll have the time to do so with the number of episodes available. The animation is a bit different compared to other Gundam series but I thought it was a good way to establish Thunderbolts uniqueness within the UC while also still calling back to a lot of nostalgia as well. Yeah, its length is really a concern and one I hope they won't repeat going forward, I think they may have done it just because it was a good cut off point but once again we'll see.

    Can't wait to see Akihiro use it in action alongside Barbatos, though I'm curious who will pilot the Graze custom now, because a new version of it showed up on the Japanese website looking more... pink then usual. Should be cool to see next episode hopefully.

    The latter is a possibility, I don't think Teiwaz will fall right now given we only have half a season left, but if a second comes and a big war occurs I could see severe damage being taken, but Tekkadan just can't scale enough to fight a conflict that size by itself so in that scenario I think they and likely the Turbines would rally and regroup/rebuild Teiwaz in the case of such a setback. Well, that's kind of the trade off, because they need these episodes to establish character growth for our main cast, but at the same time they can't have our competent villains like Fareed get shown up and devaluing them in the process as well, so these Saturday morning guys should be viewed more as obstacles to be overcome then real villains. And hey, Naze was one of those opponents and he and the Turbines were VERY competent In any event I expect things will pick up in this next episode, starting with seeing how they counter Nobliss' schemes.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-04 21:14
    What's happening, is there another break for the AoT series this month I'm not aware of?

    Well I'm back on my job, easing my way back in for now but we'll see how it goes.

    Sounds rough, well now on top of new years are you feeling any better/is the schedule lightening up a bit?

    Need to think about that regarding Chrono Cross, there are so many other games/systems I'm considering, first and foremost a new PC but between Fire Emblem for the 3DS and Golden/Odin Sphere for the Vita I've got way too much to consider if and when I can.

    I certainly hope that'll be the case with Zahn's work, we something to chart a new course to keep Starcraft relevant story wise. In the mean time I'm burying myself in warcraft, checking videos for the Legion Alpha, along with ordering the Chronicles encyclopedia book in March while eagerly anticipating that release of the Illidan novel in April. I think I'm going to be pretty busy with novels and manga's this early part of the year before I can really worry about games.

    Ditto, they'll have a lot to work with and hopefully the actor they chose can properly express Zemo, I have no qualms about the directing team anyway in terms of their ability to re-portray such an iconic character/villain. Eh, that could lead to an interesting sequel/return movie for Cap I suppose, but as I'm more of a fan of Winter Soldier I'm good with whatever direction they go with that part of the franchise. True that, but it keeps us on our toes on what to expect which is good, and should be interesting to find out once Civil War releases.

    Eh, it'll either succeed or fail, same expectation we've always had with Batman v Superman. Moving on to Star Wars though I think I'm going to have to push seeing it for another month or two, can't get anyone to go with me right now so I'm less motivated to go see, maybe at the end of the month but I'm glad to hear you liked it and I'm more encouraged now going into this new start for the franchise.

    I suppose, but I expect it'll be a while longer before we ever hear of any such import for VC3 so I'm not going to stress over it too much and make do with the fan translation as I said. Damn right, so now besides Fire Emblem all I can look forward to from Japan game wise for the foreseeable future is RPG's and one fighting game in BlazBlue. <_<

    Oh, I completely understand, it's how I generally like to go about games as well and why I've always been fine with checking guides/walkthroughs, either print or youtube. I think there's no real pressure though to push the game, honestly I might put it on the backburner when some of the newer releases come out until those guides for Witcher III go get updated. Whenever I get a chance to watch an in-depth playthrough of Witcher III then I'll see if I can't figure out the rules/strategy behind Gwent then. Moving on until you have some other issue with the game you want to discuss.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-01-02 21:47
    We probably won't learn about any of Isshiki's plans for a while longer though, given the new development of chapter 149 and Azami's sudden appearance at the dorm. Not to mention the brief hiatus on releases for new chapters for awhile longer.

    I thought so, and I'm interested in seeing how/if ever Erina manages to explore/apply this new way of thinking.

    We also have to take into account if a season 3 would be on the way, ending it after Stargire/Soma's return would be too much of a cliff-hanger if they don't plan on continuing afterwards.

    I wish them the best then, as I said in another year or two I don't see much problem in getting a second season out for One Punch on their end.

    Moving on to a semi-related topic have you had a chance to go over the schedule for the upcoming anime season for this year? I'm still trying to nail down/prioritize what I want to view and what seems interesting at the moment. The lack of definite release dates for a couple of series I very much want to check out is also hampering my check list, so I'll need to get back to you on my recommendations, but I thought I'd ask if anything's caught you eye personally.

    Yeah, I'm of the Neo theory as well. Possible, though we really don't know enough about Neo's power to say for sure and I think the phrasing was also to reinforce Yang's sense of danger, that this might have been an intended lethal attack to get her to respond the way she did. I don't think just Penny myself, I'm thinking Ironwood's whole robotic army is possibly vulnerable as well, should be interesting to see anyway. We should get more of an idea on what's going on tomorrow given that it's a flashback episode, so I'm curious to see what we'll learn. Ditto on Pyrrha, I'm very worried what this whole transfer will mean, provided she goes through with it anyway. There's a lot of uncertainty once again but as I said hopefully some things get clarified on Sunday.

    To an extent your right, but I think it largely depends if they were at lunch in between lessons or something. Speaking of the RWBY amnga chapter 2 came out, nice to see one aspect of your uniform casualness question is addressed, at least regarding Ruby herself I do wonder what the overall story will be for this series though given it will have to largely be a side thing from the main plot or even an outright original adaptation/modification that's unrelated to said main story at all.

    You mean the entirety of Volume 3? Yeah, there were a lot of depressing hints right from the start/opening itself, though even so I expect the heroes will be in a position to recover/strike back hopefully. Might be a while longer on that Cinder frustration thing I think, Monty initially planned 7-8 volumes just to start with as I recall though hopefully some minor setbacks occur like this Pyrrha Amber transfer, despite all the problems with THAT solution.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-12-31 13:25
    Sorry about the delay, been busy with cleaning my sister's place these past few days on top of holiday celebrations. Happy New Year in any event!

    I'd wish they'd consider it, but if they allow you to keep everything from the point you diverge then I'll be fine with that I guess, still not going to invest that deeply into it until said third route does become available though and once I've mapped out the various pairings... still debating if I want to go Vita (for P4 Golden) or 3DS though, what with the new Odin Sphere coming for the former as well...

    Guess we'll see soon enough once the initial release monopoly for the PS4 expires, and heck Nintendo could probably use a bone like FF7R all things considered. True, with no more FF7 characters on the way for Smash I suppose we shouldn't think about it too much unless/until they do make an announcement about FF7R being ported over. I know, the money making potential/amount of work means they'd likely break FF7R into installments. Either way I just hope they once again don't charge full retail price for each of said installment if they do go this route. Guess we'll see in time how everything plays out release wise, dub, and sub wise etc.

    You're probably right, though those were very good cut off points for each disc and I'm having a hard time thinking of better ones for a new three parter right now. I should HOPE so, while also having Zack actually voicing those moments when Cloud hears someone and passes out for a little while etc. That can actually work so long as they're only one year apart release wise. I thought so anyway, having confirmation is encouraging though in terms of that 2017 release making it on time. Won't mean there won't be a ton of complaints, plus possibly turning off potential new comers to the series, so I really hope they don't, especially not for THREE of them <_< You mean like a limit on leveling or something until the next game installment? That could work though I expect the scaling of enemies and lack of newer materia options would play a role in deterring people a bit regarding grinding, but that would guarantee it so something to keep in mind with any save + option.

    Ah, well that's something I guess.

    I took the plunge and found a scan for the Thunderbolt series, actually it's got a pretty good cut off point in the manga that would be ideal to apply for the limited number of episodes, though they'll still have to make some modifications/adjustments to compensate for length. Regardless I was please with this first episode release, it was both familiar but also something fresh. Have you had a chance to check it out yet btw?

    Well when you catch up, which I hope you have, we also see that Guision has some pretty big built-in artillery in its chest cannons, so that's something. Also I bit of a surprise in how it was added to the Tekkadan arsenal but you'll see/or have seen how they went about it soon enough.

    I generally don't think it'll fall apart period, at least not in the way you think, Tekkadan really is too small on its own to take on both Gjallahorn and Teiwaz I think, plus Naze likely takes his blood oaths seriously. Well, at the current pace we likely won't get that far unless a second season for Orphans is announced but we'll see, that potential conflict would be too big to fit into less then half a remaining season. Based on that last episode and its previews it looks like we'll indeed be coming to a head regarding Fumitan at least, though I hear there's going to be a short hiatus this week before we continue with the second half so you'll have to be patient.

    Hey, do what you need too, I'll still be here and in the mean time enjoy the holidays while you can, I know I will

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