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  1. Ring
    2008-09-21 18:48
    After reading Koshimizu's translation, since Eclipse was off, her last part: "Winning or losing... to think this kind of emotion(heart) is still left inside of me" shows that she realizes and at the same time finds it amusing (in a good way) that she still has human emotions which she believed she lacked before. For her to say she was happy Lelouch was concerned, and how she was worried if Lelouch hated her, she is finally showing and starting to recognize this side for her. She recognizes Lelouch as a man as well. This is really... something after reflecting upon it. The mood is completely different from their usual partner talk, especially Lelouch. Aside from his reactions, it was nice of him to say that everything he did after receiving the Geass was all himself rather casting blame. Imo, this episode was all good development for her and you should feel a bit happy about it. Don't stress yourself out too much. I didn't see anything like her giving up Lelouch even after reading the translations.

    I'm starting to think the chances of Lelouch and C.C. being together in some form in the end is likely. Whether it's romantic or ambiguous remains to be seen though. From her line with Kallen where she says she wants to bring an end to the accumulation of her experiences while caring about the promise, it looks like she wants to do that with Lelouch. Her name could be possibly be mentioned at this point. I think that Sunrise guy's sentence about fulfilling their contract after everything is over (Zero Requiem completed?) and "what do do after" makes more sense now. For Kallen's gum line, although I see it as possibility for it to be good for her chances (don't see her being with Lelouch in the end though if she goes back to a public life), the other possibilities for the context of her line increased after seeing this episode imo.

    Considering how they kept so many people alive instead of following through with traditional death flags in this episode, I think perhaps bittersweet ending for the main cast and a hopeful ending for everyone else could happen. The minor couples like Ougi x Viletta, Cornelia x Guilford (great that's he alive, but it sucks that he's blind), and Toudou x Chiba could all remain safe for the epilogue.

    Btw, Lelouch's speech to Schneizel about how a never-changing world is not alive, but an experience felt like C.C.'s speech in Ep. 15 didn't it?

    Only a few days before the next OST is out right? The music played in this episode was great. It seems they used Continued Story when Lelouch was talking with Nina and bit into his moment with C.C. in the hanger. I wonder where the last Hitomi songs (Lullaby of M and Sensibility) will be played in the next episode. Here are the lyrics if you haven't seen them yet.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-21 17:47
    Dann, calm down already, geez >_>
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-21 17:44
    God Dann, nothing ever seems to satisfy you. Relax already, geez
  4. Kusaja
    2008-09-21 17:43
    Sorry for the delay.

    No idea. People assume "Re;" means "reply", but it could also be a reference to the Requiem or something else entirely

    I think C.C.'s last line there, after acknowledging her defeat in combat, pretty much confirmed that she feels human again, to her own disbelief, as a result of Lelouch's concern for her. Which is a good development, I'd say.

    I imagine Kallen will speak to Lelouch, but I have no idea in what context, really. Some people say the gum line is Kallen commenting on Lelouch's love for C.C. and I don't would be a little underwhelming, since she already asked C.C. about this same subject. Lelouch doesn't need to love Kallen in a romantic sense, certainly, and less so now that his feelings for C.C. are a little clearer than you think...but he should at least stop beating around the bush and say what he does feel, whatever it is. Even simply hugging Kallen and saying goodbye would be better than leaving without saying a single word, which is where the status quo stands right now.


    Nunnally's actual death would be almost anti-climatic at this point, so I'd figure they won't abuse that plot device one more time...but perhaps we'll see Lelouch use Geass on her to do something specific, not for making her a slave like Schneizel, if he cannot convince her.

    It may not be Lelouch himself who does the explaining per se, but somebody will have to say something or else we'll just keep going around in circles. I don't mind if the world as a whole thinks of Lelouch as evil, if some of his friends actually do get the point of his sacrifice.

    I think it will be a sad but hopeful ending, in that Lelouch will not be able to return to his normal life and identity, so he and C.C....will disappear somewhere, figuratively or literally.

    I don't know, but we did get this far without too much death...even if Gino's almost superfluous at this point, unless they pair him up with Kallen at the last minute (which would be rather "meh" and unconvincing). I'd say the accomplishment lies with both halves of the former Excalibur, not the mecha itself. I'd also be pretty angry if that had happened.

    It's looking like either die together, hide together or live on as immortals, from where I stand, but I'm not sure about how the Code transfer would be handled in that case either. It's the last episode of the show, so that promise has to count for something.

    He's a bit of a novelty, in that sense. Yes, we didn't really get an explanation for what happened to Guilford, which is what makes his earlier death look that cheap. No idea about Cornelia, maybe the implication is Schneizel saved her.
  5. Narona
    2008-09-21 17:12
    I don't know, it seems that the translation which is off is the eclipse one.

    Eclipse did a terrible mistake about the gum line. Confirmed by koshimizu
  6. Asleep
    2008-09-21 17:10
    I am sure lots of people will buy a LxK ending. But they wouldn't have to have a LxK ending to kill C.C. off. It could be open-ended. Suzaku lost Euphie and Lelouch loses C.C.

    Do you think she will remain immortal even if she lives? What the hell is Zero Requiem anyway!

    No I saw the sub, but I thought it had a double meaning. And she said something like she wants an end to all the endless experience...I am probably just being a big pessimist

    But I agree with you, now that she has realised she does care about things she shouldn't have to die. There is still her name though. Why don't we know her name yet? How else can they effectively use her name? But it's still stupid to make her smile once (and she did smile in this episode too) and then for her do just...die. I understood, that by making her smile he meant to give her at least 1 happy lifetime. But of course C.C. could still die with a smile on her face. It doesn't matter if we agree with it.

    I think Kallen and Suzaku will be fighting and Lelouch (with Schneizel on his side) will tell them it's over and to stop it. And Kallen will finally understand everything. And isn't there some spoiler where Anya,Gino, Suzaku, Kallen and Lelouch(?) are having a conversation. So they will get to talk. Kallen's plot still remains unresolved. And to think they have kept it until the end can only be a bad thing for LxC
  7. Asleep
    2008-09-21 16:35
    As all the Kalulu fans have pointed out again and again, the gum line is the most important line for the character. Why would she say it to Gino? No (I am going to be pessimistic here and say), she will say it to Lelouch. C.C. will be dead, she will hear her name and die smiling She even said Kallen won and that she has given up. But it made her happy to see she was human after all. That is what makes me want C.C. to have a happy ending, - that she is ok about dying. Lelouch should show her she doesn't have to die.

    It's ridiculous how an episode, filled with LxC moments, can make me worry so much

    Either way it will all be over next week.
  8. Theron
    2008-09-21 16:34
    Well, maybe we'll get an explanation afterwards like how it was with V.V. transporting Nunnally to Kaminedjima.

    Alright, I need to go to sleep now and to sort out the massive almount of information from this episode. I'm sure after the initial emotions will calm down there'll be a lot of little details to think about.
  9. Asleep
    2008-09-21 16:17
    I loved them! and they had to get interrupted argh

    But they have saved Kallen's gum line for the last episode That really worries me
  10. Theron
    2008-09-21 16:12
    Ok, now I demand an explanation to why he is blind.


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