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  1. Narona
    2008-08-31 03:32
    Yes bad because in the preview, kallen is with lelouch....
  2. Narona
    2008-08-31 03:29
    check the forum fpr summary, i'm in shock o_o
  3. C.C.
    2008-08-31 02:58
    We'll see, it last some minutes, I'm going mad! >___>
  4. Narona
    2008-08-31 02:56
    Shneizel might use the Code R on him... that's what i think

  5. C.C.
    2008-08-31 02:41
    I will reply to your messages with a "no way, they're absolutely going to do something", but as now, I'm waiting for the episode, and I'm sure that something between Lelouch and C.C. will happen. I usually don't care about comments in strange megazines like that Megami megazine and I don't want to believe that Code Geass is becoming something near trash.

    Ok, it's right, Lelouch can't express his feelings very well, but I think that at the end, he could do something. If it will be with Kallen after some episodes, why can't it be with C.C.? C.C. is SURELY more important than Kallen to him. I don't want to imagine romance between Lelouch and Kallen, I'm going to feel bad! >__>
  6. Jeffry2009
    2008-08-31 01:29
    so all right 'dann'. So i've send you a response about the PM that you send me last time. I promise i will change. Hope we will see again soon.

    Edit:- I've just read your response about my PM that i reply to you. Thanks. maybe you can pray for me so i hope i can settle down about my obsession of the anime shows.
  7. Narona
    2008-08-31 01:18
    I still don't think that the geass plot will be over by episode 21. As usual, I don't have the same opinion as Var.

    I tend to think that lelouch will end up immortal by the end of 21
  8. Narona
    2008-08-31 00:35

    They are quite good, thank you. And thank you again for later.

    It all seems very nice and I love the look of the whole place. I don't see cities too often. And I love Gertrude

    I took some new photos resterday, I will send you them later. And yeah, Gertrude is awesome

    I guess that means he does love her.

    Don't say that, we still don't know

    Yeah, I guess it doesn't. There probably won't be much of anything in 21 involving romance or it will all just be on C.C.'s end. She'll just go back to being his partner and we may see her having issues with her feelings for him. She'll never confess to him and he's too dumb to ever take notice of anything. And then she'll have to watch as Lelouch confesses his love to Kallen. I think it's rather cruel to do such a thing to her after everything with her, but whatever.

    I hope that lelouch will ffinally understand that she loves him. We will see. Episode 21 is very important

    Will you stay to watch the episode?

    And welcome to the hat club!
  9. Ring
    2008-08-30 12:47
    Well, if it's all true, that'll add more possible routes. Since Kallen has to fight Lelouch's faction, that means she will not be making the decision to leave the Black Knights in favor of Lelouch. This is probably due to her being shocked that Lelouch will become the Emperor of Britannia. However, she's still conflicted because she wants to believe in Lelouch (Ep. 19 influencing this). I assume this would mean the chances of a private chat between the two decreases until the late episodes. For this part: "C.C. is Lelouch's accomplice again and walks on the same path with him", it sounds like she's willing to walk with Lelouch in this path to create his vision of a new world and Lelouch agrees to let her. I'm assuming that they don't let her die though.

    I wonder if Lelouch will eliminate his Geass or gain immortality if it's through a forceful method to take out Charles. Megami also didn't explain what happened to Marianne.

    I think we need more evidence for a solid conclusion on the romance subplot, but we'll see. A lot of it is dependent on Lelouch's POV and they're not provided with the lines.

    Although I guess a door is open for Kallen to say that line since she won't be on Lelouch's side for the time being assuming Megami is correct, I'm leaning towards Schneizel because the previous episode is named "Schenizel's Mask" and the epsiode with this line is named "Sky of Damocles."

    Then you have more patience than me.

    I have this feeling that Lelouch and Nunnally were among his favorite children as well.

    When he was talking about Ougi being a miscast protecting Villetta, I suspected Ougi.

    Hm, it would suck for Arthur if he was in Fleija's blast.
  10. Narona
    2008-08-30 12:16
    Narona, why would Lelouch suddenly come out and tell Kallen he loves her?

    If he does that, then that means he already loved her for quite some time.

    I dislike how they make her out to be this sad girl who is so unfortunate for not getting what she wants. The article makes it rather clear that she'll get what she wants though. I guess nothing really romantic happens with C.C. at all. Maybe she doesn't love him after all.

    She loves him, but as I said it to you, it doesn't mean that Lelouch is also in love with her. C.C. is not the kind of girl who will confess her love. She is totally in denial. Even in ep 20, she didn't say why she sealed her code to Marianne, while the reason is clearly to not have to face lelouch with her feelings.

    There's also the whole issue of C.C. having her Code and being immortal. Maybe that is the reason. C.C. let's him go so he can live a happy life with a normal girl.

    What do you want me to say? It could be.

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