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  1. Ring
    2008-08-31 16:07
    After watching Ep. 21, I think I can see what CompAce meant when their summary said his route as Emperor is one where he begins to walk a 'path of thorns.' Those sinister looking smiles by Lelouch and Suzaku as well as C.C.'s sad look... It also seems the other summaries which said Albion would appear in this episode were mistakened except CompAce, the latest one which had no mention of Albion.

    Charles and Marianne are misguided, but it looks like they cared for their children in their bias view. Charles was rather angry when Lelouch said it was the truth that they abandoned him and Nunnally.

    Schneizel just became more intriguing. Charles said all that awaits is his world and not only that, Schneizel doesn't care if Lelouch has everything including Britannia.

    Lelouch and Suzaku together now... it seems Shirley's line to Suzaku foreshadowing this finally came true.

    C.C.'s and Kallen's gum lines became more anticipated too. Both of their lines could be connected to which direction Lelouch is heading. C.C. seems down now that Lelouch rejected Charles' world to accept reality and gained dual Geass. She may still have a lingering desire to die, but at the very least, it seems the promise by Lelouch is still something she cares about. That could be included in the reasons why she's sad as this promise isn't a priority for Lelouch right now as he's focusing on the world stage. I have a feeling that they want to finish this subplot eventually though. Kallen's still inconclusive, but their meeting could potentially give some much needed answers.

    In the beginning of this episode, she was determined to confirm something about Lelouch. So, it was inevitable that she would seek answers now that Lelouch has reappeared, especially when 1 month has passed with no one knowing where Lelouch was. Kallen's routes are basically 'to join' or 'not to join':

    1) Afterting meeting, Kallen will raise all those questions from Ep. 19 (gum line optional possibility) and what Lelouch intends to do as Emperor. "Is this an attempt to completely regenerate Britannia?" could come up in their conversation. They eventually come to an understanding with each other. She joins Lelouch and becomes another Knight in his faction.
    2) Their conversation does not end well (gum line optional possibility). The answer she receives (his goal for the world and/or his feelings towards her) from Lelouch was not something she envisioned or agrees with and it cause her to be distraught. This sways her away from joining Lelouch.

    It seems her joining Lelouch is likely, although Megumi said she would have to fight Lelouch someday, it could have been misinterpreted by them. Their meeting could make or break a relationship, I suppose? This meeting could also turn out to be over exaggerated , but we'll see.
  2. Narona
    2008-08-31 12:57
    My mom is callin me for the dinner. I will comeback later

    Some people here asked me my msn, but I have not. I never used a messenger but I will try to get one.... so I will be able to talk on it with some people like you if you have msn.
  3. Narona
    2008-08-31 12:41
    I wonder if we'll see any reaction from her in regards to Lelouch and Kallen. I guess she may just be sad or something.


    He's probably been too preoccupied with everything else to even give her much regard and that isn't likely to change unless she is dying and he suddenly realizes he cares.

    My point was that he is too far in what he wants to do. He may want to do that for everyone, but he doesn't even see himself that he goes too far. But it's just my opinion...

    C.C. on the other side seems to be sad for many reasons. Lelouch seems to don't care about the promise he made to her for instance.
  4. Narona
    2008-08-31 11:55
    I think that C.C. is sad because lelouch is doing the same mistake as his parents. He thinks only of himself.
  5. Narona
    2008-08-31 11:51
    Var was wrong. He did say

    "will you come too?" (with him and suzaku)
  6. Narona
    2008-08-31 11:46
    He hasn't asked that -____________-
  7. C.C.
    2008-08-31 10:32
    Dann, tell me... If you're a C.C. x Lelouch supporter, why are you saying something like this? I can understand your disappointment with this episode, but still, there's nothing revealed for Kallen and Lelouch. Who told you that they will have a "big moment"? They can just talk and... NOTHING MORE! I think it would be like that, because Lelouch IS NOT in love with Kallen and NOTHING can change his mind.
    I'm happy that C.C. is alive and if her role from now on was useless, she could die in this episode, but she didn't. I still think that she and Lelouch will end up together because they belong each other.

    EEEEEH????? *__* Lelouch protected C.C. from Charles, watch his left hand! >_> He was ahead of C.C. because he didn't wanted to leave her to Charles!!!!

    Anyway, if you want, you can give up and thinking that Kallen will end up with Lelouch, making nonsense, but I think that C.C. has more chances.
  8. Narona
    2008-08-31 10:16
    <____< tssssssssss
  9. Narona
    2008-08-31 10:10
    A bit of both I guess. Okouchi and Taniguchi seem to have made their choice completely clear.
    What choice?

    Could you just send me quick messages of what happens though? I'm honestly not sure if I want to bother since I doubt anything will happen with C.C..

    I will. Even if i don't understand why you want to drop this series.
  10. Narona
    2008-08-31 09:54
    Taniguchi sent false info? Or are you joking again? I have to say though, the whole writing and direction of the series don't seem very good right now and everyone seems to be thinking this. Are you even going to bother watching next week's episode?

    I was joking.

    I will watch the last 4 episodes. I still enjoy the show! I'm not too demanding about that you know XD

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