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  1. Theron
    2008-10-09 09:50
    The best thing anyone could do is to accept that Code Geass ended with an open end thus can be interpreted however the viewer desires. After this thought takes shape one can peacefully put Geass aside and out of ones head. If there will be a continuation it should capture our attention when it actually comes out or when people in charge definitely confirm that it’s coming. Before this time comes we can just relax and do/think whatever we want.

    I really hope that you can go with whatever theory you like most and put all this Geass related worries aside. And if there will be a continuation - a real one, on screen and not in magazines or rumors - than we'll think about it in its own time.

    Am I right?
  2. C.C.
    2008-10-09 09:05
    In fact I don't hate them, I just hate the way they let Nunnally act... she wasn't the same person we knew at the begin of the series. And you wrote:

    Eh, you seem to hold the same opinion as KS on this matter.

    Who's KS? o_O

    Thanks to Narona's post, we can clearly see that we'll never have a reply, nothing is certain!<3 So, Lelouch is alive and is with C.C. for me. Two days ago I was so depressed and worried... T__T

    I agree with you opinion of Gino, there were many characters I wanted to know better, but at the end... nothing... We knew just something more of C.C., nothing of the other characters (first of all Kallen, the story of Naoto, etc.)

    For the image with Lelouch sleeping, I finally found a HQ image! And he's smiling peacefully, but he's not dead, look at his arms!!! I love that image, it means very much to me.

    No, no! XD I didn't say that there's romance in Gundam 00. There's NO romance at all (just hints, nothing more). I just like to see something more between the couples created in season 1 (as Louise and Saji that will be enemies, I think T__T). It's because of this I said that I don't want to make illusions about this. I think that romance will be just a frame, as always. It's as you said, and I can't wait to see the 00 in action!! *__* I loved so much Exia.. T__T His "death" in the first episode was heroic! ;_;
    I can't answer to your questions! XD We just have to wait and see what the episode will show us. And I hope that Mizushima will make something good with a sense. I don't want that Soma is Alle's sister! O__O They have to be together! XD And sure, there's something between them in the opening, as Andreij is watching Louise! o_O I really want to know which is his role.
  3. Deliberation
    2008-10-09 04:20
    I heard she's a reincarnated. Or my friend gave me wrong info. Well I love her anyway <3 And YUKANA <3

    I have a friend who knows Japanese and I she told me nothing in the article says that's he's dead or implying his death. Yeah Taniguchi, hope he really says the imagination line.
  4. Theron
    2008-10-09 03:12
    You know, I don't really care anymore. I enjoyed Code Geass while it lasted, season 1 much more then R2. Now it ended. The ending offered a lot of questions giving just a few answers. Because if that people were - myself included - really edger to find out more. But everything comes to an end. Code Geass itself ended and whatever may came out in magazines, interviews or any other random crap doesn't really matter.

    This is one of the reasons I do not treat bits of information like gum lines seriously. The one most important product is the show itself, the scenes in episodes, what characters do and tell in episodes and every bit of action that happens in episodes.

    As for whatever Okouchi said or may more say there's a difference. He was the main writer. He created the whole story. He watched how the story took shape and he controlled this process. Finally the story ended. Now the story lives on its own and can be interpreted by the viewers however these viewers can do it. If he wanted to get some thought through to the viewers, he should have done that. He didn't or did, but in such a manner that on one could understand it clearly. Well, in that case, there is on point to explain something after the show ended. If he starts to say something that contradicts the things we saw, that he's not that good of a writer.

    An open end exists in any kind of writing work be it books or movies or anything else for a reason. To give the viewer/reader the right to decide what happened afterwards. And this rule has only one exception - when a work with an open end continues in some other work. There is no other way to do it.

    Dann I really think you should put Geass aside. With an open ending you can think whatever you want and no one can take this from you until the story continues.
  5. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2008-10-09 01:26
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    Well, if the director say he is dead then he is.
    But one could argue that death is relative in the CG universe; it's like how in Final Fantasy 7, Aries was certainly killed. But she was none the less sufficiently alive to reappear at the end of the OVA special.
    Who knows? Maybe CC could bring him back one day... There is always room to dream of Avalon.^_^
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-09 01:02
    One last thing before bed time, whoever is shouting this already thought him dead in the beginning, and that is there right but we have the right to believe otherwise, I feel that such a thing has been acknowledged today and as for resting within her, may or may not mean what we think it means and I feel its still very subject and open to interpretation. And yes, the image it quite nice in my view. Anyway, night Dann, try to liven up a little
  7. Narona
    2008-10-09 00:59
    Dann, go read the thread, Koshimizu came to the rescue
  8. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:58
    I doubt he will ever say any such thing, but we'll see I guess.
  9. Deliberation
    2008-10-09 00:51
    Where in the article stated that Okuichi confirmed his death? @_@

    Oh cmon cheer up erm.. watch Spice and Wold or Tales of the Abyss(Tear Grants looks awfully like C.C. same voice actor as well.. and she's kind of a goddess)
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-09 00:48
    Well, that's basically what becomes the central implication, his death is the central topic at this point and it was an important part of the series, so even if he was technically alive I'm not adverse to saying they'd still focus on it and its meaning regardless. Newtype often like to run with these types of themes, they often prove more poetic. And I don't know, I can interpret that as being with her at the same time, I mean 'Lelouch' as we know him at least is dead, whether he's going under a new alias and starting a new life as say R2 now can work in that context, and whether the image is a physical representation or a spiritual one is still left to be determined.

    Its not, or at least I doubt it, they've never contributed to this kind of stuff before, and if I'm reading the interviews and what they are saying right then ambiguity is still the answer of the say Dann. Anyway, off to bed, try to calm down already

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