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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-24 05:30
    Sorry about the lack of response lately, pretty busy taking care of my place since my parents are on vacation, that and I'm currently scouring youtube trying to find all the little conversation scenes for Starcraft: Legacy of the Void single-player campaign. Will try to hopefully get in a response on Wednesday, or Friday-Saturday the latest, since nothing much happened in Shokugeki besides establishing Eizan and I want to head off the next RWBY/Gundam Orphans episodes coming out on Sunday so you can get a chance to respond and critique it first to add to your own comments.

    EDIT: Arrgggh, I've been pretty exhausted Dann, need to catch up on some Z's tonight so I'm going to TRY and get everything in tomorrow, at the very least I'll shoot for covering our Shokugeki discussions after the spoilers/release are out.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-05 19:31
    It's all good, lot of stuff coming on, plus Blizzcon this week which should add to our discussions.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-03 18:51
    Just fyi, but I decided to consolidate these last two posts since they're so short.

    Yeah, just take advantage of the lulls when you can regarding handhelds, short of a sequel to the World Ends With You most of the other titles can probably wait. Though I do want to ask which way you're leaning regarding the Odin Sphere remake while we're on the subject, Vita or HD Playstation version?

    Yeah, that's pretty much how I follow those game universes now until I get that decent gaming PC I've been talking with you about, along with what's happening in Warcraft since I'm not going to ever do monthly payment MMO's. I would THINK that's looking a bit far ahead if they even make any movie sequels for Warcraft II and III, and honestly if they get that far I won't be surprised if cut it off there in one nice, clean trilogy. But again let's see how this first movie goes, I mean the first trailer is due to be revealed at Blizzcon this week Eh, now that the novel universes have been decanonized I'm less motivated to keep up with them, so if/when I get all the Heir to the Empire/Thrawn related stuff I'll be good. Regardless, as I said I'm super excited to see where Zahn can take Starcraft and what the future of the series will look like after Legacy of the Void wraps up that original storyline, given what he did in introducing Thrawn etc., so I have high hopes.

    No you're right, I didn't hear about Persona until 3 showed up, but even then it was more of a cult hit I thought and more then one fans fumed regarding the ending, P4 basically made the series accessible/popularized with the overall public, so it'll be interesting to see what direction P5 takes us with the franchise.

    And that's my fear for the LOGH import and why I'm not rushing my money out the door depending on which version they release. I'm hoping the LOGH remake manages to reconcile all those weird editing inserts, but only time will tell.

    Oh, Vadar's fine, I'm just anxious regarding the overall storyline/direction is all.

    Yeah, I'm not going to let this get me down, and given all the new game releases/announcements plus the new Gundam series I'm sure next Comic-Con will be jam packed with new events to make up for this year. If you mean these armor and model displays then yes, those were definitely the same ones.

    Refining is what sequels are supposed to do anyway so it's good to see a game like Deus Ex follow through on that promise. Pretty much, the ultimate goal I think for games is to create a truly organic digital game world at some point and truly random/unique weather will be the first step towards that.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-03 18:23
    Yeah, BlazBlue lost a bit of charm after the DLC releases honestly, I know a lot of fan favorites came out and people appreciated those but at the same time it did feel too much too soon, especially with the starting lineup for ChronoPhantasma, I mean those three main characters didn't have much if any impact on the story aside from Azrael running a muck, but regardless there's nothing to be done about it right now so moving on. Wow, I'm glad to hear, let me know how the final results come, I'm wishing you all the best.

    Suppose that's possible, just have to wait and see if anything new regarding their gear turns up or not I guess. Which is ironic given how the Colossal was always regarded as the big threat until recently, but at the same time makes sense given how unweildy fighting someone as big as him would be, still should be interesting to see how Bert involves himself anyway. Well, I thought I recalled a bunch of dirt falling off the regular titans heads, but I'll have to double check, regardless though them being buried fits better given Ape-man's example of being able to influence/freeze the Titans in place.

    I suppose that's why I gravitate toward Try instead because it follows a more traditional/equal dynamic among the teammates. Pretty much my sentiment, that type of thing sudden transition doesn't feel real unless you see it in action, even a brief glimpse of them facing off would have helped in an epilogue or even a flashback in Try. Wikipedia says no, the Utawaremono games have never been localized, which isn't THAT surprising since the fall somewhere between serious strategy RPG and hentai romance visual novel, at least with the first game anyway.

    Cool, cool, glad you like it in that capacity. Eh, ecchi comedy it's kind of standard at this point I think in order to attract an initial fanbase, espeically as you say with a very typical story world/story premise. But I think of the fanservice stuff as more of a hook then anything before taking over with those positive elements you mentioned and at least as you mentioned Chivalry skipped through the slapstick harem comedy rather fast. But moving on in any event, I also took some time to watch One-Punch Man, it's pretty cool even though I have no idea where the story is going at all which is one of those peeves of mine sometimes unfortunately.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-03 15:28
    Weaker chefs in the overall big picture anyway, and a narrow definition of cooking since they would all basically cook the same kind of foods only Azami would approve of. Maybe a few more checks to prevent/allow students to work their way back up or even into the school might be in order, Dojima managed that fairly well for Megumi, but yeah, it brought out the best in a lot of kids too while also rightly punishing the stupid among them, and at the same time the REAL problem is that this will hamper innovation and diversity. Guess we'll know soon enough, I wouldn't mind seeing the other Alumni return and we could certainly use all hands on deck for this one.

    And because Erina's there I'm not TOO worried about the events of chapter 141, it'd be too much of a lost opportunity for character development to lose the dorm now when she just got there, though I wonder what she wanted to say to Saki in that one panel, maybe she actually had an idea/solution to the bind Eizan's put them in but she's still scared about directly challenging her father.

    I could see Akira maybe getting through this with his mastery of aroma, and if Soma can use what he learned from his battles with Akira, or even get his help for the Shokugeki it MIGHT work even if the judges don't eat, but that is a long shot. Really anything could happen, Dojima could show up and work around it, like I said before about Erina or even Satoshi might be able to exert some kind of Elite Ten authority, who the heck knows but that's what makes it so exciting. I think he can do pretty well but I also always thought out of all of them he was the weakest link skill wise, so we'll see if he actually manages to demonstrate how strong he is or whether his arrogance of having the judges in his pocket will obscure his actual talent level, should be a fun match regardless though.

    Maybe in a few years sales will pick up, who knows honestly, though maybe this Jump Festa episode for Shokugeki coming out in November will give us an indication, we'll see I guess. Eh? Really? Man, that DID take a while, production studios can be real weird about these kind of things but at least they're getting FMP done at all, suppose that means there's hope for all the old series as long as interest in that remains.

    Eh, let's give Mahouka/Irregular another year or so and we should have some idea, the light novel and some of its spin-off manga are finally being imported over here so it's not like there won't be stuff to tide fans over in the states in the mean time. Yeah, two episodes in with RWBY and I feel like they're still feeling their way through and/or saving the real budget effects for the big battles later but it's too early to rush to judgement on anything, so let's just enjoy and anticipate the direction of the plot right now anyway like seeing what the deal with Qrow and Winter is finally. I mean, the Raven Brandwen mystery seems like it's going to be awhile before we get any new info on that from the looks of it. And hey, at least the setting/environment shots look pretty gorgeous so far.

    Yeah, she's probably busy after Halo 5 or something so this will do at least, I mean Ozpin did share the opening narration with her after all. True true, though Qrow and Taiyang don't look like they've changed all that much so I think it's still up in the air about Raven, I mean if she is Yang's mother and a Bird Fanus like I suspected then her spiky feather-like hair should really remain to indicate that. Jaune inherited his sword from his grandfather though, but yeah, it probably is her though again we'll still have to wait and see. Well, people did notice that look Yang gave Emerald and Mercury as they passed each other by in the arena, plus we have no context about their meeting like when it took place or whether it was in a dream or not, so who knows. Speaking of Mercury I mentioned that they got Yuri Lowenthal to voice him now, that's a serious upgrade and he seems well suited to the role. Oh, cool to hear that the manga will give us some back story, and yeah I read about the greenlight for Grimm Eclipse, should be exciting to see when it comes out.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-02 21:03
    Well, it's popularity pretty much dictated its length, but like I said I see the light at the end of the tunnel so hopefully it ends well enough. Well be sure she does, Brotherhood is well worth a look even if she read the manga.

    Well, as of the new announcement for Gundam Thunderbolt it seems like we're going back to the well of the One Year War, though I'm a bit surprised they chose this to be their newest full television adaptation for the U.C. Honestly I think they've come to the conclusion with the U.C that no conflict is ever going to measure up to the one between Zeon and the Federation which is why an F91 remake seems long odds. Eh, after the Axis Shock from Counterattack I wasn't that surprised by that light show. Yeah, I'm liking how grounded it feels, just good old basics of better armor and maneuverability right now, though I expect that to change once more Gundams are introduced to Orphans.

    Episode 5 re-kicked things off in the new setting of space but next episode looks like it'll allow our character to settle in to the new situation, so good balance so far between plot and character development along with world building. Yeah, apparently you can just look at the opening and see the changes to Barbatos being done for that episode, it had its special gun cannon and new shoulder pieces. That is a concern, but I doubt that with Coral gone and Fareed now in charge that they'll resort to something like that so long as the remaining members of Tekkadan keep a low profile on Mars while the others are away to earth. And yeah, good riddance to Todo after he fell flat on his face, though I won't be surprised if he sticks around on the Gjallahorn ship to serve as comedic relief unfortunately. Yeah, he was cool, and I'm glad they're leaving him behind to look after the kids still left on earth like we discussed earlier.

    I honestly think they're learning with Mika and won't go down the pacifist route of not killing at least, even if Mika himself begins to fight for causes bigger then himself. There's been 300 years of so-called peace already, and in many ways Orphans is depicting how the younger generation is crying out against its decadence and stagnation, so I'm not too worried about it. HOnestly there are two routes the series can go, either Kudelia succeeds and Mars begins to gain independence peacefully or she doesn't and Tekkadan takes the forefront in fighting for her to gain that independence, either way I don't think the generic argument against killing or violence in general will get in the way of this story which is clearly illustrating that sometimes you just have to fight for what you believe in/care about or get trampled otherwise by the 'peace' of an imbalanced governing system.

    Edit: Ah, forgot to talk about the new Origins release. Nothing much to say other then it being solid character development but I'm a bit concerned by how much material they still have to cover with only two movies left. I'm of the opinion they're going to change that announcement and go with five movies at the very least, but we'll see.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-01 23:13
    Yeah, the world fluff and novels were pretty much how I got into it, though lately I've really enjoyed these detailed historical campaign books from places like Forgeworld for 40k, that give detailed historical background on a lot of battles/military campaigns along with an index on the various vehicles, units, and military organizations involved in those specific conflicts.

    Well, if you ever get the time you could always look over the Duscae Demo again to see if the damage is different between different targeted areas on enemies. Honestly it isn't a big deal and I only bring it up regarding our speculation if they'll allow Noctis do use Prontos' weapon for specific targeting. Moving on then.

    Yeah, I don't have the same reverence for Nintendo anymore except when it comes to a few handheld titles now and Legend of Zelda, maybe Starfox if this next one is decent. Huh, Magi Nation was it? Have to look that one up, but moving on again.

    Wait what? How does two separate releases work exactly? And I thought Fate had three endings, so how are they going to get that third/true route then?

    Anyway, going to get the Gundam stuff up tomorrow Dann, so be sure to be caught up on the second Origins movie and the new episode from Barbatos. Also I'll be following up on the annoucement of a new Gundam anime called Gundam Thunderbolt, be sure to check out the news/details about it as it actually concerns a topic we've discussed earlier regarding future Gundam releases.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-30 19:30
    Nice, can't wait to see him in action with Starcraft now, but I'll get into that during my formal reply. Anyway, I think I'll save most of my responses for Sunday after all the new releases, Monday at the latest. I did want to drop a little interesting new tidbit I didn't notice, but Mercury on RWBY got his VA changed and it's now Yuri Lowenthal. RT be really upgrading their cast....
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-24 17:38
    Take your time honestly, we're still waiting for things like Gundam, RWBY, and a release for chapter 140 of Shokugeki to come out after all so it's not a bad idea to save your response until then as that should give us more then enough to talk about.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 15:02
    Same honestly, it's been a long time coming for a LOGH import after all, but once again that's provided they don't incorporate that stupid HD footage like they did in Japan, the differences between the old and new art-style are just way too jarring to mix like that. Oh, I know what you're talking about but at least Star War's HD stuff is not as obvious as two different eras of artstyle I think, and not that different compared to how modern movies do it anyway.

    Yeah, Rebel's isn't that much longer a wait which is good. And I think the new premise for the series is interesting in any event, based on the first two episodes I saw at Comic-con, so something to look forward to.

    Well there's always steaming in any event, but there's not much more we can talk about other then maybe picking up a few of the new releases for Gundam etc whenever they do come out on disc, they of course that'll depend on the packaging/bundling and where we're at financially, so no rush. Moving on then

    I think I answered that about what the various Jap VA's for the Ruby dub have done in their careers in a later mini-post so I'll also move on from this as well.

    Definitely not with the amount of internet access we have now, and a lot of those movies ARE classics for a reason so their stories age well enough for you to appreciate whenever you get around to them. Huh, interesting if it is Blackbeard, and you might be right, we'll know what they deal is soon enough once Pan actually Airs. All in all it was a mixed bag I would say, I got into panels I did want but lost out on some panels I REALLY wanted to see, just have to be better next year I guess, but it was certainly eventful on the show floors if nothing else given how extravagant some of the displays are, from giant Pop! Doll figures of some popular fictional figures, to a new online game called Phantom of the Kill I got to try out, to these giant wax statues like Urakahi and Dwarves from the Hobbit and giant full armored guards of the Alliance from the Warcraft movie by a company called Wetaworks along with many display cases for other replica props. All in all it was fun but I'm definitely going to be more disciplined so I don't miss out on those panels once again.

    Weiss's family AND Rwby and Yang's it seems. You might be right though given the opening I think they'll likely be too late, though we'll see soon enough in a week

    So some other things I saw from Comic-con aside from new manga lists by various companies was that during the Deus Ex panel we're going to have some changes in the weather that can affect how the game is played at different moments, like if you're caught in a sandstorm that obstructs your vision during a rescue mission which was cool to learn about, along with a showcase on some of the new non-lethal and lethal augment abilities, along with some of their artistic borrowing from the Dark Ages in their architectural designs compared to the Renaissance like they did in Human Revolution. Oh and another cool thing I saw after I got locked out of Funimation's panel was a panel with Steve Blum working on a promotional project album for a rapper named Logic who was making a scifi based album, which was really cool for someone in the hip-hop industry to be that much of a geek about anime and comics and the like. All in all it was pretty fun and I look forward to doing better at next years con as I said before.

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