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  1. Guilford
    2008-09-01 10:30
    Mah, we'll see. After this ep I won't speculate about much anymore, since I will most likely be completely off. We still have to be introduced to another way for C.C to die except for Lelouch taking her code and I don't see her getting freya'ed. Perhaps in the end she is the one to survive and get the chance to live a mortal life and Lelouch is the one to die, who knows^^

    I'll continue to watch the series but I'm not sure I like most of what it presented lately, the whole season 2 lacks something. Of course the action scenes, the usage of music and some other scenes were really cool, but still the story jumps back and forth and parts of it seemed just stupid^^
  2. Pathis87
    2008-09-01 10:04
    The lockon scène is a homage to The ending of Cowboy bebop also a sunrise franchise .
    Al/hal is somewhat confirmed since in the trailer stuff you can see that he has 2 different eye colours again . I tought Hal had died aswel , but i also tought Lasse had died in the Gn arms but somehow he managed to survive .
  3. demon_god04
    2008-09-01 08:23
    I am at the half way point right now, at the "final dungeon" like in TotA were there is still half of the game after that. The characters are actually pretty good. Estelle got on my nerves but that is just because she got kidnapped and left my party without a damned healer. And her AI even on healing duties just sucks. I miss Natalia T-T. But the characters are pretty well done, nice developments and character development especially for Karol.

    If Jade is any less then his awsome self from the game then the anime is automatically an epic fail. No middle ground here. Jade Curtis is the epitome of win.

    I forgot about RvB.... too busy with work and Tales of Vesperia right afterwards. I am so hooked. If you ever get a 360 let me know we can play online.

    I am gonna watch that now
  4. C.C.
    2008-09-01 07:24
    Ok, yesterday I was really pissed off.

    I don't think why people have to think that Lelouch will end up with Kallen just because an image! -___- They don't share nothing, I won't admit something that doesn't exist, even if all the world will tell me that ALL thinks like that. I will support C.C. x Lelouch till the end, no matter what. >_> And I don't think she's going to die. She won't do it.
  5. Pathis87
    2008-09-01 04:09
    One thing i don't really understand about CC. So we see in (20) that the real CC is sitting in her chair when Marianne enters CC's gallerie thingy with all the paintings , i think it represents her consciousness with the paintings being like the windows to ones memories like charles said this episode (21). The thing i don't get is how CC can be mortal after sealing her code or did we just assume that because she could bleed ?
  6. Guilford
    2008-09-01 03:16
    My guess:

    Lelouch himself is planning to die once he is finished and that's why he and Suzaku are going all out with their "evil" grins and so on. C.C obviously knows that since she knows their plans and might be sad about seeing him acting all evil with a similar mindset to her own before ep 15...
  7. Pathis87
    2008-09-01 03:07
    Dann , it seems you are enjoying Gundam 00 ? If so what's your favorit character from the show ? Mine is setsuna even if he wants to become a Gundam -.-' . I think it means he wants to become the embodiment of Justice / the person who ends war and brings peace as a result . I really look forward to the 2nd season ( the first eps is going to air october 5th) . The 00 will have 14 swords which is a bit of an overkill to me and ofcourse the 2 Gn drives .
    I am also looking forward to the new arios suit and the Al/Hal merged persona.
  8. Pathis87
    2008-09-01 03:03
    Some things i noticed from the preview of ep 22:
    Bismark his geas eye isn't sewn anymore when he fights in Galahad .
    You can see that the weird cult guys are all geassed just before their masks cover their eyes , so i think they are troops of Lelouch and not Schneizer.
    We also see a glimpse of the Lancelot Albion ( with suzaku piloting) going against the Galahad , so the strongest KmF Suzaku has to face like the Newtype spoilers say is indeed the Galahad !.
  9. Ring
    2008-08-31 21:57
    It seems Lelouch and Suzaku are really on the same page now. Suzaku told Lelouch about Shirley's line and it seems both of them are fine with the philosophy that results are more important than the process. It seems villainous in order to grasp control of Britannia easily, but it must be all for the greater good in their view. However, Geass has been portrayed as something that will come back to haunt a person in this series. As long as he has it, I don't think he can truly have a 'good' ending for himself. Perhaps they did make an adjustment since CompAce seems to have receive information at a later date. Or when they received Ep. 21 and 22 early on info, it was misconstrued by Newtype and Animedia.

    I also thought Suzaku and Lelouch would never work together because of that, but then I happened to see this post. At the time, it gave me hope Shirley's conversation with Suzaku would eventually have meaning instead of being tossed aside.

    I think it's more hopeful to a degree. Unlike if it were to be said in 21, there are more possibilites rather than it being concentrated with a likely scenario of it being negative.

    I'm not sure why Lelouch would need the Code either now. I don't think he wants to give people Geass or needs immortality, but seeing as how this story can pull out stuff that you didn't expect, I guess it shouldn't be completely ruled out.

    It seems important to her because she likes the prospect of being able to smile genuinely after all this time. This was because of Lelouch. Before that, she was fine with dying in sadness. After Lelouch's speech in Ep. 20, she changed her mind on Charles' and Marianne's plan as well which allowed her to not disappear. Basically, Lelouch is very capable of influencing her resolve. So, it's dependant on him. She's not one to open her feelings.

    We could add this to the reasons as to why she could be sad: She doesn't like Lelouch's and Suzaku's agreed philosophy of results being more important than the process. That's basically what Charles has been doing before he met his demise.

    There's always the possibility of her dying, but I would think at least Lelouch got her to smile.

    It's unclear where this show is heading. At the very least, we need Schneizel's revelations and what is the Sky of Damocles.
  10. Ring
    2008-08-31 16:07
    After watching Ep. 21, I think I can see what CompAce meant when their summary said his route as Emperor is one where he begins to walk a 'path of thorns.' Those sinister looking smiles by Lelouch and Suzaku as well as C.C.'s sad look... It also seems the other summaries which said Albion would appear in this episode were mistakened except CompAce, the latest one which had no mention of Albion.

    Charles and Marianne are misguided, but it looks like they cared for their children in their bias view. Charles was rather angry when Lelouch said it was the truth that they abandoned him and Nunnally.

    Schneizel just became more intriguing. Charles said all that awaits is his world and not only that, Schneizel doesn't care if Lelouch has everything including Britannia.

    Lelouch and Suzaku together now... it seems Shirley's line to Suzaku foreshadowing this finally came true.

    C.C.'s and Kallen's gum lines became more anticipated too. Both of their lines could be connected to which direction Lelouch is heading. C.C. seems down now that Lelouch rejected Charles' world to accept reality and gained dual Geass. She may still have a lingering desire to die, but at the very least, it seems the promise by Lelouch is still something she cares about. That could be included in the reasons why she's sad as this promise isn't a priority for Lelouch right now as he's focusing on the world stage. I have a feeling that they want to finish this subplot eventually though. Kallen's still inconclusive, but their meeting could potentially give some much needed answers.

    In the beginning of this episode, she was determined to confirm something about Lelouch. So, it was inevitable that she would seek answers now that Lelouch has reappeared, especially when 1 month has passed with no one knowing where Lelouch was. Kallen's routes are basically 'to join' or 'not to join':

    1) Afterting meeting, Kallen will raise all those questions from Ep. 19 (gum line optional possibility) and what Lelouch intends to do as Emperor. "Is this an attempt to completely regenerate Britannia?" could come up in their conversation. They eventually come to an understanding with each other. She joins Lelouch and becomes another Knight in his faction.
    2) Their conversation does not end well (gum line optional possibility). The answer she receives (his goal for the world and/or his feelings towards her) from Lelouch was not something she envisioned or agrees with and it cause her to be distraught. This sways her away from joining Lelouch.

    It seems her joining Lelouch is likely, although Megumi said she would have to fight Lelouch someday, it could have been misinterpreted by them. Their meeting could make or break a relationship, I suppose? This meeting could also turn out to be over exaggerated , but we'll see.

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