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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 15:02
    Same honestly, it's been a long time coming for a LOGH import after all, but once again that's provided they don't incorporate that stupid HD footage like they did in Japan, the differences between the old and new art-style are just way too jarring to mix like that. Oh, I know what you're talking about but at least Star War's HD stuff is not as obvious as two different eras of artstyle I think, and not that different compared to how modern movies do it anyway.

    Yeah, Rebel's isn't that much longer a wait which is good. And I think the new premise for the series is interesting in any event, based on the first two episodes I saw at Comic-con, so something to look forward to.

    Well there's always steaming in any event, but there's not much more we can talk about other then maybe picking up a few of the new releases for Gundam etc whenever they do come out on disc, they of course that'll depend on the packaging/bundling and where we're at financially, so no rush. Moving on then

    I think I answered that about what the various Jap VA's for the Ruby dub have done in their careers in a later mini-post so I'll also move on from this as well.

    Definitely not with the amount of internet access we have now, and a lot of those movies ARE classics for a reason so their stories age well enough for you to appreciate whenever you get around to them. Huh, interesting if it is Blackbeard, and you might be right, we'll know what they deal is soon enough once Pan actually Airs. All in all it was a mixed bag I would say, I got into panels I did want but lost out on some panels I REALLY wanted to see, just have to be better next year I guess, but it was certainly eventful on the show floors if nothing else given how extravagant some of the displays are, from giant Pop! Doll figures of some popular fictional figures, to a new online game called Phantom of the Kill I got to try out, to these giant wax statues like Urakahi and Dwarves from the Hobbit and giant full armored guards of the Alliance from the Warcraft movie by a company called Wetaworks along with many display cases for other replica props. All in all it was fun but I'm definitely going to be more disciplined so I don't miss out on those panels once again.

    Weiss's family AND Rwby and Yang's it seems. You might be right though given the opening I think they'll likely be too late, though we'll see soon enough in a week

    So some other things I saw from Comic-con aside from new manga lists by various companies was that during the Deus Ex panel we're going to have some changes in the weather that can affect how the game is played at different moments, like if you're caught in a sandstorm that obstructs your vision during a rescue mission which was cool to learn about, along with a showcase on some of the new non-lethal and lethal augment abilities, along with some of their artistic borrowing from the Dark Ages in their architectural designs compared to the Renaissance like they did in Human Revolution. Oh and another cool thing I saw after I got locked out of Funimation's panel was a panel with Steve Blum working on a promotional project album for a rapper named Logic who was making a scifi based album, which was really cool for someone in the hip-hop industry to be that much of a geek about anime and comics and the like. All in all it was pretty fun and I look forward to doing better at next years con as I said before.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 14:18
    That is true, though I'd put any linear games on the 'to rent' list until a price drop occurs anyway. Maybe some quick handhelds would be best for your schedule until the really big releases hit.

    Guess we'll see where it leads, for now let's put DA and ME on hold discussion wise until something new arrives, and maybe switch our discussion to Knights of the Fallen Empire when it comes out.

    You should definitely re-look up the series once Legacy of the Void comes out, there's also a number of supplemental materials, even free short stories on their website, and how fascinating those universes are is why those two Blizzard RTS' really got me hardcore interested in the gaming world. Well, the movie DOES have a prequel novel out but the movie is more of an adaptation of the very first Warcraft RTS, you should definitely check it out though to get reacquainted with the universe like I will, and definitely they could do more movies like for Warcraft II provided things go well, but we'll see. As for the Illidan novel that's for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. I don't play it but I'm still invested in the warcraft lore to follow what's going on in the story and Illidan is a big reason for that. And In any event I'm super excited to see what Zhan can do with the Starcraft universe and where we'll go from here once Legacy of the Void brings the main series to its conclusion. Good point, I do hope the new Star Wars movie does well for the franchises sake as a whole but I'm glad I'm not as invested in its success as some other fans are.

    You're probably right, so let's enjoy it now that it is back on track. I certainly hope so, I like choice as much as anyone but silent protagonist have always had their drawbacks and its why I've appreciated the supplemental games and stuff for giving Yu more of an identity. Well, P4 might have popularized it but yeah, I'm pretty sure Persona as a franchise has always had a steady following so I'm not worried about P5 sales wise provided it functions well. You're probably right, I can't imagine any persona game with this few playable characters so they'll likely be edited in to the opening afterwards. Well, aside from the delay I think that wraps up our Persona 5 discussion, moving on.

    All to the good I think, especially given all the other things we have to deal with. Maybe one day we can get an old vintage system and collect the older games, or get an emulator at least, but for now youtube works well enough I think, so once again let's move on.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 13:28
    Yeah, I'm probably getting my hopes up they won't continue this in Central Fiction, but there aren't many more new characters they could announce to do re-releases... I think. It's essentially the best we can do unless/until someone DOES import those comics, but for now I'm content to just get the BlazBlue games and whatever extras they have as well, moving on then. I wish you the very best of luck on that, for both you and Rooster Teeth, one thing I noticed though is they seem to like passion/commited motivation to what they're doing, hopefully they'll call for an interview to give you a chance to convey that. Plus the cost of living will be much more manageable for you in Texas along with no state income tax. I don't think it'd hurt to talk to someone about getting assistance on stuff like that regardless, that's what the resources are there for, but I'm glad that it's at least manageable for you. Keep me posted in any event on how things go with RT. Glad I could help and thanks in return. Schedule wise I hope it all works out for you, but I suppose we'll see depending on where the chips fall with releases next year. Moving on then.

    Can not wait to see how it all goes down. About what I expected, but yeah, nice to get confirmation that short of taking their head it doesn't look like most other fatal stab wounds will work. Was there? I didn't really notice anything different with the gear personally. Oh, he's probably waiting in the wings, we've yet to ever get a proper fight with the Colossal Titan anyway so it'll be interesting to say the least. I don't THINK that's what happened, I think most of the steam is from just Ape-man and he had the other Titans buried in the dirt, I mean if he could do something like that he wouldn't have needed to beat Reiner down to get his and Bert's cooperation or go through all this elaborate nonsense to get Eren, even then it's not like the Survey Corp wasn't looking for people so I doubt they'd have missed a large congregation like that, normal or Titan form otherwise, hence why it looks like they were just buried in the earth and made to stand still be Ape Man.

    Eh, I'll see for myself I suppose, and more so seeing it from every team, not just the main characters. Ah, that's disappointing, would have wanted to see him go even further and show what he's capable of more often, maybe go against Reiji himself or something. It's probably the best option, either by next year the Arslan manga will have generally caught up with the anime or a second season will be announced, either one works really. Ah well so long as it worked out I guess, moving on from Ghoul then. Yup, plenty to keep you busy, be sure to give me your impressions as you get further into Utawarerumono and what you think about the change of pace that happens after the first few episodes, the sequel is going at a pretty slow pace anyway so there's no rush to get to it.

    And yeah I did mention Chivalry to you before, and yeah I know it fell back on some slap-stick ecchi quite a few times but in contrast to say Mahouka I thought this series gave off a real working man's vibe about overcoming prejudices and hardship, like say Shokugeki for example. Just try not to take it too seriously and it should be enjoyable for the most part I think.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 11:05
    Well the gloves are certainly off now as of chapter 139, I kind of expected something like this but not in a way that Azami managed to also spin the benefits and play on people's worse instincts about preservation and taking the easy way out. Yes, Totsuki is harsh but that's what built this school and what they were technically here for/trying to achieve, perhaps some reform to account for different growth speed might be necessary but at the same time chefs like Megumi would never have grown in the first place without that additional pressure alongside a strong support system like her dorm mates. But I do see the appeal and wonder how exactly Soma and the rest of the gang will combat them and whether Jouichiro and Gin will arrive in time to make any real difference.

    Yup, that's the good Erina can do if she's willing to apply herself. It's not likely others could take her critics as well as PSD but that type of resiliency should hopefully allow her to modify like she was trying to back when she was a kid and after tasting Alice's cake etc.

    Oh definitely, thier motivations for going along with this have got to be a big part of their character development as well so I'm looking forward to exploring that and them much more. Oh, and on cue Eizan does not fail to disappoint by bringing that notice to PSD, THIS has been a long time coming and because Erina just got there I'm pretty sure whatever Eizan and the rest of the pro-Azami faction are planning for PSD they will not succeed, for now anyway, given that the author won't want to cut her character development and the potential budding relationship with Soma that abruptly. I can't wait to see the look on Eizan's face when he fails and hopefully it'll cost him his seat so we can be one step closer to fixing this nonsense. Guess we'll see whenever Jou actually does get there.

    But I heard the television ratings were pretty good though.... Ah well, I won't mind if it's another couple of years before they do but it was a good ride regardless and at least the manga's still here, going strong for us so we'll deal with it the best we can. Moving on then.

    Guess we'll just have to see, it might be another few years and a few more light novels but I definitely won't be surprised if/when they pick Mahouka up for another season, especially if the company itself gets into a bit of a rut and need to drum up some interest. Right, though that little opening scene between her and Qrow makes me wonder if they might somehow get a relationship going between them, I can only imagine how grating it must have been for Qrow that Tai Yang ended up with BOTH of their fellow female teammates even if one is likely his sister or at least related to him in some way. On the whole I think everything seems to be moving well though I am worried about how tight the timeline is and how much the RT animation team still has to edit/clean up even from that brief teaser is show. About the story itself I'm disappointed Cortana isn't continuing World of Remnant but I think Ozpin and the new animation sequences definitely make up for it and it was really interesting to see the stadium actually floats. That being said between the warnings and the ominous tone of the new opening things look to be taking a definite dark turn. Still not sure if the Raven we saw is Yang's mother given the slight differences in her curly hair versus that pictures depiction of more straight/pointed hair instead, I'm still on the fence if it's Yang's mom or some long lost twin that went with their mother instead but we'll see. Very excited regardless for the show's debut this 24th. And of course I'm exicted about the news regarding the manga AND for the nomination of Grimm Eclipse on Steam (if you've got an account go vote in support Dann, their should be a video link on the RT main youtube channel.) Right well, whenever either of us get around to them we can bring Ghost back into the discussion, but for now let's move on.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 10:47
    True, it really depends in what form and capacity Tokyo Pop comes back, guess I'll keep my suggestions to myself until then. No big, I know it isn't your series, I'll likely speed run Fairy Tail myself once it seems like it's nearing the end anyway. Well, when you get a chance ask/show it to her, it'll definitely wash the bad test of the original Full Metal Alchemist anime ending out of ones mouth.

    True, and in this case I'm grateful to Sunrise for it, the U.C still has much potential even if in only side story form. Bah, they're just people who've always complained about the Newtype powers, honestly it was probably the fastest way to deal with everything while keeping their powers intact, and it gave us some throwback scenes reanimated so it's all good in my mind, along with being a proper send off by revealing the true history finally to the world. I'm not too worried about Barbatos getting way out of hand, at least not based on what I've seen so far now that we've gotten to episode 3, since there doesn't seem to be any deus ex machina explanations going on, but we'll know soon enough.

    I'm liking the direction of the plot overrall as well, along with potential character growth as well, they've got great foundations but also stuff that can be built off of it. Pretty much agree regarding all the interesting mechanics with the spinal system and the Barbatos' load on Mika, but for now I'm just really looking forward to what the first upgrade will be. Now, if you've already watched episode 3 we're getting underway with the main story, which in my view can go in two directions. If you haven't do so before moving on with this next sentence. Ready? Okay, so in my view they're either going to succeed with the negotiations upon completing their escort mission of Aina, OR they'll fail and join the open Mars rebellion which can hopefully spill into a season 2, but we'll see. Either one works for me, though I'll admit the latter has the opportunity to make things VERY interesting.

    The opening is a bit loud I have to admit, but at the same time I thought it appropriate for shouting that defiant spirit and taking the stand. What this show does and what this opening exemplifies above others is it takes a balanced approach to violence, yes it's horrible they're in this situation to begin with but at the same time it presents really the only way forward for them to continue to live and prosper at all. And the violence is DEFINITELY there if you've seen episode 3, I'm very curious to see how the Orphans navigate this without becoming complete monsters at the same time, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 00:20
    Well, that kind of atmosphere only added to Twilight Princess' charm and helped differentiate it from the rest of the franchise. Yeah, though it wouldn't have taken much to beat out her competition given Midna actually had a personality... Man, I wanted to get better with Smash as well but once again never got enough time to actually practice... I always thought so, I didn't have a lot of games as a kid but boy was there a lot of gorgeous replay value for a Sega system that's considered antiquated these days. Oh, what did garner your interest in video games in general then? Super Mario opened my eyes but I'll admit Warcraft/Starcraft/Blizzard were the ones to really hook me before Final Fantasy opened me up to console RPG's. Well they need to do something more to turn things around then just handhelds... but I digress.

    Won't be much longer until we do with the Divison Beta thankfully. Eh, you're probably right though I suppose Ralph could use his own significant other..., but we'll see.

    Given it's running straight to console I think something in between Type-0 and XV will probably work for the Remake in terms of balancing character diversity with greater mechanical depth. Yeah, let's taper down just a little bit with Platinum, say maybe Kingdom Hearts level of gameplay if we want a maximum emergence threshold for the Remake

    Well, nothing to be done about Ace Attorney anyway. As for Fire Emblem I only mention it because the Fate version of the game is likely to come out over to the U.S so it might be a good idea for you to use what free time you have on it, especially given the portable nature once again. In any event I never did care about the stats anyway, and if I ever do get handhelds I'll just go with my ideal pairings. But moving on.

    Ah, that's too bad. Well let me know what if anything I can do to help. But in the meantime I'll leet you deal with whatever's come up for you, so moving on.

    True that, For Honor is definitely something for us to keep any eye on.

    And with that I think I'll bring both these two previous threads to a close. If there are any other issues you want to discuss then please do so Dann, but as I've said we've pretty much exhausted these topics so I'll end it here and prepare to get the rest up tomorrow now that we're entering manga/anime territory.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-17 20:11
    Okay, I know I said I'd cut the game discussions out but I did want to get in a few closing statements. One, I don't play the 40K games much either but I do love the lore and on top of reading the books I also download copies of the rule-book publications and such as well since they also have a ton of lore and are often depicted as historical texts. That being said I think Battle Fleet Gothic and Total War: Warhammer are definitely two of the more interesting games to come from the franchise and something to watch out for. Sounds like a good plan, if it makes things easier on your time and wallet then go for it. And okay, I'll definitely file Gravity Rush away to look up in the future.

    Yeah, it's more for practical reasons I look to the Vita on my part, consoles are a no-no until I get a full-time salary, but I won't dictate which version you want to get and won't blame you if seeing Odin Sphere on the big screen is really appealing since you actually can do it. Huh, sounds interesting, I'll file 13 Sentinals away as something to look out for as well, let me know if anything new comes up. That's too bad, I thought that Demon Blade spiritual sequel was kind of interesting not to mention my BlazBlue fanboying, plus Atlus and Arksystem seem to work so well together I kind of throw in the Persona series among others into that equation. Regardless you picked a good one in Odin Sphere to try and I'm sure this Remake will bring back some enjoyable memories along with new experiences. But moving on again.

    Guess that wraps up XV and Remake until more news arrives.

    I think they're just rendering pictures of actual dishes Dann, not animating the food from scratch Well, it's only speculation until/unless something is announced so we'll leave the release date announcement for XV there for now. Huh, the XV Duscae Demo isn't giving an indication of individual damage spreads depending on what body part is hit? Well, suppose all we can do is look forward to those events, moving on then.

    Intersting, you're probably right then that 2.8 indicates III might be awhile longer, though early 2018 instead of late 2017 at the LATEST hopefully. But we can only see if more info pops up, moving on.

    You're probably right, well we'll know by next year, so let's just hope for the best with Last Guardian. I'd recommend the youtube route with Uncharted 3 definitely.

    Everything else seems pretty much said, so moving on.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-17 19:37
    I did see, and I'd heard talk about it but RT hadn't confirmed it last I checked, though I'll look into it. Sounds pretty good, but I'd hold our horses about a 2D anime given how it might compete with the actual 3D series. Anyway, gonna start working on responses tonight, hopefully I get them done by tomorrow, there's a lot to talk about after all.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-12 21:56
    Yeah, but I really need to still be more on point next year, I did much better last year with panels even though I cut way down on my exhibition touring to wait the necessary amount of time. And I was really peeved on Sunday when the Namco&Bandai RPG panel was full the moment the convention center opened its doors, I know you would have appreciated more news about Tales of Zestria and some of their other projects. Anyway, I'm going to hold off on any big responses for a little while, feeling a little sick right now, but note that aside from a few mentions of what I saw at Deus Ex I'm probably going to cut out the video game discussions until we get more news later in the year.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-11 09:57
    Bah, I'm getting outmuscled, I lost out on Aniplex, Funimation and Namco RPG panels. I'll fill you in on what I did do later I guess, but I definitely need to be more dedicated to panels next year. Short of Kara aka Weiss coming next year, or Aryn aka Blake for just the Volume 3 poster, I hopefully shouldn't lose out like I did this time waiting for signings.

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